Try these 2 strategies instead of paid advertising

When you're trying to promote something That costs very little money especially Consumer products it's very difficult to Acquire customers with paid advertising Profitably if you don't have tons of Cash and you're not funded then the two Most profitable strategies for acquiring Customers you get Word of Mouth which is Referrals it's not just having a very Good product which is important but Reminding and encouraging people to Share it the second way is through Affiliates which means other businesses Or groups that have your desired Audience the difference between a Referral is one customer tells another Customer an affiliate is somebody who Has a bucket of people who are just like Your ideal customer the big thing is That if you don't have a lot of LTV on Your customers and you just require a Lot of them then you have to go with the More viral more grassroot ways make it Good enough that it benefits the Customer A and B that the Affiliates Actual thing becomes more valuable with The addition of your thing too Oh

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