The Best Time to Do Deep Work

I wake up at the crack of dawn to start Working and here's why you don't have to In my opinion the most important thing For an entrepreneur is to create space So they can do deeper work so they can Build things so they can do long project Work that's going to provide significant Value to their employees or their Customers I can't normally do that in The middle of the day when I'm getting Pinged and interrupted a lot of people Like to romanticize burning the midnight Oil or waking up at the crack of dawn And the answer is it's neither of those Things it's just whatever works for you And some people work really well late at Night when they're uninterrupted and Some people work really well in the Morning I'm a morning person but I think The bigger takeaway is that you just Have to have time that you can push the Big rocks forward and not listen to Anyone who tells you that it's a certain Hour of day or whatever just do what Works for you

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