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In this video I'm going to teach you how To build your own one person agency that Makes you over five hundred thousand Dollars per year now this idea of a solo Or a one-person agency does not mean That you have to do everything by Yourself on the contrary I wouldn't be Where I am today without my incredible Team but what this does mean is as a One-person agency you don't have to have All of the overhead of a typical brick And mortar business meaning you don't Have to have any full-time employees you Can just have 1099s you can have this Fluid and fluctuating team of bringing On people when you need them and Removing them when you don't and you're Also going to be able to automate a lot Of things with no code tools to run an Ultra efficient business so in this Video we're going to talk about all of This let's dive in so the first thing That you need to ask yourself is what Type of agency do I want to have and There are a ton of different options out There you just want to pick something That you can be passionate about or you See yourself enjoying and also something That you're willing to commit your time To to become in an expert at that thing Now for me in particular my agency Offers SEO which is search engine Optimization and then web design and Development and so right now I'm going

To give you a quick list of different Options that you have which a lot of These I think are great opportunities to Start a business or an agency right now Now I've broken these into three Categories the first of which is sales And marketing so you can offer SEO any Type of ads whether that's Google ads or On other search engines you can do Social media marketing or you can also Offer email marketing these are awesome Things that you can do to help people See an Roi on their investment in you Marketing is always going to be needed And so this is a great Niche for you to Have the second category is design while This might be a little bit more Difficult it can still be really Profitable so anything with graphic Design web design ux UI design anything Along those lines where you're designing Or creating something for someone you Can build a great agent see off of this And this is really easy work for you to Deliver via the Internet or via email And there are a ton of great tools out There to help you do this and the third Category is coaching and Consulting and This is really popular right now people All the time are offering different Courses coaching Consulting different Ways to kind of provide information or Motivation to help you accomplish a Specific goal for me personally I spend

A lot of money on my personal business Coach and this is an awesome investment And I definitely see a huge return on This so the one thing that I would say Whether it's with information coaching Or any of these other categories just Make sure that you're providing value to Your clients because you want to make Sure that this is something that you can Stand behind but outside of that any of These things are going to be a great Option to offer as a digital service in Your one-person agency so the next thing That we have to consider is the workload That's going to come with you offering These particular Services because like We said at the beginning even though This is a one-person agency see you Can't be stuck doing everything on your Own especially when it comes to more Logistical things or busy work right so The question we need to ask ourselves is What are all the tasks that need to be Done and then which of these tasks can Be automated through tools and Tech and Then which of these things need to Actually be handled by a human and so Looking at my business there are a Number of different things that I've Been able to automate in a really Affordable way so anything that has to Do with invoicing billing customer Outreach content anything like this that There's a tool out there that can

Automate this it's worth investing in That tool because it's going to be a lot Cheaper than hiring an actual human to Do it and in most cases it's going to be Way more effective I have tools that are Literally doing the job of hundreds of Humans and they're doing it for 20 bucks A month 100 bucks a month and so if You're interested in different no code Tools that you can use to automate your Business you can go ahead and click this Video right here this is a video that I Just recently posted about all of my Favorite no code tools next you need to Consider all the different tasks that Need to be handled by actual humans so Most things that have to do with Interacting with your clients or your Users anything that you feel needs to Have some sort of Personal Touch I also Rely a lot on my team to do research and To help me with vision and forward Thinking and where the business needs to Go next and big decisions these are all Things that you're going to want to Bring in team members and partners to Get their feedback and to help improve Your processes so once you've decided What tasks need to be done by tools and Which tasks need to be done by humans You're ready to set up this structure of A well-oiled machine with you at the Helm now we've determined which tasks Need to be done by humans and now you're

Going to have to find the proper way to Bring people onto your team and to Motivate them and train them and get Them to do a good job now there are a Number of different things that you need To understand but first and foremost you Need to be a good leader and there are a Ton of different resources out there on How to be a good leader but the best way To become a good leader is through Experience and so as you hire your first Team member you're going to learn a lot By the mistakes that you make and that's Okay don't hesitate diving into this and Just learning as you go now aside from Being a good leader you're going to have To learn how to communicate with your Team and your team members which can Easily be done with tools like slack You're also going to have to understand How to find them and for me I found most Of my team members through Facebook Groups and a very unprofessional way of Them sending me a quick screen recording Or audio of them introducing themselves And saying why they feel like they would Be a good fit for this specific role You're also going to have to learn how To pay them which can be very unofficial You can pay people through PayPal or Venmo or wise or whatever it is that you Decide to use again don't feel Overwhelmed to hire people because you Don't feel like you are a fantastic

Business person yet or business owner it Does not have to be this expert process Just bootstrap this thing meet people Bring them in and then start to build Your network and understand that not Everyone has to work for you every day All the time full time you can have a Lot of different connections that work With you on and off based on the project Based on the month and as you build this Flu team of connections you're easily Going to be able to scale up or scale Down depending on your workload so now I Want to talk about the most important Part of all of this and that is finding Clients because having an agency is Going to be absolutely worthless if you Don't have any clients that are paying You right and this task of finding Clients must and always will fall on you As the agency owner you should always be Your agency's number one sales person This doesn't mean that down the road you Can Outsource this to someone to come in And do this sales but for the first Several years you're going to have to Take this on on your own and your team Members and all of your expenses with Your tools those are going to rely Heavily are you bringing in business and Paying for those things and also making Yourself a profit and so you need to Find different ways to find clients I've Made a ton of videos on how you can find

Clients how I found my first clients and So if you're interested in any of those Videos I'm going to put a link to the Playlist of all those videos I'm also Going to put links to all of those Videos Down Below in the description Because this is going to be the Lifeblood of your agency and you need to Take this on right off the bat now the Thing I love the most about running my Own one-person agency is number one I Don't have to do it all alone because I Have awesome team members working with Me the other thing that I love is it Really is a bulletproof system as long As I can find ways to find clients I'm Never going to struggle even during Times of an economic crisis or whatever It might be I'm easily going to be able To scale up or scale down and worst case Scenario I could take technically remove Everyone from my team and do everything On my own I could cut all expenses and I Could survive through the worst of the Worst now I never plan on doing this Because I personally could not live Without my team members they do such an Awesome job but you can have the Security in this business model knowing That you can do whatever it takes to Survive and make a profit and at the end Of the day it all falls on your Shoulders and if you put in the time and The work and the effort to learn how to

Set up your agency the right way you're Going to be extremely profitable and be Able to live a great life now finally I've put together two really useful Videos on how to build a web design Agency and how to build an SEO agency These are going to give you a ton of Useful details on the structure the Process everything that you need to know So make sure to go give those a watch And if you enjoyed this video be sure to Hit the like button subscribe hit the Bell if you want to be notified every Time I post a video just like this one And we'll catch you in the next video

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