Top 3 Hottest Website Makeovers: 18 Designers Take on the Same Project

Welcome to our latest blog post where we have gathered 18 talented designers to take on the same project: website makeovers. In this post, we present to you the top 3 hottest website makeovers that are sure to inspire your own web design projects. Each designer has brought their own unique style and perspective to the table, resulting in a diverse range of impressive and innovative designs that are worth exploring. So, let’s dive in and discover what these designers have created to transform these websites into stunning works of art.

Top 3 Hottest Website Makeovers: 18 Designers Take on the Same Project


Website makeovers are a constant practice for businesses that want to stay relevant and up-to-date in the digital age. is no exception, and in a unique twist, they decided to take on the challenge of having 18 designers redesign the same page in order to see the different approaches each designer would take. The designs were judged by a panel, and the top three designs were chosen. Here are the top three hottest website makeovers of

First Place: Caitlin Emment’s Simplistic and Elegant Design

The first place winner was Caitlin Emment, whose design was simplistic and elegant. The design matched the brand aesthetic well and had a warm, inviting feel to it. It was easy to navigate, and the layout was clear, making it easy to find what you were looking for. Caitlin’s design is a great example of how a minimalist approach can be just as effective as a more complex design.

Second Place: Mike Triff’s Engaging Design

Mike Triff’s design took second place in the competition. His design was engaging and used a slider for categories. He highlighted important parts of testimonials, making them stand out for the viewer. The website’s layout remained organized and was easy to navigate, with other necessary information being clearly labeled.

Third Place: Nick Hollenbeck’s Fun and Large Design

Nick Hollenbeck took third place in the competition with his design. His design used a fun header style and large, high-quality images to showcase the products. The layout was intuitive, with relevant information placed in prominent positions. Navigation was smooth, ensuring the user had an enjoyable experience.

Panel of Judges had a Tough Time Deciding

The panel of judges agreed that it was difficult to choose a first place winner. All three of the top designs were strong in their execution and delivered on the brief. However, Caitlin’s design ultimately won out due to its excellent alignment with the brand’s messaging.

Link in Video Description to View All Designer’s Work

If you’re interested in seeing the different approaches each designer took, there’s a video available that showcases all of the designs. Check out the video description for a link to view the work of all 18 designers.


1. Who won the competition to redesign’s website?

Caitlin Emment was chosen as the first place winner in the contest.

2. How many designers were involved in the website redesign project?

18 designers were involved in the project, each redesigning the same page in their own style.

3. What was the criteria used to judge each design?

Designs were judged based on their execution of the brief and alignment with the brand’s messaging.

4. What was unique about’s website redesign project?

The website redesign project was unique because 18 designers were involved, each with their own distinct design style.

5. Where can I view all of the designers’ work?

A link to view all of the designers’ work can be found in the video description showcasing the project.

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