The Blame Finger

When I was younger I was really angry at My parents like many people are Justified or not doesn't really matter I Was very angry and I blamed them for the Woes of my life I realized when I was 19 That these people that I hated I was Giving all the power over the fact that I wasn't the person I wanted to be and I Was like well it's their fault the idea That I had actually given these people That I hated Power Over My Success was Ultimately something that made me feel Sick to my stomach and was what allowed Me to point the finger of blame inwards And say my fault and then at least take Ownership over the fact that like and

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Namaste~ My name is Ace and I found these contents SUPA~ Valuable! I apologize for the quality of the transcript... (In case you are curious I used YT EVO plugin to automatically pull these amazing contents) Enjoy!

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