This is why you should be posting daily on YouTube 🤯

Last month I started a 30-day content Challenge where I was going to commit to Posting every day on YouTube Instagram And Twitter and in this video really Quickly I want to open up my YouTube Analytics and show you how things have Completely blown up from just 30 days of Effort let's check it out alright so Here are my analytics I've got this set From the beginning of February to the Beginning of March so the last 30 days My subscribers went from about a Thousand new Subs every month to over 11 000 subscribers in the last 30 days so I Basically 10x the number of subscribers I was getting and it's basically the Same for my watch time and My Views as Well so things were off the charts the Nice part is I also got three thousand Dollars in ad Revenue which is a nice Little cherry on top you will see that I Had a spike here at the middle of the Month because I had a single video that Was popping off but as things have Settled back in I'm getting about 200 New Subs every day which is well over Double what I was doing and all of this Came from just 30 days of effort

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