This is the BEST way to make your membership site “sticky” ☝️

Garrett white and Brendan Bouchard who Both have launched software companies Last couple years they wanted something Sticky they got people to stick longer So Garrett took his entire Warrior Framework that he does his events his Books and everything around and built Software where you come in you Journal All this stuff happens but after you Start building those things into his app Then you're left like Lee because now All your stuff's in the app Brendan Bouchard did the same thing with his new Growth today where prior to growth day With his membership site with a bunch of Content and training and so he's like I Want this stickier though so he built it Into software where now when you're Going through the trainings you can Journal as you're going through things You do all sorts of stuff but that's all Built into software now it's like off You leave you lose all your notes all Your things so he's getting people to Stick I think he said 70 year 70 or 80 Re-up after year one on a continuity Because the software so there's value in Learning software so like I said that's In there for you guys to go if you want To do it I wouldn't lead with it though Because again it always takes longer Costs more money than you ever are Hoping out the gate but man it's the Best way I think to make a membership

Site sticky is to be able to figure out Some way to build software that makes Your framework sticky Beyond just Content

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