THIS EDITOR IS AMAZING!! // Ultimate ClickFunnels 2.0 EDITOR Tutorial

This is the best page builder that I Have ever used when it comes to building Websites or funnels and I have tried all Of them so let me show you why and how It’s structured why it’s so easy to use Why it’s actually fun building funnels With clickfunnels 2.0 and also how fast It is so one of the updates that you’ll See Is the billing blocks and how you Implement different elements on the page So you look at the layout here which is Basically the different building blocks So you have like containers of elements So the first one is a section so you can Have like medium small like how wide do You want it to be I’ll do full page and Then it’s just gonna give me the option To choose column if I just like one Headline or three columns if I want like Three testimonials or you know features Benefits on Flex container if I want to Like customize it to my own liking so I’ll do one column with A text and click headline so I don’t Have to like go open then add another Thing it’s just like if I do the next One you’ll see full page three columns And then I can add an image and then I Can just clone it and drag it and Everything is super fast but before we Go too fast I want to model a page that I’ve already built so this is actually Built on click funnels 2.0 and a lot of

People didn’t know that it’s my bonus Bundle for an offer that clickfunnels Have right now and Um it’s an what we call in affiliate Marketing as a bridge funnel where you Instead of sending people to an offer That you recommend people use you send Into your own Bridge page first where You explain the offer and you say if you Use my link I’m going to give you all These free bonuses and you basically Incentivize other people to use your Link and this is how I made around 40 000 in commission this week alone which I know sounds crazy and I’m super Grateful for it and it’s because of the Launch of Click funnels 2.0 so there’s a Lot of hype around it right now so if we Take a look at the text let’s actually Build some of this out so you can see How it works I’m going to copy that Paste it in here and then I’m going to Just use the style guide here to make it Smaller so you can change the settings Of the style guide once and then It’ll update when you just choose one of Those style guides so we’ll do something Like actually we’ll do gradient So for this one we’ll do A little darker there we go We’ll set this to White And more on to the next one great online Business with this free all-inclusive Bundle so we want another uh section we

Want full page in one column and then we Want another headline Um we also want this so let’s clone it Drag it down right there and then also Set the background for this so I think We have A navy blue something like that And Um copy the text from here I’ll try to be short I just want to show You how easy the The actual editor is to use And after I built some of this uh I’ll Walk through a little bit slower so you Can see okay like that’s why I did that And that’s how you did it all those Things Let’s put this up as wide Right now we’re using Typography Poppins medium let’s do oh Yeah because it’s a headline we want We’ll do black or bold blue bold All right and then I think this is Montserrat yeah so we could go and Update the settings to all be Uh Montserrat Let’s say that And so when I add new elements it’s Going to choose those but then you can Obviously customize here as well so I Think I have the head of the background Here already So you can untoggle or toggle the Background and you can add an image you

Can Center it Um you can do a lot of different things I’m gonna just click the image And I think I’ve uploaded it here Somewhere so I’m just going to click That There we go and now I can choose where I Want it to sit on the page so depending On where I set this you can see how that Looks I’ll just do top Center and I can Also add a foreground so let’s say I Want a gradient foreground and I want to Add some other Texture to A texture but another layer to the Design I could do something like this Um so now I think we have an image I’m just going To copy the image address for this one Add Element image You can upload it obviously or you can Set it as Where is my image URL there we go Click enter you can set this to Percentage or pixels There we go and then I’m also gonna Clone this drag it down And import this There we go so if you want to customize Some of this you can see I can just Choose one of these I can also just Click here And change line height So I want maybe something on 160 same

Thing for mobile I like that they have Let me take that back I love that I’ve Changed this so when I change something On desktop it already like it takes me Automatically to the desktop I don’t Have to go up here which I can and Choose mobile I can just go here so the Headline for example we want to mobile Optimize it I can change this to pixel and then as I Start making this smaller You can see that it took me to The mobile design So Here we go Um pixel A little bit smaller and then font size For the main one I can go in here and play around with it There we go all right so now we have This first section is just an image so I Can copy that as well do I would clone This or build this is I would clone it Delete the stuff that I don’t want to Use so like this this And then just add in My image right there A little bit bigger I can also add in padding Without having to go to The row or the section just by adding Padding to the image which is good as Well let me actually delete The image for this one and just do

Background And no foreground So just take that down to zero Let me actually do it here as well Because I I just put that as An example for you to see what you can Do So there we go And now the main thing is I’ll keep the Video short but the main thing is Um first you sell them on the idea so For me Um just showing people like why they Need funnels and if you’re watching this You probably already know but some People don’t know why they need a cell Phone or which one they need so you can Do some of the selling first and then You say introducing the offer here’s What the person that you’re recommending What they’re offering and here’s my Bonuses when you use my link so for me I Added the ultimate funnel Builder bundle And I would just literally go in and Actually let’s build it out here real Quick Clone Boom I can make this bigger There we go And then these I would just make them a two column So add row two column and then the way That you separate them which by the way

You want to add some more padding down Here Whether you separate them is you add a Background so I could do Let’s try the blue one for an example Uh we’ll do Corner As you can see we have pre-selected Styles for that as well so we’ll use This one Shadow we have pre-selected Styles for shadow border pre-selected Styles for borders And I can also change it and I can set This to White for an example All right Um shout out Shadow okay Corner Perfect now Actually I don’t want to I was just going to show you but I don’t Want it there okay so now I can just Drag this and one of the things like a Big improvement from 1.0 and 2.0 is Before you had to go to like layout and Then you chose the Um you scroll down until you found okay Now I want to edit this column okay so You see that only this part well now and I remember when I sent this to uh the Developers developer team at click Funnels I was like it would be awesome If you had a button here and it’s been Implemented I’m not saying that I’m

Responsible for getting that but uh I Did send a little bit of um like months And months ago and they fixed it they Were super helpful and they built that Out so Now I would add in My image there we go I can also set this To have Corners okay same style And I can now add in headline actually Let me just copy Clone drag Headline Okay So Actually I don’t like this background so I’ll just do this There we go Oh one thing that I like as well is I Can go to This and set text shadow And I can do the same color as the Funnel so Offset blur There we go And I can do the same here Take shadow Blur And then I can drag this down if I don’t Want it to be super strong as well So that’s where you would put all of Your bonuses so Shameless plug this uh Uh clickfunnels 2.0 launch is coming to An end so if you want to get

Um one year free of Click funnels 2.0 With funnel Builder Secrets they’re Offering a course with uh 12 months of Both the platforms so if you still have Click funnels one you get it for 12 Months if you have click funnels too you Get that for uh two months as well and If you don’t have I mean you get a new Account 12 months for free the highest Plan with everything unlimited and if You want to like continue after a year You can downgrade or you can get the Locked in price of like I think it’s on Average 166 per month instead of 297. Um so you save a lot of money just on That but then I have also 11 different Bonuses for people who want to build Funnels learn how to get clients and Stuff like that so here’s 25 ways to get A clients we have a Um move my funnels Software that helps you migrate to 1.0 To 2.0 In like literally seconds it just like It’s a Chrome extension into you Download data import data and you have Your funnel in 2.0 funnel agency machine Masterclass this is the start to finish Masterclass on how I’ve got hundreds of Clients without doing sales calls Without doing proposals clients like Russell Brunson decreases Tony Robbins Uh Robert Kiyosaki like all these big Dream clients that I never thought I

Would be able to work with and then how I close clients in Um DMS as well so five different Recordings of Me closing them like what I say then they said this then I said This and start to finish like I show you Everything for five different clients Um and then the scripts that I use as Well so this is like 30 pages of like Different things that I ask clients to Make the sale like automatic and Effortless And then I have 10 different Plug and Play templates for click funnels 2.0 the Ultimate funnel Builder starter kit Which is basically if you’re asking Yourself like what are the pages I Should use what are the text that I Should put on the pages well I have the Roadmaps the pages and then the Copywriting checklist so like here’s What you should have on the page if you Have this funnel if it’s a book funnel You should have like these things and Then a conversion rate calculator that Walk you through like okay so if I get This many sales like home visitors then Like how many leads and customers do I Get and then if you think it’s hard and Overwhelming to build Um sales funnels and write copy then Here’s 13 ways to do it with this tool I Love building tools and simplifying Stuff and to your benefit

Um because whether you’re in full-time Funnel designer if you buy the funnel Builder Secrets offer and you get all of These for free like you get a lot of Like Frameworks and tools and templates To help you simplify everything and just Like like change out the stuff that I Have in there to your own and it gives You like everything you need And then we have a private support Community Oh and this I so the click funnels Offers Um Is 1997 right it’s 197. and I spent more Than that to Mason so that we could add His course which is basically recurring Revenue for funnel Builders and it’s Through split testing and conversion Rate optimization where you help clients Get better results with funnels you Actually become good and if you know Anything about me like I’ve talked about Why the most important part of you Running a funnel business is being good At what you do and then clients come to You like more than you can handle And Mason is a genius at conversionary Optimization so I paid him thousands and Thousands so that he can add his course Into mine and now you don’t have to buy My course you can get it for free when You just get click funnels for 12 months With the funnel Builder secrets and so

That is included you can just see here Um go to the link in the description to Check out everything that’s included Um I’m not going to bail everything out I’ll also give you the template for this Page So I’m not going to give everything I’m Not going to Um I’m not gonna build everything out Because this is basically like once you Have the text and everything you just go Clone And you move this down a little bit There you go and then you just clone and You build it out and then you add a Button which as you can see is super Simple you can change the style of your Buttons Man I love click funnels 2.0 there’s Some bugs for sure but they’re fixing Them super fast because everyone is like Starting to move their stuff over They’re using it and they’re providing Feedback to The Click funnels team and So it’s very Um is very comfortable or comforting Knowing that you can just like tell them What’s bugging if you see anything and They fix it and you see the editor right Now like it’s already the best editor That I have seen you probably saw me Just like billing this out in what few Minutes so that’s it that’s the video uh Let me know if you want all these three

Things uh link is in the description and I’ll see you in the next one

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