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All right go high level or high level Should you use it should you create a White label which software should you Use there's a lot of them out there and I've been using click funnels for the Longest time I've also used Wix WordPress I've tried high level in the Past and at that point like a year ago It wasn't up to where I wanted it to be Yet and so I passed on using it then and We clickfunnels 2.0 the announcement and Then being delayed I started getting a Little bit frustrated with having to Wait and seeing my community hurting and My funnel agency clients hurting and They wanted another solution and people Started moving over to high levels I was Like let me create a new account let me Log in and see kind of what it looks Like right now let me build a funnel and Test it And man I saw a lot of huge improvements And so that's what we're going to talk About today we're also going to talk About the white label option that they Have where you can create an account and You can put your own logo branding you Can onboard clients and we talk a lot About selling funnels as a system to Them so you sell a funnel copy design Integrations automation the email Sequence and you charge 5000 for that You have four clients every month the Five thousand that's 20 000 per month so

That's a really good business it's what I've been doing for years now a lot of People in my community my course in Coaching as well but with a software Like this you can now create a white Label add your own logo and you can sell Let's say a funnel at three thousand Five thousand ten thousand or you can Just say hey I'm not gonna charge you up Front just use our software and it's Built on High level and they have this Great Tech and operating system and Everything and you can just build a Funnel move it over to their sub account Still be able to manage them help them And they don't have to worry about the Tech and what I really love the most About high level is that it's already Done it's already yes they're working They're innovating there they just added AI they're innovating and doing all These things but it's reliable and it's Working it you don't have to tell Clients like all this is coming soon They say what about this and it's Everything is already there that you Need so anyways let's dive in to the First picture I want to share which is The Comparison I'm sure a lot of you you Have these questions like I'm using all These tools I'm paying for for all the Calendly and active campaign in kajabi And personally for me I'm paying about a

Thousand bucks per month for different Softwares right now you know click Funnels being 297 a month active Campaign being like 200 300 a month with My email list kajaba being 200 a month Currently being maybe 20 figma twin like All these different things right so now That we're switching I can cancel click Funnels I can cancel and better I love Everything click funnels have done for Me it's not that I don't like the people There is the software that isn't really Ready and so for us it just makes sense To move everything to high level and now We can do even the white label one for a Specific industry we can pre-load the Funnel templates the email sequence and We'll say hey it's high level but our Software with our training tutorials and Templates and it's just our own touch to It so if you're following me maybe you Want to use that if you're following Someone else and they have a white label Maybe you want to use theirs right Depending on the pricing but you can see Here the website builder the funnel the Emails those the biggest ones then we Have the appointments we have the Pipelines we have the CR like we have The SMS email everything in one place The forms everything so even the courses Which is great I was surprised when I Logged in and checked out the courses so Let's take a look at all of these things

Let's go one by one and we'll take a Look at them so this is a white label That we're working on right now it's Called funnels that so I bought this Domain a while ago didn't know what to Do with it and so notion is using their Domain notion that SL I was like I own Funnels like and so on and so now we Partner with high level I said well it Would be a great time to do this what do You think Pedro and Pedro is my partner In my coaching program and so we said Let's do it because here's the thing I Don't think the software is going to Make us a lot of money because you know We're not gonna charge more than if you Use high level even though we could Because we add all these funnel Templates and so instead of you having To buy our funnel templates you just get Them for free when you use our version Of high level same same thing with our Trainings that we had our email Sequences my Frameworks my like all These things my AI prompting ebooks and And the AI sales funnel module like Everything is like it's here included For you but that's not live yet as of me Filming this so maybe you want to sign Up for the wait list at least check it Out see if it's for you if not that's Totally cool I'm still gonna drop Fire Videos like these here on YouTube so Anyways the first thing we have is a

Launchpad we have a dashboard of Everything from the pipeline conversion Rates and revenue and seeing that in one Place then we'll have conversations so From social media and that sort of thing To appointments and meetings we have Leads and the contacts over here then we Have the CRM with opportunities and Pipelines and you can see how much Monetary value you have in your pipeline From the leads that are coming in we Have invoices so if you're selling Funnel Building Services freelancing Services Web Design Services Agency Services Whatever it is coaching Consulting you Can add that in here and you can send Out invoices through stripe for an Example so we'll have a ton more Tutorials coming about these things so Make sure you're subscribed but then Bell notifications you don't miss any of That social planner so this has AI built In to it as well where you can create Social media content you can even create The graphics for the social media I Believe they have templates for that as Well if you take a look at temples for Messing emails campaigns affiliate Manager what I like most is obviously The funnel Builder because I'm a funnel Builder that's what I spend most of my Time but I do like that we have Automation we have workflows content AI

So that's for AI social Planet blog Funnel email website that sort of thing Now the funnel Builder is in a Interesting place because I for one very Critical so when I look at a lot of Funnel Builder softwares out there I'm Like man this is I can tell that this is Someone who's built their marketer right They might be in affiliate marketer who Wanted to create a funnel building Software and so they created this Software based on the code and how that Should work not user friendliness Usability from a funnel Builder's Perspective so there's like all these Different things that I go in and I Check can you do this can you drag and Drop can you simply change The size on desktop mobile and then also Change this pay letter spacing and the Line break like all these different Things and so I saw some people say hey We should definitely update the funnel Builder the website builder in high Level which they are by the way but I Was like let me take a look at it and See what I can build so I just jumped in Here And I created this in figma export the Image I uploaded it to the editor I got The logo from logo ipsum just a you know Replacement or replace your logo and Then I just played around a little bit And I can see some places where I'm like

Hmm I'm curious how this works because I'm used to it being another way but Then first of all if you look at Everything it's pretty fast and second Of all if you just learn how and where These things are so for example if I add A full width and I add a role as to two Columns it's a little bit different from Some where I now have a column inside of The row that I can customize from here So the setting is there and now I can go Down here and I can look through these To see okay this is where the shadows For example I wouldn't use the drop Shadows from here because they are They're not soft they're a little bit Too sharp as you can see so even the 10 Is very sharp and it doesn't have the Blur effect the smooth transitions to The background so what did we do well I'm a part of the dev team now and they Invited me to listen to my feedback so I Said here's what we want and they said Sure let's fix it and so these are Things that I really love that are like Simple fixes but I was able to build This I mean it's pretty clean and it's a Good foundation so any business you have Just know that the foundation is there And then anything that's like being Added it's not like oh I can't build my Business on this before they have that It's no we have this and by the way I'll Be creating so many templates and

Everything to give away to you and so if You want to use this just use our Templates and it'll have all of these Structures in place with different Colors and everything so you can quickly Customize I think that's my advantage From building over 500 funnels is I know What works and I know how to make it Simple and clean so that when you take a Template you can simply customize it and Let's say if I give you figma templates As well you customize the colors as well To your colors now you have the Background the headline the button Colors everything in here so I really Like how clean and simple everything is In here and like I said anything that Will be adding and updating in the Editor those are just going to make it Faster for you right it's not like you Gotta wait for that to be able to do Something those things are going to Speed things up for you so instead of Maybe spending two hours building a home Page like this you could spend maybe 30 Minutes or one hour which is my I don't Know if that sounds like a lot for a Funnel but man when you started from the Bottom like me I used to spend two three Days just on one page to design it Everything by copying everything so now We have ai to our copy all these Templates and the funnel Builder to Build the funnels we have high level as

The foundation with all these different Tools to build the business one thing That I still want to show you that is Also different I think it's good for you To know is if we take a look at the Pop-up here I'm going to add a column Element so I'll do a headline by the way This font is a custom font that I would Have to add to every other page builder But now in high level if I go to the Font headline font I can go to let's do Custom custom font I can go here from Google fonts and I can find plus Jakarta Which is very rare So I love that we Have all these different fonts we can Just use inside of the editor because it Just takes the design to a whole other Level so now let's say I want to do a Form like an opt-in form in clickfunnels And other Pages you would have to add Your input forms manually so like I want This one to be the name the email like All these things and then if I open a New page and create again I click here's The input form name and email but here At first I was like wait I have to Create a form why can't I just add that Menu but now it makes sense because if I Go to opt-in page template I have a form Here Right there it is because I've already Created it once I said I want full name And email so I created it once and now Because I have my brand colors in there

It's already like it's updated to be That and now I can just hit save and so When people click get your free game Plan or download this free thing this Pops up and the form is already built Which means when you set up the Automation to connect and sync with the Form you have the page the form and the Automation all syncing together because It's all in one platform so hopefully That makes sense and again we'll have to Do a hundred new tutorials in fact I'm Very excited to be able to create all These things as a content creator as Well like YouTuber as well it's hard to Come up with all these like amazing Content ideas but now I'm just like very Passionate I don't have to wait for Anything it's already here let me create A ton of videos and and share with you How you can use high level or our Software if you want to get All of our templates and stuff so if we Go to membership products we'll take a Look at a simple course platforms as if We open this for an example we're going To move it over here so you'll see ffd Move from kajabi to high level or to but if you look at how simple It is to create it's very easy to Understand it modules lessons details Customize offers so when they buy Through an order form this is the offer They get they get access to this you can

Like it's just easy to understand what I Like is easy like simple simplified so I Can just simple funnel and simple course Platform and just have everything in one Place because that when it's easy you Can focus on the customer you can work On your business not on Tech So anyways this again isn't customized So it's not going to look like this but It just hey start the course uh here's The lessons the modules and then very Simple here you're not overwhelmed with All of the other modules it's just one At a time forms let's see if we can get This to load with my shitty Network here In the home office by the way we built a Garage but instead of my car my Audi R8 We put my office here because I love Working so anyways forms I then click This to see what it looks like and Customize I can also add the SMS in here If I want to I can create a new form Obviously and so many other things chat Widgets for customer support all those Types of things so phone I can just drag It in there I want it there or I want it Down here and boom I would save it so That is a quick tutorial rundown start To finish what I would say just to give You some key golden nuggets for starting A white level if you do Make sure you have a specific Niche so My Niche is what is funnel Builders Right I am a funnel Builder I've built

500 funnels I now help funnel Builders Me and Pedro we have a coaching Inner Circle where we coach funnel Builders How to get more clients get to 10 000 Per month in my course full-time funnel Designer is about funnel building funnel Agency it's a course without us as One-on-one coaches it's more like group Coaching q a calls with a course and Templates and everything like over 100 Videos everything I've learned in one Course helping you how to do that And so the white level that we create is Not trying to change high level or Compete with high level or anything it's High level but all of our stuff hey you Want my DM closing script great here They are you want my final 10 plus just Download the snapshot which is a Workspace so you have the website Meaning the home page the portfolio that You need as a funnel builder then you Have the DM closing script because I I'll add them to this as you know so Thank you for using our software and Then we have the funnel templates for All the industries so now as a funnel Builder when you work with with them you Have the funnels to choose from as a Foundation you don't have to sit and go Through different share funnel links and Everything it's just a snapshot and you Import everything at once so please Understand me we're very excited to

Launch but not for most Reasons that other people might do it Which is hey I'm a marketer let me Create a software to get rich and retire In Bahamas so I'm still doing the same Thing I'm just moving over to high level And now I'm like hey for us it makes Sense because we have an industry so if You want to do a white label pick one Like let's say you want to work with Real estate agents and then make a CRM For maybe a real estate right And create specifically for them so you Can create your own value ladder you can Create your own ecosystem of funnel Templates for real estate agents then You can have a course you can have One-on-one Consulting and an agency Where you help real estate agents so Very excited for this journey I feel Like we're just getting started but we Have the foundation and everything is Ready for us to just build on it's like This operating system that we can now Add all of these things to so in the Next video I'll probably film an AI Tutorial showing you how the AI tool Works here inside of high level because It's pretty cool what we're doing with That as well inside of and if You're watching this at the time you're Recording this make sure you sign up for The wait list if you're watching this Later we're probably already live so go

To to check it out get a free Trial try it out for two weeks see if You like it man the future is exciting And I'm grateful for you to be here so With that said I'll see you in the next One

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