The Whole Foods Protein Secret

I think I'm going to get a two pound box Like 10 bucks a pound pound of that's Gonna be berries and a pound of that's Gonna be turkey a pound of pure protein In there which is like 400 calories and Probably about 100 grams of protein Here's the life hack with the berries a Pound of berries it's like 150 calories So you put those together you got like a 550 600 calorie dinner with 100 grams of Protein and 200 grams of carbs and get a Little bit of fiber there too we'll see How it shakes out all right let's see What we got oh they only have diced Chicken they usually have turkey I'm Gonna deal with it so we're gonna go Chicken here like I was saying earlier Big strawberry guy big fan FYI actually I'm gonna eat this for dinner so this is The chicken I was going for a pound oh One two six this guy 1.2 so there's 30 Bucks you're like man that's a lot of Money yeah Whole Foods ain't no joke but There we are

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