This should scare you if you work on your laptop all day 😳

The other day in this video I heard Somebody refer to desk job workers as C-shaped humans and this made me laugh Because this is exactly what I'm Becoming I sit here at my desk all day I'm hunched over looking at my laptop And if I keep this up by the time I'm 70 Years old I'm not even going to be able To stand up straight and so right now I'm taking actions to make sure that This doesn't happen so what I'm doing is Number one I'm trying to work on my Laptop as little as possible instead I Try to work on my full width Monitor and Keep it eye level so I'm not hunched Over the second thing I'm trying to do Is stand at least half of the day I've Got a standing desk and I love working From this thing number three I'm trying To walk around as much as possible so Anytime I have a call that permits me to Be up and walking I try to do that just To make sure that I stay active Throughout the day and number four lift Heavy things I'm trying to go to the gym Every single day and just lift heavy Things exercise move my body to make Sure that I'm giving my body that time To be active to counteract all the time That I end up sitting here on my laptop

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