This Mastermind + Billionaire Changed My Life

Right I just got back from Phuket at a Mastermind iosa with 40 different Entrepreneurs making seven eight nine Figures some people were making 100K per Day some people are making over 100 Million in total revenue and very Inspiring and a lot of different mind Shifts and eye-opening events but one of Them was this billionaire that I got to Meet one-on-one for 45 minutes and talk In person but then his presentation they Had in front of everyone literally Changed my entire outlook on business And life and that's what I'll talk about In this video so let's Dive In All right so what was this one thing Well he said that he got into business As most of us do to make money right but Then as soon as he started making money And I believe he was ceasing paid ads Like Facebook ads to run traffic to an Offer and he was generating revenue from Affiliate marketing where you just You're the middleman you have a product You recommend to a group of people and You collect money in the middle and he Was doing that it was actually very Successful one of the top Affiliates in The world and he made Millions doing it And he said as soon as he sort of got Financially free he got very bored in Fact he got so bored he was like if I Have to set up one more campaign I'm Gonna have to do bad things to some

People so it's better that I just quit And I actually retire so that's what he Did and then he shared his story how he Became a billionaire at the age of 32 Which is almost my age I'm 28 and There's a call that goes something like This you make a million but you actually Own a billion and that quote means Basically that when you generate revenue And you work for the business or in the Business you can make a million dollars That's 20 clients a month at 5K that's 100K times 12 1.2 million a year so you Can become a millionaire by working hard And working smart and building a team And everything but you actually own when You go into the billions you own the Business that is worth and valued at a Billion dollars and yes you can have Turnover you can have Revenue at a Billion they're two different games and So the story of how we got into the Billions is very interesting So here's where it gets interesting Because he was sitting one day and he Wasn't chasing the money he wasn't Chasing the next big thing he was just Sitting there meditating probably Working on himself because he was Retired he had millions in cash and just Basically like this is it I made my Money I'm good this was fun now I'm not Sure what the next step is but it was at That moment when he was meditating

Working on himself not chasing money That he had this Epiphany and that's you Know this specific business and industry He's in where he's solving a huge Problem to basically change the entire Industry so I won't go too deep into the Actual business idea the industry but I'll just say when you take something That's more old school traditional and You attach blockchain to it and appear To peer you have much better result for The user therefore you solve a huge Problem and you changed so many people's Lives therefore adding so much value Therefore the business becomes super Valuable and you'll make a lot of money Because you help so many people at scale So my biggest takeaway wasn't to create A billion dollar company it was more of Like if you want to make a lot of money You got to solve a huge problem which we All know people say that all the time Now there's two ways you can make money And a lot of money in your business Number one is to solve a good amount of People's problems and charge High ticket So let's say you take you know 20 Clients a month at 5K that's a million Right or you could solve something that Is a huge problem let's say it's with The menstrual cycle for women and it Costs ten dollars but you sold it for 10 Million people that's also a huge Problem a huge value that you provide to

An entire industry so he was solving This huge problem therefore he got so Many people to give him money and invest In the company and generate sales Because of the users that was one of the Biggest takeaways that I got from him Was just solving bigger problems to get Paid uh more more Revenue Oh yeah also a huge takeaway almost Forgot is that you don't know what you Don't know so if you live in your bubble You live at home you live with your Parents you live with your wife husband Whatever it is if you live there in your Circle you just like you have these Blind spots towards possible so he's Challenging us they're in the room to Think bigger to solve bigger problems But also get into the right circles and Networks and masterminds to truly see What's possible like imagine if I stayed Home I didn't see people more people Making 100K per day I didn't see people Making you know building business within Businesses I didn't see people building Ecosystems and Partnerships and for Example just from when I got home in the Last week I've been hiring six people I've had like 10 meetings and I've been Building business within businesses Sometimes I think 50 sometimes I build a Team that can then help the other team That I have and I'm thinking bigger Because I see now what I didn't see

Before and sometimes you gotta get out Of your circle your bubble to see the Bigger vision not just what's possible Or I can do this Rara inspirational but Truly this person who's 32 is a villain And he's building huge businesses Solving huge problems he left what was Comfortable what was good and you know The saying you got to give up good to Become great and that's what he did in Much respect man so those were some of The biggest takeaways now here's what I'm doing in my business because of These takeaways Now let me warn you though because it's Not what you think it's not just like Hustling harder working harder stay hard Working longer hours is actually quite The opposite you see when I got into This room I saw people making tons of Money building huge businesses like I Said business within businesses building Ecosystems but what I also saw people Are ripped man they're shredded they're Happy they're able to take time off from Their businesses to be in this room to Network and build relationships with People and what this allows them to do Is work on themselves and build a bigger Empire without being the one doing it Because they're making other people in The team more money and as a result Those people build the business for that Person so the question that Luke Belmar

The one of the co-founders of Capital Club which was the event is had to ask Ourselves like how can I make my team More money because when you do that you Set up incentivized performance-based Structure and payouts so that they make More money you make more money it's a Win-win and everyone in the team is Incentivized to grow the business so What am I doing I am building a team of Incentivized performance-based people Where they'll make good money they'll Have the potential to make even more Money biox also making the business more Money and this way we'll serve more People will grow we'll take over the Industry in terms of sales funnels and Online business and we'll be able to Make more because we all have this Common goal second thing I just Mentioned as well is that everyone is Like shredded they're biohackers they Don't eat junk food they focus on sleep They focus on overall mental health by Focus on the internal health first Because what you put in your body you Know the saying in a business is like a Machine the output is all dependent on The input of the business so if you put It in you're gonna get it out and so What they focused on was really becoming Biohackers and truly understanding the Poison that it was within the society Um in terms of what you drink tap water

What you eat junk food sugar all of this Stuff seed oils all of this poison that We're putting in our cells so the best Part about this whole thing is this let Me explain because this one is going to Change your entire 2023 and Beyond at This point Now trust me I know it's gonna sound so Simple you're gonna be tempted to be Like well that's not important or wait That's the secret but it's this it's out Accountability I can't even talk it's Accountability with your peers your Friends your brothers your sisters Whoever it is and so in this Mastermind Of high-level people where they focus on Health making money building teams doing You know amazing things in the world and Living their best lives do you think I Can come back in six months to the next Mastermind being overweight being not Health focused having built a team Having focused on myself haven't focused On self-improvement I haven't focused on Revenue generating activities haven't Set aside cash for my family haven't Built my path to a bigger Freedom the Next level of freedom because the first One is yeah you quit your nine to five You make some money great now what how Do you exit the Matrix how do you become Unstoppable how do you Unstoppable Independent Unstoppable Unstoppable how Do you become free truly well by making

Money by using it as a tool by building Assets around the world maybe global Citizenship being a citizen in multiple Places building you know multiple Different businesses all over the world Having multiple Banks whatever that is For you depending what the goals you Have but you got to think bigger for all Of this to make sense if you just want To make a lot of money that's cool and All but what is the 10-year the 30 year The 20 year The Five-Year Plan it's not Just to make 10K per month and live a Little bit better being able to travel Yeah that's nice that's cool but build Something bigger think bigger and get Outside your bubble so you can see What's truly possible those are some of The takeaways let me know in the Comments below what you think of this What you kind of took away from this was It to increase your prices solve a Bigger problem was it the focus more on Your health relationships people around You the things that truly matter at the End of the day money is a tool we all Need it to create big things so let me Know in the comments below and I'll see In the next one ciao

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