Turns out A.I. is pretty good at writing love letters… maybe a little TOO good…

My first time ever using chat GPT my First time ever using this right uh love Letter to my wife Colette using you know Cosmos Hebrew poetry with the first line And last line sync could they do that is That smart I'm gonna try this real quick Because I think I think you can do this He's flashing I mean I stumped it or is It doing the thing oh my dearest Colette The moment I laid my eyes on you I knew You were the one for me your beauty both Inside and out takes my breath away Every day I'm grateful for the love that We share and for the joy that you bring Into my life you're my rock my partner My best friend I promise always cherish And support you and be there for you Through all life's ups and downs Together I know that we can conquer Anything with all my heart I love you Now and forever yours truly Russell Brunson For Good crap this is how the world ends Right

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