Using DM’s for getting clients

If our personal trainer and I wanted to Get new clients and I had no money every Single person can do cold DMS to 100 People a day and get new business and You will fail and you will over time get Better at it because you have to learn What's the first message you want to Send I'll give you the easiest one hey I'm doing this thing do you know anybody Who'd be interested in doing that thing Then you add some sort of offer and I'm Doing it for free and I guarantee this You're giving the offer to somebody and You're not soliciting them you're Soliciting a friend make a post see who Likes it of your friends and then Message their friends as well in a Three-way message because in that way it Gets out of the request box and gets Into the Inbox and they have to usually Respond because there is some social Capital there if you do 100 messages a Day you'll have more business than you Know to do with and not enough time to Do more of the DMS

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