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So you're called to serve there's the People but they're not congregating yet Your job is to gather them and how do we Gather them we gather them by telling Them a story my very first time I wanted To teach this stuff I had gone to my Dan Kennedy Mastermind so I was like Learning this stuff and so I went back Home and I bought radio ads in Boise Idaho I remember going to the radio Station recording my voice hey my name Is Russell Brunson I graduated from Boise State and I know how to start an Online business you should come to a Seminar down at the holiday and call 1-800 you know whatever night I made a Radio ad and we ran on radio all over Boise fast forward 30 days later the Events just happened we had 100 people Rsvp'd like get in the room and I show Up and there's two people in the room Only two with 100 actually showed up I Was like oh crap for most people they Would have stopped at that point because They're like oh well nobody showed up This is a failure right I was like no Like I've been called like I feel this Like I'm excited like this is my passion And so I did it again and again and Again and 18 years later now we get 5 000 people shopping fun hockey line

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