This Midjourney web design server is blowing my mind..! 😱

All right people buckle up we are diving Right into our mid-journey Discord this Is specifically for web designers and What we've got here is not even 12 hours Worth of prompts from other web Designers we just barely open this thing Up and we are getting so many cool Designs coming through now if you don't Know what this is um this is mid Journey Which is an AI tool that creates visuals So you type in what you want it to Design and then within a few seconds Typically about 15 to 20 seconds it is Going to give you a web design based on What you put in here now this is a free Tool it doesn't cost any money to get Into this private server that we set up I don't make any money from this I am Not an affiliate of mid-journey nothing Like that this is purely for you and I To use and see each other's work see Each other's designs learn from one Another on how to make AI prompts and How to create incredible designs with These AI tools now ai is so early on That we're still figuring out how all of This works and really the the Possibilities are already endless but Really what we need to learn at this Point is what do I type in to get AI to Do what I want it to do and so like I Mentioned this thing has only been open For a day looking at our users over here We've got 45 live right now using the

Tool and another 210 that are offline so We're coming up on about 250 users Within just a few short hours this thing Is going to grow really quickly and that Just means more designs in here for you To check out so again the way this works Is you type in your prompt here at the Bottom I actually just posted a video Yesterday that I'll link to right here In the top that shows you how to type Out your prompts in in the correct Structure and order so this tool Mid-journey will work for you and so What I want to do is just scroll through And check out a couple of these designs I've just been kind of scrolling as I'm Talking but stuff like this man it's Crazy what you can come up with and what You're going to notice is a lot lot of Times these designs especially the first Round they're going to look a little bit Quirky mostly when you have like human Faces on them so you're gonna see kind Of weird stuff but the thing that I love So much is this immediately shows you Some really cool layout options and this Is just scraping the web and finding Different inspiration and then pulling It together based on what you type out So this one for example a modern Minimalist web design for a natural Wellness company selling herbal Supplements provide a green example and A yellow example and you can see just

Like that it's pulling up these Incredible designs and you can specify What sections you want it to design but Most of the time this is going to give You like a hero section possibly a full Landing page but there is so much that You can learn from this tool about just Gathering ideas and the thing that I'm Most excited about this tool is sending These ideas to a new client and just Getting their feedback on what type of Stuff they're they're looking for right Right here we've got a really clean Looks like an interior design kitchen Type design as we scroll down let's see What else we've got all right so I'm Really liking this one this is a landing Page for company offering services and Software development we've got a pink Color scheme here this looks really Really cool right like this is this is Hours of work designing out these Different variations and you're getting This within a few seconds so let's Continue to scroll down Um you can see here what they're doing Is they're then selecting for example They're saying I want variations of the Second and the fourth option here and Then it's going to give you more Variations of just that one design and Again it does this almost instantly Coming down we're adding a couple Different variations all right so let's

Keep scrolling and see what we can find There are so many of these you can see Just since I started talking there are 19 new prompts that have been uh been Submitted but check this out man you can Use different gradients different styles Different illustration Styles so cool um And you're going to see a lot of the Same ones pop up because people are Getting different variations or Sometimes people might just rerun it Because they don't like the initial Designs that they get and you can just Keep doing this over and over and over Again until you get it to kind of the Final product that you like all right so There were a few others in here that I Really wanted to point out this one I Love man this looks so cool like this is Right here to design something like this I mean you're looking at a few thousand Dollars but this is so cool man if you Can come up with something like this and Show this to your client they're going To be blown away right even if this is Just like an option or a variation You're just going to be able to get to That final product so much more quickly Now as I continue to scroll there are a Few others that just blew me away well I Really like this one so we're using Illustrations of musical instruments and People having fun and you can see this Example of the different art styles that

You can create you can tell that this is Not high resolution you can't export This as pngs and so I'll probably do a Video later on on how you can do that Process to make these actually like Really crisp graphics and images but a Totally Unique Style unique art style Unique layout and you've got a full Landing page right here all right let me Scroll out here so let's keep going see If I can find a couple of these other Ones again kind of like some flat like Line art illustrations cool colors a lot Of white space and then you can move Right into like these really deep Detailed 3D images which I don't even Know what this is let's see on the Prompt uh Precast steel parts whatever That is it looks awesome All right as we continue to go down we Got some some different types of Illustrations oh man and whoever is Running this like chicken thing I've Seen more chickens in plates and pans So I'm sorry if that offends you oh I Like this one okay so we've got web 3 Services Agency landing page with shapes And patterns and like you're giving this Prompt very little so I don't know if This is what this user was looking for But this is cool man like you've got a Full color scheme you've got different Ideas and again this is the first pass Let's say that I like this first option

I can go right here even if I'm not the One that entered the prompt I can either Upscale this one or I can get variations Of number one all I have to do is click This and then mid journey is going to Start running this prompt in the Background and it will notify me at the Bottom of the chat once it's ready for Me to check out and then of course Everybody can see it so don't be doing Anything weird because we're all gonna See it also so as I'm scrolling through These and showing you a couple of these Other designs I think it's important Just to remind you that this is a free Discord Channel but we're gonna be Really good about booting people if You're putting anything weird in here or If you're you're doing things that are Not specific to web design ux UI design Things that are relevant to to this Industry right so it's completely free All you have to do is enter your email And I will send you a private Discord Invite and you'll get instant access to Start using this thing okay so this was Another one that I loved the colors on This are just like man so cool I really Like this so the other thing that I like Is you can find a lot of like standard Almost like what I would consider Old-fashioned website designs and then You can just change your prompt and Change the wording for different styles

Or you can add modern or popular or Different words like that that will make Ai go about this in a completely Different way and then you can get these Really like more detailed what feel like Newer age designs right so man I love These so stuff like this man This first option with all of like the The flowers and the leaves and stuff With your product in the middle the Graphics and illustrations just look so Cool and then you're getting UniQue Ideas like this like I don't know if I've ever seen a website like this that Has like your three columns of colors That go all the way down that match your Brand I mean the ideas that you're going to Get from this are are definitely going To again speed up the process but also It's going to open your mind to the Different ways that you can approach a Project because if you're like me I get Stuck in like the same Styles right and I would say I'll get in this rhythm of Like you know designing one two three Websites and they all look the same Because I I have my preferences and I Have what I think looks good but we Can't box ourselves in or limit Ourselves or our clients projects Because we don't have a broad enough Palette or have enough ideas of what a Website could look like so again some

Really unique ideas here I really like This color palette like very earthy Colors okay again so I could go through This forever but if you're not convinced Yet go join this Discord again it costs You nothing there's no catch nothing It's super fun to have a bunch of other Designers in here and I've already found Myself for like an hour probably over an Hour just scrolling through these and Seeing what people are designing you'll See a couple people here are maybe Searching for illustrations and that's Fine especially if you're using them for A website but I am really hoping that we Can keep this specifically to websites Uh because this is going to be a huge Source of inspiration for you and who Knows maybe you don't need dribble Anymore maybe you don't need all of Those other sites that uh that are Showcasing people's work you're going to Be able to pull up these ideas right Here with the colors that you want the Fonts that you want and uh man this is Gonna definitely change the game so if You're not yet please consider Subscribing to my channel because I'm Going to be doing a ton more on AI mid Journey I'm so excited about this stuff Guys this is just wild I don't think we Realized just how much this is going to Change the game and so probably most all Of my content for the foreseeable future

Is going to be about AI design along With all of the other uh stuff that I Put out SEO different tools that we've Built but I hope to see you on future Videos and if you're part of this right Now drop a comment down below and let People know how how you're enjoying it So thanks for watching get in here check It out I'm gonna stop scrolling I'm Gonna shut up thanks for watching see ya

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