The Sole Barrier Between You and Your Goals

The sole barrier between an individual and their goals is often perceived as an insurmountable obstacle. In this blog post, they will discover ways to break through this barrier and pave the way to achieving their aspirations.


When it comes to achieving one’s goals and dreams, the journey can often feel like an uphill battle. Everyone harbors big aspirations within them, but the struggle lies in actually reaching them. Russell Brunson, through his insightful video, delves deep into the psychological barriers that hinder individuals from attaining their true potential. This review will dissect the key takeaways from Brunson’s video, shedding light on how understanding and conquering these barriers is paramount to unlocking success.

Unveiling the Psychological Barriers to Success

In his video, Russell Brunson echoes Tony Robbins’ sentiment that a staggering 90% of success stems from mastering the mind. This powerful statement underscores the significance of psychological warfare in the pursuit of one’s goals. To illustrate this concept effectively, Brunson employs the analogy of the mind being akin to an elephant, monkeys, and a lizard.

The Mind as an Elephant, Monkeys, and a Lizard

Russell Brunson’s comparison of the mind to an elephant, monkeys, and a lizard offers a profound insight into the complexities of human behavior. The elephant represents the deep-rooted subconscious mind, while the monkeys symbolize the scattered and erratic nature of our thoughts. Lastly, the lizard signifies the primitive instincts that often dictate our actions.

The Role of Attitude in Success

At the crux of achieving success lies the first and most crucial choice – attitude. Brunson emphasizes that attitude is the sole barrier between an individual and their goals. To drive this point home, he narrates a compelling story about a wrestler who transformed his attitude towards weight loss, ultimately achieving remarkable results.

The Wrestler’s Attitude Shift

In the wrestler’s narrative, the pivotal moment of change was when he altered his attitude towards weight loss. By adopting a positive mindset and unwavering determination, he was able to overcome the physical challenges that stood in his way. This anecdote serves as a testament to the transformative power of attitude in realizing one’s ambitions.

Embracing Attitude as the Key Controllable Factor

In any given situation, attitude remains the only aspect that individuals have absolute control over. By recognizing this truth, one can harness the power of a positive attitude to navigate through adversities and setbacks. Brunson imparts the crucial lesson that changing one’s attitude can lead to a more enriching experience and significantly higher chances of success.


In conclusion, Russell Brunson’s enlightening video underscores the pivotal role attitude plays in bridging the gap between individuals and their goals. By understanding and surmounting the psychological barriers that inhibit progress, one can pave the way for a transformative journey towards success. Embracing a positive attitude as the driving force propels individuals towards their aspirations with unwavering determination and resilience.

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