The best way to follow up with a prospect that won’t respond

We've all been in a situation where a Prospect ghosts us for a few days or Even a few weeks and we don't know how To reconnect with them get the Conversation going again and hopefully Still get them to where they hire us and Become a client so here's what I would Do rather than bugging them every single Day with the same email asking them do You have any questions do you have any Questions where are you at I would give Enough time maybe a couple days for them To think things over and then I would Send a very clear direct email with a Question what I would say is hey Sally I Haven't heard from you in a few days I Wanted to see where you are at because I Would love to move forward and also help With any questions you might have where Do we go from here and I love that Question where do we go from here Because it leaves it open to them to Tell us what's going on are they having Issues are they having concerns is it Too expensive whatever it might be They're going to give you the next step So you know how to best follow up by Doing this you're going to get ghosts to Buy less prospects and close more Clients

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