Volume means nothing without quality reps

I had a buddy who trained for years and He couldn't grow his back and then he And I did a back session together and he Was like I literally have never felt my Back my whole life until like this Session he'd been doing the volume but He'd be doing it wrong the whole time And that's where I like paying for Mentors the difference between having Active feedback with someone there who Knows how to do it right versus not is Like Leaps and Bounds because some People are like dude I made content for Two years nothing happened and then they Spend like two weeks on Mr BEAST's team And then they start cranking it's Because they just learned all the And so many of them are paradigms that You thought to be true that weren't so Well I thought I'd eat every hour or I Was gonna gain weight you look for the Mentors to disprove the beliefs to show You how reality is and what are the Right inputs the right way and then it's Just the time game

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