The Hardest Part of Business

If you're in it right now and you don't Feel the accolades this is what hard Feels like and this is why most people Can't make it unfortunately Society Celebrates the start and the Finish if You're running a marathon it's like you Sign up you get your number everyone's Rooting for you raise a certain amount Of money for cancer whatever it is and Then at the end everybody's hugging you You get to say you ran a 26 you know 26 Mile thing but the people who win are The ones who Master the middle it's the 26 miles where you have to just keep Going the brutal mindless unending Middle and the people who Master success Are the ones who Master the middle not The ones who celebrate the beginning not The ones who celebrate the end not the Ones who need the people celebrating but Literally one step at a time because the Person who loves the middle the person Who loves walking more than they love The destination walks further than the Man who just loves the end

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