THIS is why I will NEVER use a wireless mouse…stick with what works!! ;)

This is a wired mouse and a very Important story for all of you guys to Understand about why I still use a wired Keyboard and mouse rewind back I was in College my senior year I had my computer I had wireless keyboard wireless mouse I'm working on my term paper 9 30 10 O'clock at night and all of a sudden it Stops working I'm like it's got to be The battery to change the batteries it Won't work I'm stressing out I like Tried to drive to two or three stores to Buy a new Mouse all of them are closed I Went back and I realized that if I was Touching the monitor of my computer and The keyboard and mouse the same time They would work but if I wasn't touching It they wouldn't work so I sat and I Touched my monitor and I hand typed an Entire paper of 12 hours all through the Night all morning and clicking on the Mouse I have so much pain associated With that I swore to myself I would Never ever ever again use the wireless Keyboard or Mouse and now fast forward 22 years later I still don't get Yourself a Wired Mouse now This is important

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