This is why it’s so important to step forward with FAITH…

Some of you guys come into this world And you're like all right I'm going to Win 10 million dollars I'm going to win This award I'm gonna do all this sort of Things I'm gonna build my version of Click funnels that fear of saying you're Not ready or not worthy yet is true to a Point you're not that's what you have to Except for in faith and start learning Things and what's going to happen is you Start pursuing you start moving forward In faith God's gonna give you an idea The first night is the little one my Very first idea was this thing called Zip brander how many guys are my zip Render customers in here Seriously I create that thing we've Launched it to the world I sold like 30 Of them it was amazing and so God gave Me an idea said I wonder if Russell will Be a good Steward of this idea he gave Me the idea and watched and said oh he Did something with it he didn't shrink In fear he stepped forward in faith and Did something with it okay I can trust Him I'm gonna give him a little better Idea and he gave me the next idea try This one out and then the next one and The next one and he gives us stewardship Of these ideas to see what we're gonna Do with it if you keep doing that Eventually it gives you better and Better ideas bigger and bigger Opportunities

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