Themes in ClickFunnels 2.0

Find out all the cool stuff you can do with Themes in ClickFunnels 2.0.

ClickFunnels education I hope you’re having a Great day today In this video we’re going to discuss Setting up themes in your account To start out with go to the settings tab On the left hand side of your screen and Click it You’ll Now find yourself on the settings Dashboard You can choose the themes tab in the new Pop-up window that will appear on the Left hand side of your screen This is the themes dashboard If you don’t have any themes added into Your account You can add them using a this button the Add new themes button That should appear somewhere in the Middle of your screen If you already have some themes Integrated into your account you can add A new theme By clicking add new theme in the top Right hand corner of your page before we Do that however let’s take a look over The themes dashboard At the top of the screen you’ll see that There’s an option To show all themes active themes those Being themes that are active on pages Courses or funnels in your account

And inactive themes those which are not All themes will include both active and Inactive themes but you can Decide whether you want to change an Active theme or make your changes to an Inactive theme if you’re editing a theme And then apply an inactive theme to your Pages funnels or courses as you see fit Now that we’ve taken a look at the Options for filters let’s look at the Search bar you can search for any theme In your account using the name that You’ve given to this theme Beneath that we have a list of all the Themes added into our account For the right of this Theme listing Are options to customize the page Templates clone a theme when you want to Create a copy of a theme quickly Promote to live that is to say set an Inactive theme to active Or adjust the theme settings Now Let’s go to add a new theme As you can see there are some default Themes available in the click funnels Marketplace These four themes are all free and more Themes will be added to the marketplace As time passes For now let’s choose one of these themes You can now click install theme This will add it to our list of themes

In our account It may take a few moments Well that happens Let’s look at our options Closing a theme allows you to create a Copy of a theme quickly that means that You can customize them so they are Slightly different and thus when you use Them with different pages you’re Creating in your account You can use them in such a way as to Create similar looking themes that may Have some important differences Theme settings Allow you to change the custom name of Your theme The Styles you’re using with this theme The advanced settings of a theme let’s Take a look at the configure option There where you are making choices for Each specific template page And sharing a theme it allows you to Share a theme with friends colleagues or Customers You can also remove a theme if you no Longer wanted to have it in your account Or click update a theme if you’ve made Changes and you want to save them Hitting the Escape key will close this Window I’m going to refresh the page And as you can see the new theme that We’ve added is now available on our Theme dashboard

In our next video we’ll talk about Customizing this theme so that it is Appropriate for the project you wish to Undertake That’s all we have on adding a new theme Though so if you have any further Questions or concerns about this matter Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Our excellent tech support team or to Check out other Academy documents or Videos for more information have a great Day.

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