The Monday of a freelance #designer should look like this

Mondays can be difficult because there's So much that we need to do there's Unanswered emails and there's projects That need to get done and it can be Really tempting to wake up on Monday Morning and dive right into fulfillment Mode where you're just knocking out Tasks but what I like to do is instead Of diving right into the thick of it I Like to take a couple hours every Monday Morning and do what I call my weekly Planning now what this does is it allows Me to strategize and adjust my Priorities and lay out my entire week to Make sure that by the time I get to the End of the week I've accomplished Everything that I needed to accomplish Rather than just getting stuck on little Tasks so if you're struggling feeling Like you're not getting enough done Every single week start the week off With a weekly planning session and I Promise you that this is going to make a Massive difference on your efficiency

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