URL Redirects in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn how to do “URL Redirects in ClickFunnels 2.0”.

ClickFunnels Education team and on this video we’re Going to talk about your L relay Rex now Before we get started uh what you’ll Need for this lesson are two things First an active click funnels 2.0 Account and a verified domain on your New 2.0 account There are no required modules or lessons Prior to going through this uh this Lesson however we do recommend going Through the module titled introduction To click funnels 2.0 Uh before going through this lesson Uh what we will answer uh in this video Are the following questions First uh how using URL really Rec and Help you manage your domain How to set up a URL redirect near New 2.0 account and how you can test your Url redirect So how can you make sure the funnel People to your current page especially If you’ve had different domains in the Past URL redirect allows you to divert Traffic from an expired offer or page to A more current page Making sure that your page is current And is showing the most recent version Of your page helps your business grow When people know that the information They get from you is up to date it

Builds trust which is a key factor in Building your business So let’s now learn how to navigate to The URL redirect page from your Dashboard So once you log into your account on Your left hand menu click on cite and Funnels Just going to open a sub menu where You’ll see URL redirects just under Pages Clicking URL redirects will take you to The URL redirect page where you can see Uh different sections that we will cover Starting from the top right corner of Your page you can see the button that Allows you to create a new URL redirect We will go through this later after Going through the entire section of the URL page After the new URL relay Rec button you Can see the sort button uh this allows You to sort out the preview of your url Listings from A to Z and vice versa Um sort out your URLs from oldest to First And vice versa from the date they were Added and old is the first from when you Updated the URL Next to sort is the filter button so the Filter button Works in conjunction with Your search or what you’re searching for So you can customize this to whatever Filter you want to have

Uh which will help you display uh the URL you’re looking for right here in Your url listings After the filter button is the search Bar so the search bar allows you to Search for a specific URL uh from your Url listings This comes handy especially if you have Several or more than one URL in your url Listings what we recommend using here Would be the name of your url redirect Which you will learn where to find once We start or once we create a new URL Redirect Going to your url listings now which is Right here in the middle of your screen Uh you can see the thumbnail of the page Of the URL On this column right here link URL you Can see the name of the URL and the URL That I created earlier Next to that you can see the clicks Which tells you how many times the URL Has been clicked and the target URL Which is where the system is forwarding Visitors from your url to your Destination link Next the target URL is this button right Here allowing you to open the URL on new Window And next to that would be the settings Of this URL in particular Now that we’ve covered most of or all The sections found on the URL redirect

Page I will demonstrate how to create a URL redirect by clicking on this button Right here So the system will automatically display An X page where you have to fill out the Fields in order to create your url Redirect So the first thing you want to do is Give your url a name or a title so I’m Going to name this test URL Enemy so the system will automatically Use that title for the URL or path name Of uh the redirect we are creating Remember that You can always customize the path name To whatever path name you want to have So if you want to add something like Uh Dash Custom that’s totally fine the system Will allow you to do that and one thing We want to remind you is you will notice This Banner tells you if the URL or path Name is available for use and if not The system will automatically uh show a Different Banner telling you that the Path name is already in use or already Exists and the system will be adding Automatically alphanumeric characters on The path name to make the path name Unique again So for training purposes uh we’re going To skip the following sections UTM Tracking

Split testing and retargeting pixels Which are going to be discussed on Another video So once you’ve filled that out you can Go straight to Target URL which in this Example I’m going to use the same URL I’ve used before which is google.com now One reminder please make sure to include Https column double backslash With the website or URL as your target URL to ensure that it’s going to work Properly Once you’ve fill that Target URL Scroll down to the bottom of the page Where you will see two buttons to your Right hand corner the discard button Will discard any or all of uh what You’ve filled out and the next button The create URL redirect of course Creates the redirect that we are Creating right now So go ahead and click that I’m going to Click the URL redirect button now Where you will see that the system will Automatically take me back to the URL Relay red page displaying the new URL That we created right here on the second Line So how do we test the new URL that we Created uh you can either highlight The URL like that or Click on it to copy it And then after copying it open a private Window or an incognito window

So that’s right here Click the three dots if you’re using Google Chrome And then select new incognito window Then just simply paste that URL we Copied using your mouse And you will see that the system will Automatically forward you to your Destination or Target URL in this Example Google which is what we’ve typed In when we went inside or when we Created our uh our redirect URL That’s it Um once you’ve already tested and Confirmed that your url redirect is Working properly you’re all good just to Recap uh the URL redirect Helps you redirect traffic from an old Or outdated page to a newer page Uh you can always test your URLs after Creating them using a private window or An incognito window And you can create your url redirect in The URL redirects page which is found Under the sites and funnels in the main Menu Thank you so much for watching the video If you have any questions about this Topic please feel free to reach outdoor Support Thank you and have a good day.

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