The Client Ladder (to high ticket deals)

Instead of having to work with nightmare Clients how do you work with people you Actually enjoy and get paid up to four And five figures for them so you start With a free plus testimonials I'm gonna Build my first funnel for you for free And then if you like it you can give me A testimonial redesign funnels for Little ticket now you have a free funnel That you built so you can show it like Here's the quality of my services so 10 Core clients then this is the momentum Phase you're looking for momentum where You get paid you know anything above 500 So then you have the fourth step getting Close to the right people the next one Is getting into the right rooms so Inner Circle coaching programs masterminds of Influential people and then this is Where really where you have the five Figure clients you have the dream Positions you're invaluable they don't Want to cancel the relationship because You're so valuable to their business you Can not just design or do one thing but You can actually take a lot of their Plate and that's so valuable they don't They never want to let you go

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