This Is Why I Don’t Endorse

I don't endorse any of the companies That we have the biggest risk for me is Brand I'm really betting that this guy Gal company is not going to do anything Really dumb and that's tough because There's a lot of people in businesses if You're ahead of marketing DM some girl Who's underage and it becomes this whole Thing and then my brand gets associated With that I can control me if I'm going To do it I want to have as much control As I can and so that's why I don't Normally do it that way it's also a Little bit of a risk to the business Because if I'm a huge driver of value to The business then it does make it more Difficult to sell because then the Acquirer would have to make a deal with Me and to deal with the company we do This ultimately to make the companies Independently more valuable rather than Make them dependent on us which long Term robs them of the value that they Could make on their own

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