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We launched the Dan Kennedy newsletter That did the big miffing at the four or Five thousand people and the biggest Complaint we had people's like I logged In there's a whole bunch of stuff I got All these bonuses what do I do first I'm Confused I'm overwhelmed and that was Like why people canceled so we came back Like well here's a success path watch Them in these order and then they Stopped canceling it's crazy 2ccx like For years everyone's overwhelmed in the Struggles they kept asking like how do I Help people so I made this little Doodle And then I went like this And then I had to Doodle over here with A little like arrow and then I just took The videos they're supposed to watch Anyway and made a little circles with The name of the video next to it And they told him to print this off and They would like check the market like oh This is amazing consumption started Happening based on that same program Same everything is so simple but it's Like the thing that gets people to Actually know the path what's the key

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