“This Is What Hard Feels Like”

This is what hard feels like take me Through that low Point there's actually A story I'm getting a little Goosebumps Telling lip I was way back in my day Like you a party promoter but I was in a Fraternity and this was my first Semester being president we did this Huge party to like launch the new class And the next morning they all wake up And they're all hungover vomited in the Corner or whatever and we're like great Clean it up and they feel terrible and They're like what the this is what I signed up for right two weeks of this They get together they wanted me to meet Them because they want to meet on their Turf I just asked them a couple Questions I was like who here before Pledging started was like I want to be a Part of this house me okay who here Thought it would be hard they raised Their hands I'm like guys this is what Hard feels like and then all of a sudden It's like they got permission to feel Shitty and by getting permission to feel Shitty they stopped feeling a shitty

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