The best way to start is to do it better than the other person

A lot of people think they need to have Some novel idea to start a business one In my opinion the best way to start a Business is just look at what everyone Else is doing and just try and do it Better there's obvious holes like if You've gotten your dry cleaning it's Like can I do this in half the time like Well cool then I've got advantages what Are things that I already know how to do Or I have past experience in what things Because I have past experience I know That other people struggle with and then I will solve that specific problem and It could also be a problem that other People solve too you just try and do a Little bit better it's just not rocket Science you're still trading time for Dollars but the point is that you're Trading that time for money in order to Learn not to earn so the vast majority Of your income is coming in the form of Education rather than earning

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