The Price to Pay for The Impact You Want to Have

I looked at these people that are Ultra Famous and I was like huh well I'd still Rather be anonymous I want to be rich And unknown they've got all these Stalkers and Weirdos when you get Exposed to 10 million people if you Figure one percent of people are crazy You got a hundred thousand weirdos it's A lot of weirdos I go to have dinner With a friend of mine he gets like Weirdos to come to his house and all That kind of stuff and I was like how do You deal with this how is this worth it You know I mean like tell me on this Because I just was like I'm not Soul so He sat me down he was like dude if a Couple weird letters every day or every Week is the price I have to pay for the Impact I want to have pay that price any Day of the week and twice on Sunday There was just like this pause when he Said it I just felt like it hit me God I'm being such a pansy I realized that For me to have the impact that I wanted To have if I claimed which I do if I Want to make real business education Available to everyone then I need to Match my actions to that that's the Price I have to pay for make the impact I want to have then it's a price that I'm willing to pay

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