Using the Webhook Step in a Workflow

Learn the right way of “Using the Webhook Step in a Workflow” in ClickFunnels 2.0.

Hey there this is Matthew with the ClickFunnels Education team in this Video I’m going to show you how you can Use web hooks in your workflows using The workflow web hook step so to get Started you’re going to need to already Have a webhook URL that you can use to Create a new web hook in your ClickFunnels account And with that webhook URL you can add This to your click funnels Under your settings so on the left click On settings Go down to web Hooks and click on web Hooks And this is where you can add the Different endpoints for your web hooks If you have multiple web hooks let’s Click add a new endpoint Give it a name Then paste in the webhook URL Now click on the event types field here And find the event type called workflows Slash steps slash deliver underscore web Hook underscore step dot executed If you’re using this web hook for other Events as well you can do so this one is The one that’s needed in this case for Actually triggering the Web Hook when a web hook step in a Workflow is actually reached so we need This one here for using it in a workflow Okay with that selected just click on Create endpoint

And you’ll see your web Hook was added Here with the name that you gave it and Next we’re going to need to create a Workflow that includes a web hook step And there are a couple ways to create a New workflow you can create a new Workflow directly from the funnel Workflow Builder or you can actually go Into the marketing section of your Account and go to the workflows tab There so in marketing on the left if you Click on that there’s a workflow section Here at the top Where you can add new workflows here So if I add a new workflow and just give It a name and for the Run type here you Can change this if you’d like I’m going to go ahead and just leave it As it is and click on create workflow Okay and you’ll be taken into the Workflow Builder here And the first thing you’ll need to do is Set a trigger so click on this first Step here and add a trigger click on the Add a trigger button You can set this as active now and Select the event type that you want to Trigger this workflow In this case I’ll go ahead and just use An opt-in Now you can choose to associate this With a funnel directly here I can choose this funnel I have here for Example

And you can choose a specific page Within that funnel I’ll choose this one Which is my opt-in page for this funnel And I’m going to go ahead and create This trigger okay so with the trigger Selected here it’s going to be the Workflow event it’s going to wait for an Opt-in So this workflow itself only gets Triggered if there’s an opt-in okay so I’m going to close this here and I’m Going to add a new step to the workflow Now over here this is where we’re going To find the web hook step so I’m going To scroll down To other you’ll see there’s a web hook Option down here If I click on that it brings up an Option to select an existing web hook Here you can also have the option to Paste in a new web URL from here Directly in this case I’m going to Choose the one I just created right here And I’m going to click on create All right and you can have this to step Anywhere in your workflow you can have It in you know branched off somewhere Else or you can have some additional Workflow steps before it And what will happen is once this Workflow is triggered by its by its Trigger here so in this case it’s an Opt-in It’s going to go through the Steps step

By step of course and when it reaches The deliver webhook step It’s going to trigger the event That we selected on the web hook which Was the workflows Steps The web hook deliver executed webhook Event that we set up in the web hook Settings And it’s going to trigger that for this Specific web hook that we just selected Here in the workflow okay and with the Workflow steps set up and the workflow Trigger setup you can enable it by Clicking on the toggle in the top right To enable the workflow Enable it here And now this web hook will be triggered On the funnel step that you selected When you selected the workflow trigger And it will be triggered whenever the Active trigger here Gets fired off for this workflow and Your workflow reaches the spot where you Have the deliver web hook step Okay so for instance I can add Additional steps here before it gets to The web hook step I could have it notify right here Okay I can even add even more steps here Right so you can have any number of Steps here before the web hook delivery It’s just going to be whatever order you

Put them in so again you can use that to Create any sort of branches or splits in Your workflow that you like just like You would with any other workflow Alright be sure to check out the other Videos and documents we have regarding Workflows and web hooks if you still Have more questions you can also feel Free to reach out to our support team Thanks for watching have a wonderful day.

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