The Issue With Centralized Hiring

We have really good capacity for Bringing talent in and so for most Businesses Talent is the constraint of The business the entrepreneur can only Do so much and that's kind of the issue And so anything that's senior and up we Will directly recruit for them because Then also for us from a hold code Perspective if I've recruited half the Leadership then I have a really good Pulse of what's going on and I have good Affinity with the leadership in that Business that we help build so it helps Us from a transparency perspective we Also know what this role looks like when It's right one of the biggest issues That entrepreneurs have in my opinion When they're scaling is that they're Like oh here's my aunt she said she Could be our sales director she sold at Sephora which is great no knock on Sephora but she probably doesn't know How to run a sales team we know what it Looks like we know how to interview for It because ideally what we try and do is Build the team around the entrepreneurs Such that the entrepreneurs are required

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