The fastest way to make money online… Virtual Real Estate Secrets – MARKETING SECRETS EP. 2

In this episode of the Marketing Secrets Podcast, I share with you how to build a virtual real estate empire by fixing, flipping, and investing in small cash flow funnels…

I know there are a lot of get rich quick ”strategies” out there, but by using your skills as a marketer, virtual real estate is the fastest way to make money… and just may be the greatest side hustle ever.

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02:39 – What is Virtual Real Estate
07:28 – Real Estate Secrets Presentation
09:53 – Ways To Do Real Estate
10:48 – My First Real Estate Investment
14:07 – Virtual Real Estate Secrets
16:37 – How To Find Virtual Real Estate
19:08 – VRE Wholesaling
24:54 – VRE Licensing
29:50 – VRE Buy And Hold
37:17 – VRE Creative Financing
40:42 – VRE To Grow Your Core Company

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This we have to understand so many of You guys are sitting back and you’re Waiting you’re waiting for your click Funnels you’re like okay Someday I’m Gonna get the idea it’s gonna be amazing You’re waiting and you’re waiting you’re Waiting it’s like we got to get you in The game again I told people before like Click funnels was my 150th funnel that We launched if I would have waited for This to be the very first funnel I would Have launched I’d never been worthy to Find this Hey this is Russell Brunson you are Listening to the marketing Secrets Podcast where you’re going to learn Different ways to Market and to grow Your company in today’s episode we’re Going to be covering what we call Virtual real estate I’ve been talking About a whole bunch of cool things from Like how do you wholesale funnels how do You license funnels how to fix the flip Funnels how to buy and hold funnels how Do you create financing deals and how to Find virtual real estate funnels you can Use to grow your Core Company it’s a lot Of really cool things we’re covering During today’s episode I want you guys As you’re listening to Today’s Show to Think of an intention like as you’re Listening to this don’t just listen for Like enjoyment I don’t I want you to Enjoy the episode but I want you

Thinking like how can I use this in Something I’m doing right and this could Be as simple as like looking at the Funnels you have maybe aren’t working as Well and how can you use these Strategies to make them better right Instead of finding a company and Flipping it and fixing it up and things Like that like how can you apply these Principles to your own company right Number two is if you don’t have a Business yet or you’re struggling or You’re in the middle of trying to grow Something big this could be a fun Weekend uh project or side gig you do Just kind of have some fun growing a Business and so have some intentions Like how can I use this either for my Existing business or how could side Business or maybe it’s the business you Do to your kids I recently I’d ended up Not buying it but I almost bought this Sock company because I thought it’d be Really fun to do with my kids it would Have been a perfect virtual real estate Company that I could do with them to Give them a side project to learn these Marketing principles so having Intentions you go through this is like How could you actually use this in your Real life and on top of that if you Enjoyed this episode please rate and Review it again this is a new podcast Format I’m testing out if you like it

You could it would mean the world to me To go to to Apple to iTunes wherever you Are and actually rate and view this Podcast in this episode and on top of That share it if you enjoy this share it With with your spouse as friends with People that work with you this is the Best way to get this show out for me is For you to share with other people so That’d be amazing and then on top of That if you want me to answer in your Comments or questions on the show if you Go to marketing there’s a Spot there where you can actually leave A Live question I am listening those When you send an audio question it Emails me I listen to it the best Questions will be picking and pulling For the show uh the last thing to share Is that this episode is being sponsored By me Um I figured that if somebody else can Make more money off my audience than me I don’t there to be doing what I’m doing So I’m going to be the main sponsor for The show so today’s episode is being Sponsored by the traffic Secrets book uh You can go get a copy of I just cover shipping And handling and it is amazing so Russell thank you so much for um Sponsoring your own podcast go get your Book at so with that Said you guys I hope you enjoyed this

Episode of the marketing Secrets podcast You’re listening to marketing secrets With your host Russell Brunson all right So on today’s episode I want to talk About a concept that we call virtual Real estate and um this is not a phrase I made up in fact a lot of things I do Nowadays are things that that really Smart marketers are doing when I first Got started online and then they stopped Doing and they bought the ideas or the Principles or the concepts from them so When I got started way back almost 20 Years ago one of the big things that um Was the Hot Topic like the shiny object Of the day was Google AdSense kind of Like we’ve got crypto is the shiny Object today nft is the shiny there’s Always something right it’s like the new Hot thing I was focusing on and that’s Where their attention’s at and so if you Rewind back in time 18 20 years ago when I first got into this game The Big Shiny Object was Google AdSense what was Happening is that people could create These websites and they were like really Ugly websites because the reason is you Made money when not when somebody spent Time on your site you made money with Someone came to your site and then they Saw AdSense they click on the AdSense Link in the left that’s how you made Money so literally the whole Concepts Make these really ugly sites getting

Ranked really high in Google for Competitive keywords and then you make Money every time someone would come to Your page and they would leave and um And I had friends making 50 60 a hundred Thousand two hundred thousand three Hundred thousand dollars a month by Making these crappy ugly websites and I Remember the time uh John Reese came out And he was one of the guys who was Making a ton of money doing this and he Coined the term virtual real estate uh Or VRE he said he started saying you Gotta create these VRE properties these Virtual real estate properties and these Properties set up this the site you get It ranked in Google and it makes 500 a Thousand dollars a month right he said You make one and then create a second One and the third one and I remember Back in the day uh people came out with Different software programs that would Make these sites even faster for you and They had friends like David fry who went And he built a whole team he had a in His in his basement of his house I think Or maybe his office he had this like Production where it’s like all these High school kids come home from high School and they’d have computers and There was like I don’t know maybe 20 or 30 computers in the room and the first Guy all his job was to do is go buy Domain so he had above his desk he had

This check it’s like step one two three Like and the guy would come home from School sit down here just buy domains And then go to guide number two and then The second desk was like hey your job is To go and do these five steps you have Like a white board with like the five Steps for that guy and next thing he Built like literally a shop of people That would just come in and they’d buy Them in set it up run traffic advisor do The backlinks do the thing and they were Just Mouse producing so he was creating 10 20 30 of these sites a day Um and ranking them and getting paid Money and it was like this it was like Buying virtual real estate right like Buying uh going to Boise Idaho before His voicing buying all the property Instead of houses and then playing Monopoly right and then as all good Things do they come to an end Google Slapped it they stopped paying out these Things and it it stopped being Profitable they stopped ranking sites That were ugly they the only goal was to Get people to leave because they wanted To uh rank sites that had good content And things like that and so the whole Industry kind of disappeared overnight I Always thought about this in our world Of funnels and building businesses that A lot of times and I’m probably one of The people that caused this right like

I’m all about like building a business That you’re passionate about that you Love that you can like uh you change the World and you can do all these things Right like Rita expert secret it’s all About like creating a mass movement of People you can change their lives and How do you do that and I still believe In that like that’s what my mission is With click funnels is but I think Sometimes I probably overwhelm people Because some people like I just try to Figure out how to make an extra 100 Bucks or an extra 500 bucks like how do I do that there’s a time and a place for That so at last year’s funnel hacking Live Um I did a special nighttime session and I called it virtual real estate secrets In fact the subtitle was how to build a Virtual real estate Empire by fixing Flipping and investing in small cash Flow funnels and um it was really fun Because before that event I wanted to Show people that you know while I still Think that everybody should be building A business that’s literal goal is to go And change the world there is a time in A place like let me build a virtual real Estate property where I can create an Offer set up a funnel Drive some traffic To it it pays me 500 bucks a month or 200 bucks a month or whatever that is And maybe I create two or three or ten

Of those things and they’re all cash Flowing and I can have a really good Business doing that as well and so I Wanted to share this as episode number Two of the new podcast and the reason Why is because a lot of my episodes are Going to be showing the VRE the version Real estate that I’m doing behind the Scenes and so I wanted to to give that To you guys as kind of a context so as I Start showing you guys more of these Things you know what we’re doing and why We’re doing but you got some of the Strategies as well because a lot of you Guys like you’ve been following me for a Long time you’ve been listening to Podcast episodes how many episodes have We done to marketing Secrets 551 Episodes prior to this and then the Market of your car that’s like what Almost 800 episodes a lot of you guys Have binged through all of them you’ve Read the books you’ve been to funnel Hockey live you’ve done this stuff and Uh and maybe you don’t have a business Yet maybe you’re struggling trying to Build the Empire and have the mass Movement it’s like look you have the Skill sets right now you can go and you Can create these little properties you Can find sites that are making 100 bucks A month and get them making 500 bucks a Month because you know you have the Skill sets you’ve seen thing to apply it

Towards and so hopefully this will be Fun this was a fun presentation I think It was lighter it was enjoyable people Had a great time with it Um with that said we’re gonna take you Guys back to funnel hacking live 2021 Take some notes and let’s start building Your own virtual real estate Empire Out of your seats and put your hands Together and welcome back to the stage Mr Russell Brunson [Applause] [Music] So Jay’s been a lot of fun we’ve gone Deep on a lot of topics a lot of stuff And typically after the first day one Number one everyone feels a little bit Overwhelmed like oh my gosh that was Crazy that was only half a day we got Three more days of this stuff right so I Want to do the special session this is Something I’ve never taught before I Think about this a lot I talk about with My team a lot there’s a lot of ways to Make money in this business it’s not Just I’m gonna do you know build this Huge Empire a lot of times you can do it Smaller you can do it in a way that’s That’s just a little bit differently so That’s what I want to talk about today So my title of my presentation is Actually virtual real estate Secrets how To build a virtual real estate Empire by Fixing flipping and investing in small

Cash flow funnels to kind of lead this One off obviously I use the word virtual Real estate and some people are like Well you’re talking about building Houses you’re talking about selling Houses on here like no I’m talking about Properties virtual properties how do we Make money with virtual property virtual Funnels right and not so much like how To make millions and millions of dollars But how do I make some Revenue how to Make cash flow from Little funnels Because yes I’m so excited like I might Try to teach you guys how to build Funnels Gonna Make You tens of millions Of dollars like that’s like what gets me Excited but how many has to be really Excited if you had a funnel that’s Making you I don’t know a couple hundred A couple thousand bucks a month I mean aside if you had two of those or Three or ten or fifty of them right so That’s what we’re talking about here Just to kind of give you guys something To think about and maybe this is for you Maybe it’s for one of your kids maybe It’s for a spouse or maybe it’s for Somebody you know but I think it’d be Fun topic just to talk about inside of Our community because don’t talk about These things a lot now when I think About real estate I think about HGTV Right I think about all the TV shows Where they are like literally doing this

With properties and there have been real Estate gurus teaching how to make money In real estate for way before I was ever Born right and um I was talking to Joe McCall who I think is here somewhere in The room uh Joe’s one of my inner circle Members and someone who I just have so Much respect for in fact I got in Trouble I bought a whole bunch of real Estate that I shouldn’t have and uh Joe Magically got me out of it so I love That guy and I messaged him ahead of Time I said like he’s one of the big Real estate gurus a whole bunch of real Estate groups like what are the core Ways that in the real estate world They’re teaching people how to make Money and he said well there’s a lot of Things a lot of different angles and Stuff he’s like it really comes down to Four core things right and this is Traditional real estate so one is Wholesaling that’s where you find Someone they may not want to sell the House but they need to sell their house Right maybe they’re going through a Divorce or maybe Um you know something tragic lost their Job or something they’d have to get out Of their house and so there’s Opportunities where real estate gurus Teach people how to do wholesaling to Get a property and to sell it or to flip It or whatever right so that was the

First thing the second one this is What’s uh you see all over HDTV right The fix and flipper they find a house And they’re like oh this house is Horrible and then they get the new Kitchen and the new like all the things Also they got a beautiful house and then They sell it and they flip it right and Then there’s Buy and Hold where you buy A house you fix it up and then instead Of selling it you just hold it and you Cash flow it right and the last one that He kind of mentioned was creative Finance things a lot of different ways To do cool creative financing no money Down and things like that and so as I do This presentation I was like okay these Are ways that people do money in in Traditional real estate right like how Does this relate to to kind of what we Do as Internet nerds I mean internet Marketers right Um and for me like I don’t know this I Actually got my start uh when I was in College my dad actually bought me this Book Rich Dad Poor Dad who here’s read This book Okay uh this book was one of those Things that was like the tree like the Turning point in my life Um I was in my house my wife and I just Got married we’re in this little house We’re living there and he gave me the Book and this book sat on the next to my

Bed for months and months and months and Then finally one day I couldn’t fall Asleep I look over I’m like oh I hate Reading there’s a book my dad gave me He’s gonna ask me next time I see him Fine I’ll read so open it up and I start Reading the book and I got hooked Um again this is like one of the best Books ever so I read the entire book That night I can’t sleep I might the Wheels my head are spinning I’m sitting There like this wide awake next morning Wife wakes up and rolls over and she’s Like cool I’m like hey she’s like what’s Going on I’m like um we’re gonna buy a Duplex like what am I yeah we’re gonna Live in one half and run out the other Half I’m gonna live for free and we have Tons of extra money it’s gonna be Amazing and my lovely wife said okay and Then we went and we bought our very First uh property within like a week or Two after reading this book and this was Our first house we owned together we Bought it we lived in the top and there Was a basement apartment that we rented Out and um this was our very first uh House ever And um now I was excited because I Thought that was when my Futures buying Real estate and investing and stuff like That but we had problems uh the problems Were these things called renters anyone Here ever had renter before

It was really bad and um it wasn’t just One bad it was like bad thing after Another and I’m sure you guys all have Stories but um after about two or three Months in this place we’re like we do Not want to have renters let alone in Our house living below us because it’s Even worse right and I was like well That was how I was gonna make money I Got to figure something else out right And that’s kind of got my will spinning And this is really how I started cutting It into the internet business during This time of my life Um but this house we had to fix it up so I was trying to do the whole flip and Fix thing so um this is my buddy Nate And I and we had to learn a whole bunch Of skills I found this picture the other Day we learned how to how to do Sheetrock tile painting and Landscaping We literally went to uh Home Depot and I Was like I used some tiles or how many I’m like uh like a couple boxes like two I’m like sure so I got the boxes and Then we needed like like stirring up the Plaster and we’re putting it down we’re Slapping things over and all the tiles Starts like shifting and moving around Downright oh so we called the Home Depot To do that dude the tile’s like shifting He’s like how much um how much of the Mortar did you put down like a lot he’s Like you don’t put a lot down like oh

He’s like you need these little things To like keep the squares so we like race Back and bought the little little tease To like space it out but by the time it Already hardened and it was like it was Horrible and the tile was like wavy and People were tripping on it it was bad it Was really bad but in theory you guys Understand that’s how this works right You find a property it’s beat up you Learn how to tile you know sheetrock and Paint you make it nice and you go from Before to after you sell it you make a Ton of money right and or if you decide You want to keep it the opposite of that Is you go create a property and then or You get a property you get it all nice You get a property management company You plug it in and then you’re done Right that was the dream I was sold for Real Estate was like literally get a House hire a property management company The house is going to cash flow you a Thousand dollars a month you pay the Property management company 200 a month And you get 800 a month for free for Doing nothing right I was like this is The most amazing thing in the world Um but again we had renters and it Wasn’t ideal for us in our marriage and So we didn’t do more real estate after This but that was kind of Um the the concept right so I want to Explain that because I’m not talking

About real estate with you guys but I Want to understand like these principles These concepts are the same when we Start transitioning over to Virtual real Estate okay with virtual real estate the Goal what I’m trying to do is try to Create these funnels create these little Funnels that I can go and I can create Them and I create them quickly I create Them in a weekend I created them you Know over a couple day period of time I Set it up And then I go and I Hire a Facebook Ad Agency just like Property manager thing they drive ads to It and I’m done I walk away and Hopefully this thing cash flows 100 Bucks a month or 500 bucks a month or a Thousand bucks a month depending on what The offer is and for me when I got Started literally my potato gun offer You guys have all heard the story of Bajillion times but that was my mindset I was like I know the potatoes have done Things not gonna be the biggest thing in The world if I can get this thing making Some money and I do second one and a Third one these are like real estate Properties only they’re digital and There’s no renters there’s no Plumbing There’s no broken tile I just set it up I buy some ads and it just runs itself Right so with potato gun product my Initial goal or so not my initial goal

But Um this one was making me when we first Launched about 30 bucks a day profit and I was like oh my gosh this is the Coolest thing in the world and I Remember about that time Um is when I I start thinking bigger Right I’m like I want to make a million Dollars how do you do that and so I Remember sitting down one day with a Calculator I said a million dollars Divided by 365 I was like what would Take to make a million dollars in a year So I did the math if you’d like a Million dollars divided by 365 it equals 2 739.73 a day literally the best number In the world and that was my goal I said Okay well I’m making 30 bucks a day off My potato gun site if I had another one That makes 100 bucks another one makes 200 and eventually I get a portfolio of These things just like people do with Real estate if I get a portfolio Collectively this portfolio might go Where the point where it’s making me a Lot of money right and that was my Initial goal when I got in this business That’s why um I last year’s funnel lab I Showed you guys I launched over 150 Different funnels this is what I was Doing I was creating one here and Creating one here and I said these Little properties and what’s cool is

That some of them made really good money Some of them flopped but um collectively As a whole a bunch of them did and then From that process of trying this one and Trying this one and trying different Ones that’s when the bigger opportunity Started coming we’re also I got better My skill set got better maybe I built Better funnels different opportunities Came and eventually I wasn’t just Building little uh duplexes I started Building mansions and started building Things like this right but I learned it I got my skill set by doing these little Virtual real estate properties okay and So that’s something I wanted to kind of Propose to you guys to start thinking Through those who are in this phase like What can I do little things I create That I can literally get it built out in The weekend set it up get a Facebook Ad Agency and I can step back and think Cash flows me 100 bucks or 500 bucks a Month and I can do that again and just Have some fun with this that’s like cool To dive a little deeper into that Okay so we talked about real estate the Tools you got to learn you have to learn How to do sheet rocking and tile and all These things to get a house right okay In Virtual real estate the tools you Have are all the things you guys have Been learning about okay everything you Learn here funnel hiking live everything

You learn about when you read my books Like these are the tools you have to Become good at right Catherine a Discussion today on funnels it’s like This is the tool set this is a skill set You got to learn just like you gotta Learn to like do tile if you’re doing a House you learn to build a funnel okay Jim talked about copy that’s why we did The copy Workshop right if if uh you get Good copy that’s the tool you’re gonna Be using to build all these sites design Ads traffic these are all the different Tools that we can use okay and so over The last four or five months I started Having some fun with this I knew I Wanted to talk about this funnel hacking Live this year so I was like I’m gonna Go and create a whole bunch of virtual Real estate properties Um just for fun just to show you guys as Case studies and so I’m going to show You guys some of them are done some are Partially done some are all sorts of Different places but I had so much fun Creating these things Um so one of the first things I did is I Was like I need to go find Um things that are for sale I don’t want To create something from scratch right Like I don’t go and I’m not gonna go Build a household in the ground up Because then I gotta be like become a Contractor and stuff like that I was

Like I want to go find a house it’s for Sale I’m gonna buy it and fix it and Either flip it or sell it or whatever I’m gonna do right so there’s two places I went to initially to go buy websites Um really really quickly and these are Two that are awesome so one of them and flip is a whole Marketplace with tons and tons of people Selling websites the other one is called Shopify exchange and they’re like I Think 10 000 people who start a Shopify Stores don’t understand funnels or to Understand traffic or understand ads or Copy or all the things you guys know They did all the hard work to go and Find the offers contact the the places Get all the whole like the Drop Shipping Stuff get everything finished and they Can’t figure out how to drive traffic or Make any money and so they sell them on The site and so I literally spent hours Just going through like oh I could buy That one oh and that one they’re like oh And there’s tons of them and most these People again they do all the hard work Getting the the website the Shopify Store done and ready and then they don’t Know what to do with it like I’m gonna Sell it for a thousand bucks 500 bucks 10 000 like there there’s all sorts of Pricing Um so these are two places I went to and You guys can go there and just geek out

And like look for cheap virtual real Estate And so that’s kind of what I did Initially is going to the multi sites And start having some fun okay and then My goal is to go through and look at These things and find a property that I Can look at and say hey my skills that I Have right now I know that I could Actually get this thing to look good Right now some of these sites are Horrible and they’re ugly but some of Them I’m like this side like I get this And I can make money with this one okay And so for you Um what my goal is going to be for you Guys tonight or this weekend Um is to go to these sites and look at The room and just see like based on what You’ve learned this weekend like what Are the things you can take and you can Grab it you can start tweaking with Okay so I’m gonna go through different Sites and some of the fun projects I’ve Been working on in my free time over the Last couple weeks Okay case study number one Um I’ve always wanted to start a Thai Company Um so I spent two years in New Jersey Knocking on doors and I had to wear a Tie every single day and so when all Like you’re wearing a white shirt and Tie every single day your tie is the

Only like color you have and so like Ties became something we would trade We’d barter and like we’d fight over Different ties right so we love good Ties and I remember um I had this uh This companion who was uh with me on my Mission out there and he used to always Say this thing um he’d come out in his New tie he’s like check this out and Floss on this new tie I was like what You’re flossing in your ties like yeah I’m flossing this new tie and every day You come out he’s like I’m flossing this New tide and so I always want to start a Tie company talking about flossing uh Flossing ties and so I wanted a tie Company but I don’t know how to start a Kai company I don’t know I know any of These things right and so as I started Going through trying to find websites in The back of my mind I’ve always known That I think it’d be fun to start a tie Company someday so I started going Through and I started looking at all the Things I’ve been learning and a couple Things that I’ve learned at funnel Hacking live uh Perry Belcher spoke at a Funnel hacking live and he showed his Funnel have you guys seen this funnel Before this is funnel it gives away Credit card knives But on the back end he sells access to a Membership site this was another one of Perry’s sites Perry uh had a custom suit

Company they sent high-end custom suits And uh he wasn’t driving traffic Directly to sue company instead what he Would do is he would go and he said the People that wear custom suits they also Happen to want what cufflinks so he’s Like I made these cufflink funnels I Give away free cufflinks ran Facebook Ads to people got free cufflinks and Then those leads came in they started Buying custom suits I was like sweet Because I don’t want to drive ads to a Tie store that seems kind of hard and Weird and so as I was going through Flippa and I was scrolling through all Of a sudden I saw the site that was for Sale and this was a site it was called I think and I looked at Dimple clips and it was for sale for 19 So 19 500 bucks and these little these Little Clips you put on a tie and Whoever whoever wears a tie you know you Tie your tie right and also you get that Cool dimple and you look like you’re Amazing like that’s like yeah you gotta Do double wins you get the tie just like It pops and makes it cool so this dimple Clip even if you tie a horrible knot you Throw this thing on and boom that fast You got a dimple and you look amazing Right and so I started something that’s Pretty cool but I was like but I don’t Know if I want to pay 20 grand to invest In this idea that I don’t know if it’s a

Good idea or a bad idea so I went to the Site to go see like if it’s actually Selling what it looks like so I went to The side dimple Clips at the very top There’s a little button that said Wholesale I was like oh my gosh I can Buy this stuff wholesale I don’t have to Pay him 20 grand to buy the entire Company I could just buy the things Wholesale so I clicked on the wholesale Thing and sure enough for 399 I was able To get 1500 dimple clips that I can then Take so total investment in this Business I’m in 400 bucks I buy The Dimple Clips we can ship to our office My entire team’s like why in the world Did you buy 1500 dimple Clips I was like Because someday I want to sell ties And I know that people who buy dimple Clips guess what they want to buy Ties right so now we’re in business uh We go in really quickly we set up a site Called I said we’re Going to give away Um The dimple Clips on the front for Free plus shipping after someone gets That then we’re gonna upsell some ties I Call Bart Miller because Bart’s the one Who dresses me for funnel hacking lives Like dude Bart do you know anyone who Sells ties and Bart’s like yeah I know a Lot of people sell ties I’m like cool Can you ship me six ties and he’s like Yeah so then he ships me six ties and

Then we put that as the upsell and guess What and like I know eight hours we’re In business we are in The dimple clip Business we are selling uh these things And now we’re driving ads to it people Are coming they’re buying the dimple Clips we order form bump them a whole Big old pack of dimple clips and then The upsell number one are these ties now These ties are they awesome I don’t know I have no idea I don’t know if they’re Gonna sell or not the good news is I Only have one of each so I’m just Testing the market right now to see People want them if people say yes these Ties I mean like hey Bart Give Me 2 000 More of that tie because everyone’s Buying that and we sold a whole bunch of Them if nobody buys them then I’ll try To find some more ties or do something Else or we’ll just shut this thing down Because I’m in 400 bucks at this point In a couple hours of work Okay virtual real estate after we get The thing finished we’re gonna go get a Facebook Ad Agency we’re gonna plug it In and this thing will run autopilot and I’m in the Thai business how many here People here actually run a Facebook Ad Agency raise your hands Kevin look around these are the people You can partner with these are your Property managers you just finish the Funnel you hand it to them and then

They’re done Okay there’s a lot of Facebook ad Agencies inside of our community here Right we hand it off we plug it in and Boom we’re in business and this thing I Don’t know what’s going to do yet we Just got this done last week Um my team’s like we’re literally in the Middle of fun hiking live and you want To launch a tie company like yes of Course I do Um so we launched this thing and um Again I don’t know what’s gonna make it Might be 500 bucks a month might be Nothing might be 10 000 bucks a month And maybe this one hits and we’re like Oh my gosh we’re in the Thai business Let’s go deep we may build a huge Company off it but probably not but Maybe Right This we have to understand so many of You guys are sitting back and you’re Waiting you’re waiting for your click Funnels you’re like okay sometimes I get The idea it’s gonna be amazing and You’re like creating these courses these Buttons insane stuff you’re waiting and You’re waiting you’re waiting it’s like We got to get you in the game like let’s Pay 400 bucks is get in the game and Start playing this game because you’re Gonna learn so much stuff even this Fails what did I learn I learned like

How to find an offer how to find some Products how to create an upsell on the Downside you learned how to use click Funnels how to drag and drop things I Learned how to connect a shopping cart To the actual funnel and when someone Buys it how to ship them out the product I can learn all these things with the 400 investment it’s not that scary but Now I can see if it’s going to work okay Again I told people before like click Funnels was my 150th funnel that we Launched okay if I would have waited for This to be the very first funnel I would Have launched I’d never been worthy to Find this That makes sense because I tried the First thing and the next thing and the Next thing is I did that as I was in Momentum moving forward New Opportunities can’t do better I just Came to me different things came to me Okay and so for a lot of you guys this Is some of the stuff you can start Thinking about just have some fun just To practice Okay I told my potato gun story all the Time because that was just something for Me to try out and to test if it failed It wasn’t like I was a failure like it Turns out no one wants potato guns turns Out no one wants nipple Clips but what If they do I don’t know okay there’s one Example all right there’s another

Example this one goes into licensing Here’s ever heard of Licensing before Okay licenses where somebody else did All the hard work and then you pay them To be able to just have it all for free Or for really really cheap I wanted to Build a chicken coop product because Somebody told me that they made a bunch Of money with chicken coops Um I was like seriously that’s amazing So I bought but I Was like but I don’t know anything about Chicken coops Um my wife keeps trying to get me to Like buy chickens and I’m like I don’t Want chickens and she’s like but we can Have our own eggs I’m like I don’t want Chickens and um she’s like the eggs get Really really expensive and I’m like but Like I don’t want to know chickens that Creeps me out so I don’t know anything About chicken so I’m like I don’t know How to create this product but maybe Someone else has already created a Product on chicken coops and so I went To and in ClickBank There’s a marketplace with like hundreds Of thousands of funnels and uh it’s cool Thing is ClickBank Um the marketplace like shows you based On what’s selling the best so this is a Secret Um the first page those guys are making Tons of money do not contact them the

Second page third page fourth page it’s Like the 40th page those dudes are Making no money right now yet they did All the work they created the product Wrote the cells that have the upside Other downstairs but the product doesn’t Sell anymore So I went to ClickBank I typed in Chicken coops and the thing and a whole Bunch of things popped up a whole bunch Of different offers and so I went to Every single one of them and I messaged Every single Chicken Coop site and I Literally said hey Um can I license your chicken coop uh Product and uh this dude Johnny Wayne Wrote back and Johnny said hey what’s Your proposal I was like sweet man I’ll Give you a thousand bucks license your Product and the sales copy he said Sounds good What’s the timing I said uh It’s in perpetuity and uh we signed a Contract and that fast I got the entire Product for a thousand bucks I’m in Business selling chicken coop plans Um and that’s licensing Okay now what I do I grab that throw up A Facebook Ad Agency step back and who Knows I don’t know if it’s gonna make 100 bucks a month 500 bucks a month I’m In business I tested the whole process Okay ClickBank literally is a graveyard Hundreds of thousands of dead funnels Hundreds of thousands of them in every

Topic you can dream of okay this is not The first time you had the licensing ClickBank we go there all the time I try To find something sometimes I need a Bonus or upsell or something I’m like ah Maybe someone already created it I go to ClickBank oh on page 46 some dude Created something or he does that Message him hey can I license your Product and usually somewhere between 500 a couple thousand bucks depending on How good it is a license with product The sales letter to everything in boom I’m in business throw into a funnel Chicken Coop Secrets let’s go All right plug into Facebook Ad Agency And now I’m in business okay are you Guys getting this Is this fun good fix and flips Um this is one I almost feel bad about This story but uh so A lot of people ask me where do you get All these things coming to you sometimes I’m finding them sometimes they’re just As you’re in motion doing things more Deals and offers will come to you so uh I had a buddy we both wrestled at BYU Together and we were in the same weight Class but we kind of hate each other Because like we had to always compete Against each other but he’s really cool And um anyway we graduated a couple Years later I was having some success in Business he had his own business as well

And one day I don’t know something Happened and he got in trouble and he Messed him he’s like hey man I need 20 Grand and I was like dude we used to Fight every single day you’re awesome I’m not ready to check for 20 grand he’s Like no I really need 20 000 it’s an Emergency I know you got it I have 20 Grand I’m like no like no and then uh Finally he’s like well I have this Website it’s called bygone and he’s like Right now it makes Um makes about two or three thousand Dollars a month if you give me the 20 Grand I’ll give you the cash flow from The website for the next 10 months until It’s paid off I was like no He’s like why not I’m like because dude 20 grand in my pocket today is worth More 20 grand over time but I will buy The website and the company from me for Twenty thousand dollars And uh he was like but dude this is like My livelihood I’m like yeah but this is My 20 grand and So eventually back and Forth and he said yeah so I gave him Twenty thousand dollars he gave me vigon We put in the site and it started making Um started making money and all it was If you look at the slide initially Actually it was uh two YouTube videos That drove traffic to it and that was The site that’s why I was like there’s No ways of making money like

Um and it was so we went back we tweaked A site got in Click funnels may look Really really nice and then I’m like What other tools do we have about that Time is when Jamie cross Um spoke of funnel hiking live in Nashville how many guys remember when Jamie spoke And she did this presentation called the Five minute perfect webinar which took My 90-minute webinar she shrunk it down To five minutes for e-commerce Sellers And I was like sweet so I literally took That piece of paper if you guys remember This Jamie spoke about it Jim Edwards Created a one-page piece of paper that You would fill in you fill in the paper It would take uh your product and plug It into a perfect webinar five minute Perfect webinar we took that we did it In funnel scripts as a digital version So I filled out the form in funnel Scripts I clicked a button boom it Popped out the five minute perfect Webinar for vigon we hired two actors I Had each of them read the thing while we Filmed them tell their stories Um within the day we had two five minute Perfect webinars to sell vigon we gave Them to the ads agency we set it up and Boom now bygone is back on and it’s Selling uh people these cold sore Zappers right it’s up there and now we Have Facebook Ad Agency plugging it in

And driving sales 24 hours a day seven Days a week Buy and Hold now this is what I’m really Excited for in fact how many guys we Came in today you saw on your seat a Little packet of something called Zuma Juice okay so Zoom images I talked about This earlier today so Zuma juice is Actually one of my friends companies and He launched his company and Um I remember watching him and he was so Passionate about him he’s having so much Fun with it and he’s an amazing um Copywriter and marketer and everything And I remember just watching his journey And after he launched this this uh this Green drink one of my favorite things Was the actual sales video and so it’s Interesting I contacted him later I was Like dude that video was so good I’m Like who did it like did you hire the Harman brothers or something he’s like He’s like no here’s who I hired he’s Like I wrote the scripts and we hired The actors and everything and I said how Much the whole thing cost you because I Knew what we’d pay the harman Brothers To videos like this for us and I Remember exactly we said it was it was Multiple six figures he spent to create This uh the sales video I’m gonna show It to you guys because this is the Reason why I bought ended buying this Business okay so this is the sales video

Um I’ll click play real quick and you Have a chance to see Um why this business Um was so powerful why I wanted to get It You already know you should be eating More fruits and veggies your doctor Tells you your mom tells you even the Government’s told me one way to get more Of the good stuff is green juice do you Like yours chunky I like mine a little Chunky but to get even one sip of that Healthy produce you have to pass through The three levels of health nut Health Shopping shopping and juicing What about I don’t even want to think About cleaning Shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables Is a pain you spend all day cruising the Produce aisle emptying your wallet just To try to fill your basket when you get Home you still have to drop it All of it is this your kitchen or level Six [Music] After all of that shopping chopping Juicing and cleaning your reward is a Small glass of sludge look I’m crazy About my health but I’m not that crazy The folks at Zuma juice had this wild Idea that people you might like green Juice if it was simple convenient and Didn’t taste like a cow’s burp so while Each glass of Zuma juice is packed with

Six different greens and grasses three Organic Sprout concentrates seven Organic vegetables and 13 Fruit Superfoods and herbs it also tastes Really good And no shopping or shopping required Just add cold water shake it up and you Have an energy packed immune system Boosting green juice that you can take With you anywhere you mean like this yes There are other powdered green drinks on The market but most of them taste like Oh something that you scraped out of a Lawnmower wow wow a really expensive Lawnmower or worse they have that really Nasty synthetic vitamin aftertaste from Well from the nasty synthetic vitamins They add to them Zuma juice has a Refreshing natural mint flavor with just A hint of vanilla and unlike those Calorie dense juices you get from your Juicer Zuma juice only has 30 calories Per serving which makes it a perfect Drink for in-between meals I drink this Every day now I don’t want to sound like Your mom but you really should be Getting more fruits and veggies in every Day don’t you think if you want a tasty Way to be healthy feel fantastic and get Energized order your Zuma juice now it Costs a lot less than juice or even Those fancy coffee drinks it travels Easy kids love it and best of all you’ll Actually want to drink it try Zuma juice

The delicious green juice with all of The Green Goodness and none of the yuck Air Have you guys ever heard the um the term Rembrandt in the Attic So what that means is basically like Imagine there’s two people going to go Purchase house they walk to the house Like oh it’s a nice house it’s probably Worth 250 000 and and everyone goes to The house but then one person goes to The house and they’re looking through And they go up in the attic they open up Honestly see an original Rembrandt and They’re like oh my gosh I know the value Of that painting that painting is worth Millions and millions of dollars as they Come back out and like I’ll give you Four million dollars for this house I’ll Give you two million dollars right Another person’s like this one were 250 000 but for the other person because They know the value of the house they Know there’s a Rembrandt in the Attic They’re going to spend way more right For me when I start doing more of this Investing stuff I’m looking for a rem Rant in the attic for me when I saw this Funnel I was like that video is the Rembrandt in the Attic like that video Was so valuable like I know how good it Is okay I loved it so much I started Using the product but then I went to Funnel hack it during uh funnel uh

Funnel uh issue number 18 I went to Funnel hacking I bought the product went To the next page and there was no upsell There was no down so there’s an order For a month there’s all these things That were missing and I was like the Guy’s name’s Luke I was like Luke why do You hate my money’s so bad like you’re Not doing any of the things you need to Do to like blow up this business and Over time uh the business ran for a Couple years and then um I don’t know All the details but I know there was a Fight in the partnership or something Happened and they ended up starting to Slide down and it was down for a year or Two and I remember I always remember That video I’m like man that video is so Good like that alone was worth so much Money and so I started messaging Luke I Was like Hey man can I buy Um can I buy Zuma juice it’s like why Would you want to buy it it’s dead I’m Like that video is so good and uh went Back and forth for years like literally A year after I get messaging like no no No and finally when covet hit uh one day I was bored and I was like Luke dude do You want free money like literally is Just sitting there on your hard drive Somewhere I will give you money you can Split with your partners whoever had it And it’ll be awesome and uh eventually For about one-fifth what they spent on

The actual sales video I was able to Acquire Zuma juice And now what’s cool about that is then What’s the next step we talked about Earlier today I have this asset it’s Amazing the next thing is I got to Figure out what is the control today I’m Not running a supplement funnel in seven Years they said what’s the control right We talked about this earlier today what Is it I got to figure out how do Supplement funnels work nowadays so I Went through we started funnel hacking a Whole bunch of supplement funnels from That we figured out this is the this is The control this is what all successful Supplement funnels are doing today I Said okay now that we know that we need To create a couple things right we knew This is what the sales page looks like The order form bump but the price point Is upsell number one upsell to the down Sales we knew all the things we needed To create so because that we needed to Recreate the product the product had Been sold for four or five years we got The product recreated and some of you Guys got that one if you had the green Zuma juice that’s the green drink but Then the upsell path I mean we need to Upsell so someone just drank their their Vegetables next thing they need is their Fruit so if you’ve got the red pack That’s our Zuma juice fruits and so the

Upsells is our is the fruits and so we Went through we took this control and Then we built out Um every single step in the process let Me go back Um so sales video took the sales letter Order form uh upsell down so again we Just took the control of what’s working We modeled for for Zuma juice put it in There and uh this is actually we Literally the the package you guys got Today is the first said the packets we Just got back so this has not gone Officially live yet Um I do believe if you guys want some There’s a postcard with the link you Guys can go and buy and if you do buy it We’ll send you guys Um the share funnel to this to the Supplement funnel so you guys can have That you can use it inside your click Funnels account as well but again we got This all done we did the hard work got It finished and now we’re gonna step Back we’re gonna plug in a Facebook Ad Agency and it’ll just run itself Virtual real estate and this one I have A lot of hopes for I think this one’s Going to do really well Um but again I invested some money up Front and it’s a little bit bigger Project but so much fun so exciting Um because I was looking for that thing Like I knew that that sales video was

Something I could turn into something Bigger Right when you guys are looking at these Sites that are looking for opportunities There’s gonna be things like maybe You’re really good in webinars you see Something oh if I just plugged a webinar To this business I could blow it up or Maybe oh I need a challenge but I can Put a good challenge or like the copy Was horrible I’m gonna copyright if I Just a copier I could I could make it Better or maybe it’s the designer maybe It’s the flow but you’re just looking For like what are the skill sets you Guys have right do you know how to add Tile how to add paint how to do Something like that if you can figure Out these skill sets we’re teaching you You can go to any of these businesses And start plugging things in and get Things working really quickly and it’s So much fun okay I think I have one more Or maybe two more I’m gonna show you Guys uh the next one is a company called Aubon broth and uh this one’s not live Yet but um how many guys have ever seen Me drink bone broth in fact here’s a Picture of me drinking my bag of bone Broth okay if you follow me on Instagram Um uh I met this lady who was she’s Written like five or six books on bone Broth and I was at a mastermind meeting With her and she was like bouncing off

While she was so excited about Everything and she’s the doctor she says I’m a doctor she’s like no matter what Somebody comes when they come to me the Only thing I prescribe them is bone Broth I don’t care what it is I get bone Broth I’m like what and she’s like yeah Here’s everything fixes everything two Two cups of bone broth a day will change Your entire life and I was like are you Sure because that seems really weird and She’s like no I swear but she’s the Doctor so we believe doctors right so I Was like all right well if you’re if You’re that excited and uh she’s like She’s like me 10 years ago I was tired I Was depressed I had all these problems She’s like I started drinking bone broth And changed myself as well and so I got Excited I went to go buy bone broth and I bought a bag of bone broth and I drank It and it was disgusting I was like oh My gosh this is not worth any amount of Health and I tried another one and Another one and eventually I found this Company all bomb Roth I started ordering I drank the first one I was like oh this Actually tastes good and I was so Excited and so I used to buy this frozen Bone broth my poor wife I’d fill our Whole freezer full of thousands of these Bags every morning I thought I went out And I drink it on Instagram and Everyone’s like you’re literally just

Drinking bone like bone broth out of a Bag I’m like oh yeah that’s why I have This much energy that’s why I’m so Excited so I look like I’m 12 years old I’m actually 60 but this bone broth has Made me so young um Anyway literally obsessed with this Stuff you can ask anyway my whole office Is like you’re so weird to us like Nobody else streams the bone broth out Of a bag and then in the middle of Corona I try to order some more and guess what It’s gone they’re out of business I was Like dude need some more broth like you Can’t I’m like you don’t understand like I’m addicted give me some bone broth Like People it’s like um untangled when the Old lady when she doesn’t sing the song She starts getting all like I’d be out Here in front of hiking live like 90 Year old he was like what happened to Russell and like the bone broth give it To him So anyway I kept messaging him trying to Get a hold the company finally get all The owners and said hey Kobe hit we had Some problems and um Supply Chain Management and we had to like shut the Company down I was like oh my gosh like dude like I Love you guys product like we love it Too but unfortunately like this is kind

Of where we’re at I was like okay this Is the deal Um we need to bring this back What’s it Gonna take and he’s like well Um you know we’re out of money we’re out Of stuff like like we need to like we Need to order to get all sorts of stuff I said okay how about this I’ll be your Business partner I’ll Finance the whole Thing we’ll get it back up and running And then we’re back in business Um like seriously it’s been negotiated Back and forth and um uh they end up Giving me uh the majority Um a big majority of the company so I’m The majority owner of the company now For free didn’t cost me a penny other Than I was in charge of getting uh the Production back online and then building Out the funnel and then launching it and So it didn’t cost me any money outside The hard cost to get the business back Up and running and then next step was Like Hey now I’m selling bone broth Again what do I need what’s the control How do we sell bone broth so we went Funnel hacked every single bone broth Every single similar funnel we could Find we figured out here’s the control What’s gonna work and then we started Going through and building out the Actual funnel um The Funnel is almost Done I’m hoping in uh right now in Production of actually making all the

Bone broth and things like that and Hoping about two months from now it’ll Be done and will be launched and live And then guess what I’m gonna do I’m Going to step away from it I’m gonna Plug into Facebook Ad Agency and boom Boom broth will be paying me for the Rest of my life And that is how much fun these things Can be you guys getting this Okay I got one more and this is one for Those of you guys who are like this is All really fun and exciting Russell but I have my Core Company I’m trying to Focus which is good we all should be Focusing this is like my let me unfocus You for a few minute presentation I Apologize but I know how you all are You’re like me you like the shiny Objects so these are some shiny objects Um so this is one for those of you guys Who are trying to focus this ties back a Lot what Kaelyn talked about earlier Today Right you can also do this with your Core company to figure out different Ways to bring more people in okay so Virtual real estate to grow your company So a little while ago we were doing for Our two common Club x members we were Doing an event in Boise this is probably Two months ago talking about physical Products and things like that and I Showed this case study of Perry Belcher

Um how many years no Perry belts here Perry is awesome one of my favorite People and he has a site I think it’s CEO or free CEO hats or Something and on the site he sells CEO Hats his hat says Co on it that’s it and I’ve never seen it I was like that’s Weird so I bought it and there was no Thank you there was no like there’s no Funnel or anything and I was like Like like Perry’s a genius there’s Something behind this what are you doing So I call him I’m like dude I buy your CEO hat but like how are you making Money in this deal because literally There’s no order form bumps or upsells Or downsells or anything he said Russell Guess who buys CEO hats Like who Say CEOs Like oh he’s like this attracts all the Best CEOs to me and my goal is not to Make money really quick in the funnel my Goal is to get a list of CEOs and I sell Them seminars and coaching and Masterminds I was like oh Perry you’re So smart so smart so I was showing this At our little two Karma Club event uh Two common club exit members and as I’m On stage sharing this case study I was Like dude I should make some Entrepreneur stuff and sell to Entrepreneur and I have click funnel Stuff but my guess is if you buy a click

Funnel shirt you probably already have Click funnels am I right So I was like crap like I need shirts That aren’t click funnels but one step Further out like outside the market Which are entrepreneurs and also I was Like wait a minute I remember about this Entrepreneurship back in the day from The site I’m like what the site what I Was like and I was like Oh my gosh I went went to The site and guess what it was gone I was like what and so I went back to The Wayback machine which is if you go To there’s a thing called The Wayback machine you put in a URL and It shows you all the snapshots of that Website from the beginning of time till Now so I went back in time to I found Someone with contact information I Realized Maxwell Flynn Finn who’s one of Our two comical winners Um was it all over the site so I Messaged him on Instagram my dude you’re On the site can I buy it from you he’s Like I can’t I sold somebody else I’m Like who’d you sell to so tell me the Guy sold to I call that guy up can I buy The site from you there’s over 100 Different entrepreneurs uh t-shirts Designs that were done they’re amazing And it’s like can I buy it from you These guys like uh sure he’s like I set It up like six months ago and I think I

Forgot to pay the hosting bill because Um I just went to sight and is down I’m Like oh yeah sweet can I buy it from you And uh really quickly we acquired the Site Um it’s not officially live all the way Right now but we purchased this with the Goal of now we relaunching these T-shirts I have over 100 different Entrepreneur t-shirt designs I’m going To be selling guess what happens an Entrepreneur is going to see the shirt They’re gonna buy the shirt and then Guess what I’m going to tell this Entrepreneur about Panels you need a funnel you need to Secrets you get click funnels You’ll be showing up here and so that’s Why we made this acquisition because now I can use this as a lead generation to Get more people in this is way easier Than me writing another book I just Wrote a hundred books um but they’re all Just t-shirts I can bring people in on These funnels as well okay and uh we’re Kind of tweaking we’re taking that we’re Doing this really cool thing where T-shirts are going to be competing Um anyway a lot of fun things but people Are going to come in on uh the startup Drugs buy T-shirts and from there we’ll Push them into click funnels and then After that’s done except Facebook Facebook Ad Agency to sell t-shirts to

Get people in our world so this is how We’re using these principles you guys Number one is like to get us into Momentum get us started get us creating Different things right number two is That you start finding more Opportunities number three plugging them Into your existing opportunities to grow Them fashion there’s so many fun things But I want to recommend for you guys This is your homework assignment um this Weekend when fun Hockey Night Live is Over as I recommend even if you’re not Going to buy any sites just as an Exercise in the skill sets you’ve Learned over the next four days right go To either flip Com or go to the Shopify If you Google Shopify exchange this side Will show up and just look at different Things with nautical necessary to buy Them to look at him and say which one of These things has a remember I can Rembrandt in the Attic that I understand That I can do something for right I was In Myron’s session I learned about Selling I could really easily take this Offer on page 42. if I took that and I Took some of these sales principles I Went from higher and like boom that Could be the thing we’re over here like This is a Shopify store they just need a Funnel they had a funnel this thing Would actually have made money right I Can do a funnel like uh date uh I think

Tomorrow next to hear Brave and talk About uh supplement funnels like all the Different people we talk about things Over the next couple days like taking Challenge funnels or this or that you’re Taking these different pieces and Applying them to some of these things And just look at it from like as a Consultant if you’re a consultant trying To consult these businesses like what Are the tools you guys have gained over This weekend you can plug into these Things and for some of you guys there’s Gonna be some crazy deals you’re gonna Buy a t-shirt site or a supplement store Or you know a tie a tie thing whatever Like might be interesting some of you Guys this will be a new business for you Some of you guys it’s just gonna be you Flexing this muscle of creativity like Okay I learned all these things how Would I apply to that business and that Business and that business until you see Like oh my gosh that’s the one like that I could actually do something really Cool with that right and so that’s what Virtual real estate is that’s what I Want to show up to you guys just to get The wheels you’re not spinning there’s Your homework assignment this weekend is To go there put on your funnel Consultant hat and try to figure out how You would do it what you would do and Have some fun with it um act like they

Paid you to be consultant and then build Out a funnel I build out a map like I do This I do this I do this and who knows Maybe one of these businesses the right Thing for you so that is how you go Virtual reals to Empires by flipping Fixing and investing in small cash flow Funnels you guys enjoy that All right I hope you guys enjoyed this Episode of the marketing Secret show if You did please share it with a friend With a business partner with a spouse With your kids whoever uh that’s how you Can pay it back to me if you enjoyed This episode uh I hope you loved it and On top of that if you have any questions For me again go to marketing At that site there’s a spot where you Can go and you can ask me questions I Get at marketing

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