Uploading an Asset in ClickFunnels 2.0

Uploading an Asset in ClickFunnels 2.0 easily with this new feature.

Hi there my name is Drew with ClickFunnels education I hope you’re Having a great day today In today’s video we’re going to talk About uploading assets to the my assets Section of your settings in your account To begin with click on the settings tab On the left hand side of your screen Then when you are in the settings area Click on the my assets tab on the left Hand side in the new pop-up window that Will appear You’ll now see as in a previous video Regarding the my asset section the Images videos downloads audio and fonts Tabs We’re going to go in more depth and more Detail into how to upload each of these Images and what restrictions there may Be about uploading different image types And sizes for instance when uploading an Image You can drag and drop files from a Folder that is open on your computer or You can click browse files to navigate Your computer’s infrastructure to find The files that you’re looking to upload You can select the folder to put this File into Give it a descriptive image name and Write a brief description of the image In the image alt attribute to help with

Visually impaired customers to assist Customers with slow internet to upload Or to download the image more quickly And to improve search engine Optimization by using keywords that Describe the image Importantly when you’re uploading an Image the image files can only be of the Jpeg PNG SVG GIF web P or Ico type images images Can be up to but not above 10 megabytes In size if you tried to use a different Format of image or images of a larger Size you will not be able to Successfully upload this image Foreign When uploading a video Your options are somewhat more Straightforward give a descriptive name To the video and drag and drop it from a File folder or browse files to find it In your computer Importantly the course video can be up To 3000 megabytes in size although a Video of that size may take some time to Load The larger a an asset is that appears on One of your click funnels Pages the Longer it will take to load which may Discourage some viewers Let’s go back Downloads can be of any file type And should be sized appropriately to That file type in your account

So for instance an image can still only Be up to 10 megabytes a course video can Still only be up to 3000 megabytes and So on In the audio tab we’ll click upload Audio Choose a name and upload the file as you Would a video file importantly the Mac Size on any audio file is 1000 megabytes And of course We are going to click discard because we Don’t have a file we wish to upload but If you did you would click create audio Finally in fonts clicking upload font You would simply choose a name for your Font something you will remember in an Editor later Once it’s set you won’t be able to Change it so choose something Descriptive Then upload a file a file megabyte can Be up to one megabyte in size it must be Of the ttf OTF w o f f or wof-f2 file Type Trying to upload a file that is over one Megabyte or which is not a member of one Of those file types Will lead to the file not successfully Uploading We’re going to click discard now but if You are uploading a font file click Create font Thanks for the slightly more In-depth look into what two types of

Files can be uploaded the sizes of those Files and how to upload those files in The appropriate area in your Clickfunnels my assets account You can also Upload files directly into these Galleries by going into the page in Question so for instance in this case We’ll go To one of the click funnels courses We’re now in the web editor If we added an image file We could upload an image directly to This account by going to the image URL And clicking the gallery button Then clicking upload images This would also cause the new image Asset to appear in the my assets section Of your account you can do this with a Number of different upload file types Although some file types such as fonts Do need to be uploaded as a digital Asset We’re not going to change this as this Was simply for demonstration purposes But of course anytime you’re making a Change in the editor don’t forget to hit Click save in the top right corner of Your screen That’s all we have for today if you have Any further questions or concerns please Don’t hesitate to reach out we’re here To help with however we can and our Excellent technical support team is

Happy to answer any questions that you May have you can also check out more Academy documents and videos for further Information about different parts of Your ClickFunnels account We hope that you found this helpful and I hope that you have a great day.

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