This is my strategy for selling to emotional, logical, and fear based buyers…

Day number four in the first half of the Day the goal obviously is to continue The event but at the same time it's to Get people who are The Logical and the People who have fear to take the step Right so for the repitch this comes back To day number three when me and Myron Were on stage talking it talked about Motion logic subconscious mind enclosed I was like this is where we're at right Now I was like last night all emotional Buyers bought one of the things that we Started doing is somebody after they buy Is they have a chance to come on stage To get pictures with me and talk as a Way to take that picture put it on your Wall now you see every single day to Remind you this is my goal it's my Future so I'm working towards all the Emotional buyers buy that day because They want to get pictures they want to Get lined and we spend three hours at Night taking pictures so I redrew the Brand I read through those straight Things I said right here all the motion People bought camera was 400 and Whatever people had signed up that night I said statistically speaking means There's 222 of you guys who are still in The audience waiting to be sold Logically right here or you have fear That's holding you back right now you're Just waiting for me to make a logical Argument why you should buy and give you

Some urgency and scarcity to make the Fear it all away so that's my plan for The next 20 minutes so I literally told Everyone at a time this is what I'm Doing and I made a logical already I'm Really proud of it I was like cool how Many logs of people understand okay you Can stop and go buy it out and the rest Of you guys are waiting for urgency and Scarcity so this is what we're gonna do Now we're gonna take a 30 minute break There's gonna be countdown box we'll Clock hit zero your time is up you Cannot buy at that point so for everyone Who's fear-based and you're looking for Urges and scarcity there you go there's Your logical urgent scarcity boom we Close it down and it just went crazy People are sprinting to the back and we Signed up even more than I had imagined From the three pitch

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