Top 13 books every business owner should read

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I buy about 50 books a year I skim most Of them and I study a select few here Are the only books that I have studied And I reread every so often in no order Number one is influenced by Robert Chaldini the second book is persuasion Also by Robert chaldini third is 50 Scientific ways of getting to yes which Is also chaaldini's Forest effort Secrets by Russell Brunson one to many By Jason fladley number six is ready Fire aim number seven is how to make Friends and influence people eight is Wooden on leadership number nine was Bezos's letters to shareholders 10 100 Million offers and I have to say that I Studied it more because I've read that Book more than any other book because I Wrote it sales acceleration formula by Mark Roberts predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross and the final one which I Have which is number 13 is the motive by Patrick lincione those are the 13 books That probably most influence my business Career

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