This Is How I Reset My View of Reality

The fastest gains in muscle and strength I ever had in my life was when I started Training with people significantly Stronger than me sure I got the form Fixes where they're like do this Different breathe out different and I Got all the little details that allowed Me to live Stronger Just because of my Form but the biggest thing that impacted How I saw was how they threw around my Weight like it was a warm-up and I Remember it shifting my perspective and Automatically I started lifting 50 100 Pounds plus more on my list because I Wasn't afraid of the weight anymore they Had normalized what I used to think was Heavy as light that applies in business As much as it does bodybuilding so if You're trying to make more money in Business the worst thing you can do is Listen to other poor people about how to Get rich what you got to do is go to People who are way wealthier than you See how they talk about money sure You'll get the tactics and the tips and Things like that but the real gain will Come from how you re-set your view of Reality

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Namaste~ My name is Ace and I found these contents SUPA~ Valuable! I apologize for the quality of the transcript... (In case you are curious I used YT EVO plugin to automatically pull these amazing contents) Enjoy!

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