The key is finding a problem you can solve, that NO ONE else can solve…

What is the problem you can solve that Nobody else can solve and we figure out That problem that's what changes Everything what business was it that Solved that problem just because I'm Really tired and I'm actually thirsty Fiverr energy right I didn't want to go Drink a Red Bull but I'm tired but I Want to drink this huge thing so I just Want a really quick shot hey here's Another one there's the problem I want To surf in cold water longer who's the Category King O'Neill boom O'Neal Wetsuits I hate taxis they're the worst Thing in the world who is the category King Uber right when we built click Funnels initially the problem we tried To solve is that entrepreneurs they Aren't technical that's the problem so Many entrepreneurs are not technical but They want to try to change the world how Do we do it click funnels so for you Guys the key is like figure out what the Problem you have is that's the problem That you solve is the goal who is the Person I've called to serve and if I can Figure out the problem that I'm gonna Solve them that's why I become the Category king of that

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