This AI Design Tool Excites Me (and Scares Me 😱) More Than Any Other

So after weeks of waiting I finally got Approved into the Adobe Firefly beta Program this is an AI tool created by Adobe and it is without a doubt the best AI design tool out there and so in this Video I'm going to dive in show you how It works what it can do and hopefully Get you excited for the future of AI as A designer so let's get into it this is Adobe Firefly beta and I have been Messing around with this thing all Morning and I'm Blown Away by what it's Able to do and I've been messing around With a lot of different AI tools in the Past weeks I've been making videos on These but this is by far the best tool That I've used and I can't wait to see What they do with this in the near Future because right now all you can do Inside of this beta is text to image and Text effects which are two features that Are really really fun so I want to show You both of these inside this video so Let's go to text image and once you get Inside this you're just going to see a Bunch of different images that have been Generated by users on this big wall and This is a great place to get in spray Duration and you can see here that like Other AI tools really the only Restrictions that you have are your Creativity and your prompts and so to Start this out let me go ahead and move My face up here and I thought up a

Couple fun prompts that would show you The capabilities of this tool so first We're just going to type in cute pink Robot so this is a short prompt but I Want to show you what this is going to Come back with and then we're going to Show you how you can adjust the Different tags and styles to come up With completely different images so Here's what it's come back with and like Many AI tools you're going to be able to Go deeper and deeper based on the image That you like so what I mean by that Because if I hover over this this is the Image that I like I can click show Similar and then this is going to bump Out the other three images and then just Give me more additional images similar To this one so it's going to match the Style typically it's going to match the Overall layout and just like that we've Got three additional options to look at Okay so there are a ton of different Things and truly there are infinite Amounts of different styles that you can Accomplish with this so looking over Here on the right side we've got our Content type so we've got art graphic And photo so just to show you really Quickly what this is going to do when I Switch from art to photo for example is It's going to give us a more realistic Look so you can see here that we've Added kind of this 3D look we've got

Lighting we've got Shadows we've got More realistic backgrounds and so it's a Completely different style and so this Is going to be your starting point Deciding whether you want a photo Graphic or art style and so for this Example let's go ahead and start with a Graphic style these are some fun options And again let's just say that I like This top option so we're going to go Ahead and show similar to this and then We're going to start adjusting the Styles of these so while those are Generating down here we've got our Styles we've got popular movements Themes techniques a bunch of different Things that we can do so starting out Let's just go ahead and make this neon And for movements let's add cyberpunk Because I feel like that's a well-known Style and that's drastically going to Change the looks of our robots and match These different styles and themes and so This is getting really fun because you Can match really any design style that You want whether you're taking these Images and using them on social media Putting them on a website marketing Materials whatever it might be and we're Going to talk about the legalities Behind using these images later on but For now just understanding that you can Create virtually anything alright so I Was trying to brainstorm a couple other

Examples that would show us some fun Images so the new idea that I had was Orange turtle With Boxing gloves And right now we've got it set to Art And there are no additional tags and so This is going to generate a higher level Set of images and then we can go based Off of those so I'm not really liking The look of these so I'm going to switch Over to photo see if we can come up with Some more realistic images all right and So these are looking a little bit creepy To me so let's go ahead and add some Different styles I'm going to go ahead And add Hmm let's go to movements and let's go Ahead and try fantasy Let's go ahead and generate and see what This comes up with all right so fantasy Is giving us a little bit different of a Look and right here I'm really liking This top image so I'm going to show Similar here and we've got a few new Variations that has come up with now I Think I like this one in the top right For right now and so what I'm going to Do is I'm going to come down here to Lighting and I'm going to see what the Lighting will do so if we press dramatic Lighting let's go ahead and generate That and I want to see how the lighting Will change the look of the images so

You can tell a bigger difference on These other images but I do like kind of Like the Smoky background it just gives It more of like a dingy look right and Then let's go color and tone and I feel Like we probably want more of like a Cool tone right because this is just Like a a serious Turtle boom all right So looking at this let's say this is my Final image that I want to download so I Can come up here to download and what This is going to do is it is going to Tell us about the content credentials That are included when downloading an AI Image now I don't know all the Legalities behind this and I don't claim To be an attorney that understands all Of this but what I do understand from This is that adobe is trying to be safe With the way that they generate and Share AI images and content because they Want people to know whether or not it Was created by a human or Ai and there Are different ways to track this so if We come to learn more about the content Credentials this is going to show you That you should be adding these Credentials whenever you use an image on A website on social media but most of The time that's probably not going to Happen and tools like Adobe understand This so what they have is a couple Dedicated tools that should be able to Determine whether or not an image was

Generated by AI Now I don't know how well this works I Don't know what this is going to look Like in the future of AI because it just Seems very difficult to track and even If we can track what was generated by AI At some point there's going to be so Much content so much images out there That I don't really know if it matters But for right now I think it's good to Play Within These rules play it safe Give the proper attribution to the AI Tool that you use but I would definitely Recommend getting in and reading more of This just to make sure that you're Understanding the legalities behind this Because Adobe wants to make sure that People can trust these images that they Know where they came from and I do think It is good to have some sort of Regulations around this right so coming Back to the tool the last thing that I Just wanted to do because I had this Idea as I was prepping for this is let's Just say that I have a funny holiday Idea let's just say Santa Claus lifting Weights and I'm going to go ahead and Remove all of these tags and I'm going To go ahead and generate this and just See what it comes up with because right Now remember we have content type set to None and so this could really come up With anything and the first thing it Comes up with is pretty creepy I'm not

Really liking the realistic look so Let's go ahead and switch to graphic Style and see if we can come up with a Fun image of Santa alright so not really Sure what's going on with some of these But let's just say that I like this one Down in the bottom left so we're going To click show similar get a couple Different variations and then we will Adjust our Styles now the one on the Bottom left I probably like the most I'm A little bit concerned about the balance Of Santa's plates here but we're going To ignore that for now and let's just go Ahead and go with psychedelic And Maybe Baroque let's just see what that Comes up with boom all right cool I'm Liking all of these let's just say I Like this one down at the bottom Um I can go ahead and Export this it Also gives you the option to just copy To your clipboard and you can submit This to the Firefly Gallery so again Just showing you a number of different Ways that you can utilize this text Image tool now what I want to do is I Want to come back to our text effects Tool and this is another one that I Played around with a lot you can see Exactly what this is trying to do right You're taking different letters and Words and you're giving them a texture Or a style to add a little bit of depth

And so like different things like pink Gold balloon this one is supposed to be Chocolate chip cookies which honestly it Looks more like spaghetti to me this one Is holographic dripping color I really Like this one holographic snake skin so If we type this in let's just say that The text that I want is Let's just do AI right and then let's Say that the effect I want is to match My pink robot so I'm going to type in Pink robot parts And let's generate that and this tool Works very similarly to the text to Image where it gives you all of your Different options here on the right and Then you can see how this is wrapping or Creating these letters based off of your Prompt then you have all of your Different variations down here and you Can adjust the text effect fit here so You can see that this is set to medium If I set this to loose whatever is Creating these letters is going to go a Little bit more Haywire you can see that They're like leading off the letters Every time I've used this it seems to Just make it look chaotic and so I'm not A huge fan of that but you can also Change your fonts down here so let's Just say I want to use Postino and so This is really really cool and you can Also set up background color so for Another example let's just say that I

Want to do my initials I want to use Maybe Poplar for my font and then I want To go ahead and do a yellow Zebra Balloon all right cool so you can see That it's got that kind of 3d effect It's taking my yellow zebra idea turn it Into a balloon and created my letters Now a lot of these that I've generated I Feel like they have imperfections and I'm not quite sure how that is supposed To get fixed because a lot of the Examples that it showed seemed really Perfect I don't know if they're a ways To upscale this and so I'm gonna have to Mess around with this a little bit more But overall man a really cool tool I'm Really liking the direction in which This is headed being able to take two Separate things like letters and Textures and images and like meshing Those together using AI gives you a lot Of cool capabilities for all sorts of Design applications so this is such a Cool tool and I know right now they're Still in beta I had to wait I think two Weeks to get my invite into the Beta And I know that they have a lot of work to Do here I still think they have rules Based on what you can share or how you Can use your images while they are still In beta and so again I would definitely Suggest that you look into that on your Own and do your due diligence and just

Figure out how all those things work but This is a great way for us just to get a Glimpse into the future of AI and design And how it's going to affect our jobs I Hope this doesn't make you nervous I Hope that instead you can see this as an Opportunity to utilize these types of Tools to make you more efficient come up With better ideas I think the future is Bright for designers especially with Tools like this so if you enjoyed this Video please be sure to hit the like Button down below subscribe if you want More videos on AI and design and we'll Catch you in the next video

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