The marshmallow test reveals if you’ll be successful

Who here's remember the marshmallow test So they've got the two kids one kid gets Two marshmallows versus one marshmallow If they win right there's like the Obvious binary example but you can run a Third test on this which is how long do I move the marshmallow out do I move the Second marshmallow out an hour do I move It out a week so the people that can do The doing without seeing the results That they're doing for an extended Period of time the longer you're able to Do that the more successful you will be Period if there is a single trait that Any person wants to develop it is the Ability to weather short-term discomfort For long-term achievements making the Short-term trade it's just paid so many Dividends in my life and it's been so Hard for me it's hard being the person That you want to be his heart and it Doesn't feel easy it's just doing it Anyways knowing that you don't feel that Way and a lot of times in decisions is Saying no that feels exciting

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