This is how I leveraged proximity to figure out how I could generate $20M…

There's two competing thoughts I have Number one is I'm an introvert number Two there's power and proximity how do These two things work together I love to Go and hide it in my closet and work and Read books and not talk to humans but I Also like being around people because of The ideas and the energy that comes Tony Robbins says over and over and over Again there's power and proximity and a Really good practical example is Yesterday I've been trying to figure out How to solve this problem a lot of you Guys know I'm building a 20 000 square Foot Library slash museum for all my Books and the reality is I need 20 Million dollars cash to pay for the Library the banks told me I'm insane They won't give me the money and so I Had to figure out a way to do this I've Been spending months trying to figure Out how in the world I get 20 million Dollars in cash really quickly and I Couldn't figure out the thing in my Isolation as an introvert I came out to The office but I said all right here's The problem what do you guys got and we Sat there for two hours within two hours We had a very simple clear cut plan on Exactly what to do that is the power of A masterminder point Hill talks about Getting in a room being together having The energy and the Synergy and all the Things that happens when you're working

Together in one spot

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