The Iced Coffee Hour interview was probably my favorite interview

The ice coffee hour interview is Probably my favorite interview the first One that's probably the favorite Interview I did I think is there some Internal external stuff so externally it Was the first time that I talked about Like kind of like My Views around the World and I think that with a certain Percentage of people that resonated with Them because a lot of people don't Articulate what they believe for fear of Getting attacked I mean myself included Which is why I hadn't done it and so I Think that was like the external thing That happened but I think internally Because of the positive reception Overall that I got from that particular Podcast it made me feel a little bit More comfortable kind of sharing more of Probably like the contrarian views that I think have contributed to a lot of the Material success that we've been able to Achieve and think a lot of that stuff is Like you cannot have common beliefs if You want to have an uncommon life

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