This is one of my FAVORITE stories relating to consumption theory…

He studied at consumption Theory like How businesses have got people to Consume over time there's some Fascinating stories one of my favorites Is shampoo first came out people would Shampoo like once a week and that's how You would you shampoo then the Geniuses Of the business so I came our goal is Like we need to get people to use more Shampoo so then they change the label on The bottle they said wash daily that was It an awesome people went from the Shampooing once a week to every single Day and it 7x the consumption of shampoo Profits skyrocketed and then some genius Was like What if we can make more money Let's look at the instructions nowadays On a shampoo bottle it says use daily And then second it rinse and reuse so Now people use it twice in the shower Each time instead once and double the Consumption again it's crazy

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