Tips on Retirement

Instead of making your retirement goal An amount of money make it a date if you Make it a certain amount of money you Will get into this habit of always Accumulating more and more wealth but The whole point of retirement is that You have enough to spend later should be A date that you're setting where you Start decumulating meaning you make Income you spend 100 of your income and You spend a certain percentage of the Nut that you've saved the idea is we Save it for our retirement and if we Never spend it then we traded the best Years of Our Lives for this nut that we Never actually get to which is why Bother and so you have to set a date Because at some point and the big fear Is what happens if I die and I run out There's things called annuities that you Can buy that guarantee income until you Die it basically diversifies risk Against lots of people so that everyone Gets guaranteed money until they die and So you can even forfeit a portion of Your nut so that you always have your Basic needs covered and then you can Spend it down to zero

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