This is how you can tell what’s most important to someone… 📚👀

I want you to understand you can learn a Lot about somebody by the books that are On their bookshelf the very first time I Learned this a lot of you guys know I Serve the mission for my church for two Years I remember going to one person's House and as with my companion and uh we Taught a lesson and we left the house he Said wow those people are fascinating I Was like they seem like normal people It's like do you see the book save on The bookshelf you can tell everything About somebody by the books they have on The bookshelf and I was like what do you Mean he'd seen the bookshelf and from That he knew all of the things that that Person actually valued I started Thinking about that like why is that why Is our bookshelf such a mirror into our Actual Soul I'm in the process of Building a 20 000 square foot I say Library is closer to a museum right of First edition old books old things a lot Of the going in and finding a collectors But collecting something for a decade or Two decades and I'm buying their entire Collection some people like when they Sell these like they want the money I Always see this look in their eye Whether it's like do I value money more To say it's always this hard hard thing The genres I buy and I got my personal Development fitness health physical Cultures religion business marketing

Religion was the most fascinating to me Because I will see people who for a Lifetime had faith and belief in the Topic and then they go through some Face-to-face transition one of the first Things they do when they go through Faith transition is can you guess what It is they go to the books on the Bookshelf and they get rid of them I've Gotten some amazing expensive Awesome Books from people who no longer believe The topic and no longer value it this is My assignment for you guys the next time You go into somebody's house go walk to The Bookshelf and look at it and in a Heartbeat you'll know what things are Most valuable most important to those People

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