The Biggest Mistake Personal Brands Make…

And so what they think they're doing is They're like well that's what everyone Else is doing so I need to build my Personal brand you're not building Anyone's brand you're just Reinforcing an identity that everyone Already knows about and does not find You interesting because you're same as Everybody else if you remember when you Were in middle school there was like the Preps and The Goth kids and then the Bros or the athletes or whatever when We're growing up we're trying to figure Out our identity and maybe some of you Weirdos actually switch tables once or Twice because you're figuring out who You were and what happened is we learned These identities that come with these Sets of beliefs you see this a little Bit in the political scene if you're a Republican all of a sudden you have to Wear a flannel and trucker has America And to shoot guns and on the flip side If you're liberal you have to just say All homeless people can do whatever they Want whenever and we should let everyone Across the border no matter what we all Should raise taxes basically Ridiculousness on both sides what Happened to the real middle people who Just like hey you can marry whatever you Want please don't tax me too much There's this middle and that's why People like Rogan have blown up because

People are like he's a republican he's a Liberal it's like he's just Joe Rogan Like Joe Rogan is interested in UFC he's Also interested in Aliens he's also Interested in stand-up comedy he also Has like like this kind of Fitness Carnivore or whatever thing going and Biohacking so he has these like very Different interests that he's super deep On and no one would be like Joe so what We're thinking is you need to increase Your biohacking by 15 so we can capture This audience no if you want to stand Out in your marketing or even a personal Brand just actually saying what you Really believe the thing that you're Afraid of saying because it maybe is two Or three or four beliefs that don't go With the uniform that you wear every day Actually makes you significantly more Unique most people wear their clothing As a uniform to say I am this type of Person people will look at you and They'll assume you're a goth or crap or Whatever here's where it gets cool you Start talk and then all of a sudden There's something over here and then There's another belief over here and What happens is they start paying more Attention because you don't fit the mold It's my favorite way to differentiate Any of the portfolio companies or even My own brand this may sound crazy Actually just be myself because as soon

As someone feels like they have figured You out they'll move on because they're Like I can predict all of this person's Behavior they don't need to stay in tune Or stay updated because they know Everything about you already and I'm Sure you've met people like this he Wears this uniform he says these things He believes he is this person he's Category 17. don't have to think about It again everyone knows the starter kit For Real Estate you know the haircut They cut the side here right buzzed on The side hard part hard gel over suit Don't forget the glass is very important Maybe the high level BMW mid-series wax With rims maybe a picture of the a watch He's like yeah just bought this beauty Those guys are all the same and so what They think they're doing is they're like Well that's what everyone else is doing So I need to build my personal brand You're not building anyone's Brand you're just reinforcing an Identity that everyone already knows About and does not find you interesting Because you're the same as everybody Else I think that you would be better Served actually doing you and that comes With all the weirdness that you are Because I've met some of you y'all are Weird as and if you stop pretending To be this identity that you rap into The starter kit of whatever Instagram

Influencer you're trying to copy and you Just worry you what happens is your Unique individual personalities are like Weirdness because everybody had Different parents everybody was born in Different cities everyone has unique Things like your dad might have been a Mechanic you might know a bunch of About cards and if you bring that up all Of a sudden people look at what they Expect from the real estate starter kit And then all of a sudden you've got These points over here and you become Interesting and people lean in they pay Attention because you don't match the Mold I'm going to shift this to business There was this time where there was this Competitor who moved in my Marketplace When I had a local gym guy was Outspeeding me and I was like man I'm Gonna have to do something about this so What I did was I copied the guy's Landing page so I copied everything Changed the logo whatever it was like Probably 90 the same here's what's crazy His page did worse than mine did why am I copying this guy I actually just got Worse outcomes from this fast forward Our gym launch days somebody came to the Marketplace started marketing really Similar stuff I subscribed to the list To see what the emails they were sending And they were my emails literally 100 Word for word didn't even like swap

Anything out they were my email I'm like Man I'm thinking about copying this guy But hopping on his newsletter he's just Using my A lot of people say stay In tune with your competitors you Consume everyone else's stuff I actually Don't feel that way I actually turned Off all my ads on my news feed when I Made my marketing or made my content I Just made it about whatever stuff I felt Like talking about and so people were Like man your stuff's always so Different and so original whatever and It's really easy to be original you're Just not looking at everyone else's The act of consuming everyone else's Stuff what ends up happening is that Their thoughts become top of mind for You and you become another Mickey Mouse Another Instagram influencer starter kit They've got the what the car 100 hustle Zero percent grind if other people copy You it's a good sign because it means That what you're doing is working and Most people aren't original if you copy Them what it means is that you accept The position of second place you accept That they are inherently first you Literally say you are better than me at This and if you claim to be the best at Whatever it is that you're trying to do Or at least that you're trying to be the Best you copying their identity their Look their feel their brand means that

You are accepting to lose you will never Win because you aren't going to beat Them at being them quick stories client And our software company Alan who was a Real estate agency so we worked with Agency owners in that business and so This guy was continually struggling like You couldn't really ever break through There and he was always selling new People and they would always turn out The back whatever it took me six months Of like just battering him over the head With this publicly embarrassing him to Finally get him to change his behavior I Was like you're not that good it's not Some marketing hack it's not some sales Hackers like you're just not that good I Was like you you sell to Realtors he was Like yeah I was like have you ever been A realtor he was like no then you have No idea what they go through and what Your marketing looks like and what your Sales process looks like is the same as Every other person trying to Sell Realtors promise you put your Terrible agency go take the 12 weeks Pass the test and actually be a realtor Sell some houses using your Marketing skills that you claim to sell In the first month of him doing this he Was like oh he's like these leads Aren't as good as I thought they were I Was like no that's why no one Wanted to keep paying you but you know

What he did over the next 12 months he Got better and better and better at it And here's the crazy thing 12 months Later he actually still a realtor and He's making more money because he Actually got good at it but here's the Thing if he had kept trying to look like Everybody else he would have been Mickey Mousing until he kept trying some new Thing or new some new hack but he just Didn't confront the work and you know What happens now is that if he actually Did want to go back to the agency thing And actually did want to help Realtors He would have the context to do it and It would make him unique because so many Other people are just like him Pretending to be to model their Instagram page after the same things the Other influence that they're looking up To does rather than being like I wanted To figure out real estate most people Don't do that they just look what Everyone else is doing do the same thing Water it down and then literally blend In like everyone else and they wonder Why they don't win you've heard me say Replicate before you iterate right that Comes to skills if you want to learn how To sell right next to the guy who's Making calls you want to learn how to Knock on doors walk with the guy who's The best guy on the team who knocks Doors right you duplicate the skill so

You know you can do it that's different Than replicating a story and replicating An identity I've seen like hermosify and Hermosi style content and a Rosy style Edits it's not about the captions It's about the content what they can Copy is the way it looks and feels and Sounds so what they can't copy is the Story behind it fix the story and the Brand will take care of itself if you Tell the story that's true and so if you Don't have the story to tell then do the that's worth doing that no one else Is willing to do and then you'll have The story that will make you a One-of-one

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