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When we decided to build click funnels I Remember taught at business partner he's Like if we're going to do this you have To focus on this I don't need to launch The new next offer that's what the Marketplace knew for me my list Russell Launches new offer every week Todd told Me I spent a year my building ships Spent a year like promoting just this And nothing else so we got rid of Everything else solo the company just Got down to it was just like all I had Was click funnels and then we launched It and it didn't go well like oh crap by Default okay I made you offer and he's Like no you like figured out another way To sell it we can't just move on I Couldn't afford paid ads like nothing Would work until one of my friends asked Me to come speak to a seminar click Funnels was a free trial at the time He's like I need just like a thousand Dollar version of Click funnels I said But nobody's buying the free one and He's like well it doesn't matter you're Spoke supposed to speak this event come And do it I put the event on the way Over I made a webinar I made PowerPoint Spy put it all together did the Presentation launched it and I still Remember it was a room of probably 300 People and 60 of people ran they were Jumping over each other to buy the thing At the end Marielle and Mary Ellen's

Famous for taking companies and scaling It she was like you internet marketers You're so smart in one half you will go And do the equivalent of writing a Hollywood player who hired best Screenwriters and actors and you will Practice and prepare him then because You live in Boise Idaho you put on this Play you sell it out you do the show and It ends the curtain closes you're right Cool make a new play she's like all I do Is I take you guys who are so smart who Created everything instead of doing the Show Once in Boise and then trying to Write a new show I take your show and I Take it on the road I take it to New York in Chicago until soon as we had the Show perfected this is the webinar or Hit it said okay should I know the Webinar it was like take it on the road We started hitting everyone's list and Facebook and Google Instagram and Tick Tock everywhere and eight years later It's made a lot of money

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