Watch Me Build a Funnel Live using Clickfunnels

So last week i had an idea to post on my Facebook group and ask people if the 3 400 people in there wanted a live funnel Build From me and the response was Overwhelming over 150 people answered The poll And you guys wanted a funnel build and So we just finished up the The bailout we almost went for three Hours start to finish literally coming Up with like the colors the logo the Background the images the illustrations The funnels the content the copy and Built up the entire thing and on top of That we also turned into a social media Post to generate leads for my funnel Agency so now i have a new home page for My funnel agency freedom funnels and Also a post that goes with it that i Post on my profile Now and so without further ado i’m gonna Give you the free video i sent it to my Editor so he’s edited up maybe shorter But it’s a long video but it’s super Valuable as you’ll see me build out the Funnel in click funnels and if you want More stuff like this it’s inside of Full-time funnel designer in fact in December alone we’re adding 10 live Funnel build outs start to finish Everything from lead funnels to course Funnels to book follows the webinar home Page everything that you need for Yourself or for different clients.

If You’re a funnel builder so with that Said let’s jump in and enjoy welcome Guys to a first ever Live funnel build out in this group i’ve Been wanting to do this for a very long Time so if you’re watching Uh make sure if you’re watching on the Replay as well make sure that you smash The like button on this video And comment what’s up or good to be here Whatever it is just let’s spread this The more interaction engagement we get The more i’m also going to Do of these and so the goal today is Very simple The goal is to bail out the funnel and You kind of hang around and hang out With me so it’s not going to be me Teaching you uh tons of stuff and Theories and all of that like today is About building out a live Funnel the the goal is to build a funnel Live a home page i’m gonna use me as an Example and build up my home page but You could do this For your own business whether you’re a Funnel agency if you’re a coach Consultant um whatever business you have You can use this template you can use Actually maybe i should even share this Template if you stay to the end of this Video i am going to give you the Template for free so you can build this

Out for yourself as well so how about That there we go so who can see my Screen i hope you can all see my screen Live Funnel build out so here’s the game plan Okay we have to go over the game plan First and i’m like i’m not going to rush It because i want to build out a great Funnel so i’ll just let whoever wants to Tune in you can hang out you can ask Questions and you can chat in the Comments as well as On assume if you chat on zoom just make Sure that all your messages are set to Everyone so everyone can see them Okay so here’s what we need we need A domain Uh well first of all what’s the funnel Type So the funnel type is a Home page funnel Yes it’s on clickfunnels i saw someone Asked it’s a clickfunnel okay we need a Domain a logo Brand colors And then we need A hero image and i’m going to create all Of this We need backgrounds and then we need Nine different funnels because obviously I want to show some funnels that i’ve Built These will be Course well i’ll put it this way

Homepage funnels because they’re very Common Um home page Funnels Uh low ticket funnels and then let’s see A couple more high ticket or high High ticket funnels high ticketer more High ticket Okay uh then we also need um Illustrations And we need icons i want to use 3d icons And then Also graphics to Spice Things Up Okay i think that’s it and then free Funnel template for everyone on live When you stay to the end so Let’s just dive in uh we are going to Build a funnel that looks something like This so if i make this Um actually let me just Click here this is a tool called go full Page and it’ll grab a screenshot of it And it’ll show you what it looks like Obviously it’s not this wide it’s just Because this is on a On an imac but you can see kind of this The layout okay um we have everything From the banner here the hero image the Elevator pitch to the background Uh we got some pr Uh icons illustrations and then

Testimonials And and sort of your results section and Then more testimonials and call to Action and then risk reversal So um What i’ll do Is i’ll go to Uh canva first because i have these Color palettes Um that i will choose a color from Uh so these are different color pellets That i can choose from And then i want to Oh yeah let me show you what i’ve been Using now so this is what i’ve been Using to get clients now Here’s a few of our recent funnel builds And just listed out a ton of different Funnels and obviously this is okay like If you have a lot of great funnels like This is good But um then for my personal site i’ve Just been using this because i wanted to Have something like message ghosting for More info And so uh this is my personal I know you don’t have to laugh i know It’s uh it’s I mean it’s it’s silly to be honest but Um i’m going to create something like This so Um i want to use this Theme because it’s important that you Have like the same

Theme colors and everything throughout So What i’ll do first Is i’ll go ahead and Duplicate this so this is the the funnel That you’ll get The funnel template if you stay to the End and then you can do the same thing So let me just open it Sometimes the internet is a little bit Slow when we’re Live streaming but all good Okay first thing i’d i’ll do so this is What i do for every funnel so uh what is It called freedom funnels Home page Uh home Homepage ff Save by the way i don’t do a lot of Talking when i’m building so i hope That’s okay for you when i’m like just Filling it out And you guys get to see what i’m doing Instead of Hearing me talk like i talk a lot on Youtube Uh so let me just build it now Okay logo I am going to Well first of all let me do this first Because i want to add a like this is Basically how i rebuild the entire thing Like i want Remember i want more

Of a Darker theme If you remember this you can see i have A darker theme i can even use a tool Like this right here And grab the co Color code Boom copy and then we go back into This So we get the right Uh color boom that’s awesome I’m also gonna go ahead and change The font But i’ll just put this for now Actually let’s Use Well Obviously we don’t want to have a dark Text we want to have something like White but then maybe a little bit more Like That Um I’m also going to change Let’s see what color we have here [Music] I’m also going to change the font Because i assume that people who use This template Um are not changing everything so i want To change everything Let’s see 50 spacing That is

Okay as far as the structure goes Um white text Email [Music] Yeah i’m not going to use this font so Let me Open up another tab And go ahead and grab another font In fact what i’ll do Is is i’ll go do some research on fonts So This right here Uh the font is a great place to get Fonts So i’ll just go here And you know if you want to buy a full If you want to buy a fall of font family You obviously got to pay for it but i’ll Just download one to showcase for you on This page What if we use like a all cap Font Or this I like this one I’ll i’ll try to move quick because Sometimes i spend literally an hour just Looking through phones And that’s because Oh look at that I think i have jumper So When i open this You can see the entire family here i’m Going to use the black

Italic because i wanna And i’ll show you my font so you’ll see Here personal use only But this is personal use right So you can see my my different fonts Here Yeah i already have it okay awesome You can see a lot of my fonts here and So i have a lot to choose from Um Coco sharp this is a good one Coco sharp This is a very common one that i use in My template circular you’re probably Seeing it I’m going to go with something [Music] This one is okay too [Music] Let’s see what it would look like if i Upload That font Jumper If i upload it to digital assets So you can see i have a lot of different Fonts here I will go ahead and upload that new Asset Uh and we need one for headline and one For sub headline or body text so i will Use something like This Jumper Okay now i go in here

And let’s see what it looks like Okay Wait I added it to the wrong one [Music] There it is I don’t like it for Uh normal but what if we Do uppercase Okay what if we normal spacing What if we do even bigger See now i like it okay we’ll do 52 And then mobile will do 30. Um And then i’ll reword this to try to keep It to three Lines actually i will also Make this Minus 30. You can see that it’s just moving to the Side so i’ll just add a new one Sometimes these things glitch [Music] Like i said i’m not in a hurry so I i applaud anyone who Has the patience to say My wife literally said like who wants to See you build funnels for hours i was Like i don’t know maybe it’s helpful So Minus 30 Minus 50.

Yeah we’ll do minus 50 on the main Banner Same thing here you always want to make Sure that you have Like the right They’re that they’re all aligned By the way I think i have a logo for me here So i’ll just type in ghosten Hello Because you have 6700 Images in this In this thing Um there we go [Music] 100 logo is not important so it doesn’t Have to be big Or maybe a little bit bigger 120 Okay now let’s rewrite this So [Music] Beautiful Sales funnels That Convert Beautiful sales con sales actually let’s Look at this and let’s try to [Music] Um sales funnels Um What’s the message i build funnels for Seven eight figure category kings okay But the agency funnel we want it to be

Um Actually here’s what i could do Okay so it looks like we have The font there still i’m gonna go back To Digital assets and i’m gonna grab A font for the text the body text So i’ll just use something that i know Is clean Jakarta And i will add that in here [Music] All right so that’s better beautiful Funnels That convert This I am going to make all caps and say We build Done for you Uh you can’t say we build done for you Beautiful funnels We build And then this actually let’s let’s also Change the [Music] The color So that we don’t use what everyone else Is using But look at this one I think it’s pretty similar though Here’s what we’ll do we’ll use this To green so You can see here this one A light green one

So let’s see what this looks like And then we want to get this to go to a More [Music] Yeah there we go So Um Sometimes what i do is I Grab one of these Duplicate it and then i change them out So This is going to be There we go [Music] And the third color Is this one so you don’t want to use Like too many too many colors Actually let’s make And these are not correct i’ll just Leave them here Okay i don’t know i might go on and Update this i’m just gonna use it for Now Um to update this so I’m gonna grab this again What’s up michael james jimmy Austin try montserrat i don’t like Montserrat thank you though i don’t like It it’s very common Okay so what we’re changing we’re Changing the button Okay Background color

[Music] I think we’ll start There Oops And then we’ll grab This one i feel like this is very light Maybe it’s okay but We’ll see Then we can also adjust Ah i don’t know I’d prefer almost Something like this maybe But if we try this Or okay let me show you something So once you have the css code for the Button for example Just updated here No i don’t like this i’ll just go with The blue To blue so [Music] This to something like Like this because we’re going off of This but it’s also it’s always okay to Test different things so i’ll actually Delete this Delete this And then Update the button and then also update My brand color palette And then you see the 90 there where it Says 90 here So now you look at this you can see it Goes

It’s pretty slight um Better to have something like this I can change that To 50 and then the gradient start Shifting Earlier Okay let’s not focus anymore on the Button i’ll just update this Put it to 70 And i see a Gradient shift okay So we build i want to keep this In fact What i might do By the way sometimes the Um the font here has like a A glitch so [Music] Then you just add a new headline like This And now you can change it I think this is why they’ve been working On clickfunnels 2.0 Which by the way it’s awesome and you’re Gonna love it Some people like to use their headlines Like this if you Have it here in the banner make sure It’s all aligned If it’s on this side make sure that it’s All aligned here What if we make this one Yeah like that Okay

Beautiful funnels That convert Um I am super picky with this so i’m not Obviously Happy yet But it’ll do for now [Music] Let’s make this also Uppercase and two pixel spacing and then Let’s make it bold Okay Now I feel like because of the strong Headline i can use white here So then um The text here and again i’m just Literally creating this with you so what Should we put here we built a beautiful Funnel stack convert done for you Funnels for seven and eight figure Personal brands And Category Kings We take care of Everything start To finish Including all the Design Copy Text Email and Mobile optimization

Check out Actually i’ll make it more a An official agency funnel and have them Book a call like book Your free audit call even if i don’t Offer free articles right now a lot of People do A lot of people in full-time funnel Design they offer audit calls so book a Free audit call Today And then we’ll make this Call to action I don’t want to have it all capital on This one you can see i’m literally Changing everything from You know most people would have book And the only reason i say that is Because when i give all three templates People don’t really change that much on Them book your free audit call Here Okay um the font is okay the size is Okay I want to update this image I know i have some images so i’ll just Look through first I’m tired of this image because i’ve Been using it for a while But uh I’ll just use it for now i need to do Another photo shoot and and by the way That’s something you can do if you If you don’t have a lot of images you

Can just do a photo shoot it’s what a Hundred dollars or something like it’s Super cheap Okay you can see the spacing down here So uh you gotta check both your Bottom here And your bottom here on the row And we can see it’s also zero here now Um let’s see if we can make this even Bigger and just have fun with it 56 okay [Music] Sweet uh we built beautiful funnels that Convert down free funnels book your free Audit call here Now this would be a pr section Um this I would probably change the icon to Match with the color and now we need a Background so what i’ll do Is I’m gonna go to free pick Um and i can also go to png three Let’s start with free pick so uh navy Blue background In fact i want a [Music] Geometrical Navy Geometric call background And i don’t want it to be too Visible Something like this is okay i’ll just uh I’ll download that

I’ll use the jpeg Sketch Okay so this is very visible so what I’ll do Is i’ll remove the opacity to And you can test this by the way so if i Create like uh Let’s see cost um There you go oops okay so it was that Big 1920 and this is why you want to always Set the artboard first because otherwise You’re uploading a way too big of a A background Image and it’s going to slow down the Page and all that so sometimes if you Know for example if this Right here is too dominant i can just Flip it I can be like You know what i like this more if it’s You know if this is still too much I can just drag it out and and be like i Don’t want to use all of that so maybe Something like this And now I’ll click the artboard i’ll go back to Click funnels I’ll grab this code And i will click background color Oops Background color And i will add this in there okay so now We have that and then i’ll click this

Image again Just reduce the opacity to Something we like so What do we like something like this We could also do this so we click fill We click gradient We add that in there we move this to Uh which one was the side where i said Okay so here if we want to cover Where we have the text we want it to be Darker for contrast So i’ll move that over there I’ll move this over here I will click The lighter version Paste the same code in there i could Also use this and just Go here and grab it But i will reduce This to like Let’s do 80. so we see like a clear difference Actually 90. I think 90 is good Okay so now we have actually here’s what We can do We’ll do something like This And then we have one that’s Actually one that is like 97 and one That is 90. So this is going around where i am on The funnel the person so now we’ll uh Download this we’re not going to include

It in export Because now we’ve filled this image so We’re going to Export selected Ghost and background one Save for web yep Gonna open this I’m gonna go to tiny png Go ahead and find it Drag it in here And we can see it’s 1.4 megabytes so It’s way too big to just use as it is And so we’re gonna download this and We’re gonna that’s the one that we’re Gonna upload Background image Drag it in there boom You probably need to hurry up a little Bit because otherwise we’re going to be Here for two hours Okay the problem that most people do is When they upload a An image like this they leave it because The laptop is that size so now you can’t See it But me when i check it out i can see it Because I’m on a an imac 27 so you gotta change This to fill a hundred percent width you Don’t want to fill it to width and Height because look at how distorted That is you also don’t want full Parallax Full center because it’s not going to

Move when you scroll You want it to be 100 width and that’s What’s going to look the best now If i make this Smaller You’ll see that it stays there uh it Moves a little bit here But this is still like The text is still highlighted because we Made a gradient In the background Gradient fill that is All right i think that looks okay and we Are going to we’re going to go down here I do have some pr so let me grab That as well Pr I don’t know if it’s called if i’ve Called it pr there we go Okay so we obviously gotta move it Delete the image with awesome You know what we’re gonna do we’re also Gonna add it so let me just clone that Delete this Make sure this looks It hurts my eyes White background A little bit of spacing behind it Five pixel There so look at the drop shadow here uh The clickfunnels drop shadows on 1.0 They’re not good So i will put that to no shadow Yes i want to say thank

You i want to put this to Minus 50. Now you can see i can adjust this so That there’s no gap between me and this Line Okay perfect Let’s see we get a little bit smaller Not 600 about 900 What about height [Music] Yeah that’s okay Uh i still want a Shadow to this though [Music] Grab this By the way this css i haven’t updated it In a very long time So Border zero we don’t need that Um three is harsh so look at three i’ll Actually put five so you can see fifty Percent so this is fifty percent of Black And What you want Is something more subtle like maybe 15 15. [Music] Now that is that is pretty good So Okay i think we we’re getting somewhere If i was really picky i would also look At this and see okay like how does that

Look Because i’m also very picky let me just Make that a little bit smaller okay now We can move on okay so how’s it looking So far what i usually do uh when i save This and obviously not after this one But i build this out first to have a Feel of it so you can see how Like we have something like this you Know to start with but then this is Completely different this is more like This and that’s the theme that i want Right In fact i would probably also add Something like this to um to this Um Let me know if you want me to do that Now or if we just upload an image that i Have i think we move on to the next one So what i’ll do is i’ll clone this move It down And i will use the background Color i think it was This Wasn’t it Like this one Why use a sales funnel I feel like that’s good Good copy Sometimes this again a glitch is when You’re using Custom fonts and you want to have two Color headlines But hey it’s all good

Why use sales funnel And then we’ll make this 20 because i’m going with a pretty Big font okay Actually what we’ll do here is we’ll do What we call Us versus them so let me delete the Background here as well because we’re Not allowed to use anything that’s on The funnel We’re just using it for inspiration Why use a sales funnel how should i wear This why use a sales funnel Why is a sales funnel you probably Noticed that most successful online Businesses are moving away from boring Brochure-like websites to more modern Beautiful sales funnels why it’s simple Because sales funnel guides visitors to The right place without overwhelm Uh the right place so they don’t feel Overwhelmed and leave Now what i want to do here Actually i’ll go with a A white background because we’re not Using anything from the template we’re Changing everything So here what we’re going to use is White background will do 30 30 [Music] 30. It’s almost 10 p.m here Where you guys from

I don’t have tons of new people from Youtube And from facebook groups and the Clickfunnels group and Other agency groups Like this group has grown so quickly let Me know where you’re from We’ll do the same here five pixel And then we’ll grab the css Okay so now we have a shadow on both Those and what i’m going to do here Again duplicate this remember we always Duplicate Uh and i’m also going to duplicate this In fact here’s what i’ll do look at this I’ll grab this Bill that says machine that generate Sales doesn’t mean that generates Leads And revenue without you We’ll see how this looks with the font Uh When it’s done But you can see what i did i grabbed Actually i want this to be two line you Have three lines and three lines Uh i want to go with something Smaller here so maybe we’ll do 42 Throughout this page And then here was a little bit bigger so Main headlines a little bit bigger Okay uh what i’m gonna do here is the Old way versus the new way so I’m gonna add

This this at 32 yep that will be great 30 um at the top because i’m also gonna Add in Uh An image Or icon let’s see If we do this it would be red And then 48 52 Um Cross Okay Minus what minus 50 Yeah Minus 40 50. okay Uh yeah so what i’m doing is like The new way versus the old way and the Reason why is because for visitors who Don’t know why they need a funnel I’m gonna educate them one why they need One so [Music] I’ll do something like Green here And then that’s gonna be Obviously the new one the check Okay Now look i wanna add spacing here i’m Gonna add a column To have more spacing in there And i’m going to Just put it to desktop only so I could do the same here so let me show

You [Music] And now i can move this up Maybe even here and let me update this As well why use a sales funnel Websites are dead I know we have tons of people in the Chat now who are like they’re not dead Funnels simply work And now you can see the font is pretty Thick So i’ll add some spacing to it yeah one Pixel is enough And what i’ll do Is i’ll even [Music] Duplicate this and drag drag it down Here as well The traditional Old way The new way to sell online Funnels simply work there’s a lot of Spacing though so well Move it up a little bit And now look when i build this out I can go like this Um and then click add new element Paragraph It’ll give me a lorem ips some dummy Text and i’m just going to use that as a Filler Okay great I feel like this Is 18 pixels

Let’s add more Dirty Yeah Okay I’m gonna delete this because we’re Gonna use a similar section later i’m Gonna Sell them to book that Audit call What’s a call to action we can have here So funnels simply work and we can sell Them on funnel sources websites Oh okay so here’s what we can do check This out Well add what i call a scroll stopper in Here so I’m gonna do this We’re going to Add the same Background color Let me see which one it was I keep forgetting Actually i don’t like the background but I’ll change that later First i want to have a a draft a Structure to it Okay perfect that’s Good 30 30 30 [Music] 30 there And now i’ll move this not move I’ll clone it

And then i’ll say here Ready to Actually let me do this Drag this down here Then i’ll say Want a free audit of your current site And then grab this This one will have 20 pixels [Music] Padding by the way we’ll move soon to More design Uh illustrations icons and all that get A Real conversion focused Specialist to look at your current site And give you Applicable suggestions on what to Improve To increase your leads and Sales Book your Call here Can we do free call And then on this one i can do full with Because it’s just here Then also let me add some padding to not Padding radius Some people really overdo this 20 pixels i stay within five to ten I like five Oh yeah i was going to show you the Spacing stuff so you want to have a lot Of white space give the you know the

Side some Space to to breed if you take a look at The preview now so the live version Jaden says is this from the funnel Agency template yes so you can see here We have a lot of spacing it looks clean [Music] And then if i go to mobile you can see That it has Well this is not optimized yet This is also not optimized So we’ll do Mobile only And then delete that And then make this Desktop only And then 30. So you can see there’s not a lot of Empty space By the way we can make these smaller too [Music] Oops By the way any questions so far on On zoom michael says how often do you Use css every every day Shadows Fonts animations zoom in animations You’ll see here in a second i use it Everyday but in Clickfunnels 2.0 there’s a lot of things That you don’t have to use css for it’s Already built in i’m actually a part of The

Test group that’s using it so can you Add gradients on text using css yep you Can by the way there’s a q a on zoom so You can ask questions directly to me There when is cf 2.0 going live haha It’s a juicy one huh Well i’m not the official sport person For clickfunnels But i will say i’m using it and i was The first person to use it Outside of clickfunnels and i don’t say That to brag or whatever i’m just happy That i’m able to use it In fact Thursday i’m delivering the next project For them so i built it’s funny when People say oh it’s not even live i’ve Built funnels on i’m building funnels on It like every week back to to this just Let’s let’s not get distracted Here’s what we’ll do instead of doing That i’ll just clone this And continue with the same Theme Throughout the page Actually i want one here as well And then i want one here I’m following a mental Model For how i build funnels like there’s a Strategy and the structure To everything Okay perfect now here [Music]

So i’m building the structure still i Might even change the font altogether Like That happened with a funnel that i Recently built Yeah so we changed both the theme of the Page to Um from a darker to a lighter We just basically inverted it and then We also changed the font so that’s you Know that’s a funnel that goes live Today or tomorrow So you can always change things once you Have like the copy and the images there Okay so why is the sales funnel Why hire us to build your funnel i’m Thinking if i should frame this as Here’s a couple of funnels that we Recently built Or if i should be more Salesy in the copy So like Check out our portfolio of funnels for Similar clients to you For similar clients for similar check Out our portfolio funnels For Personal Brands Category kings Let me see what this looks like with a Little bit more spacing I’ll delete this Um

I want it on two lines 42 not 40. I’m hungry Am i the only person who’s hungry What i’ll do here Oh i know what to do here look We’ll do [Music] 10 And we’re going to grab the Same caller A little more portfolio watching this if That counts yeah that counts I thought you were gonna say while Building cheetos if that counts uh Eating cheetos Anyways Look at this we are going to I think this is gonna look sick We’re gonna have white background but Put it down to Like five percent you can see five there 0.05 Yeah this will look great once it’s done Actually let’s see what 10 looks like Now five [Music] Column Five It’s funny because when i started Building this i was like should i have Everything ready to just Like quickly go through it and show you In a short amount of possible

And short short the shortest amount of Time possible but now it’s like now Let’s make it real like let’s make it What i would do if i’m building a funnel Like Instead of trying to think of it as a Presentation Let’s try to think of it as a funnel Build And then My lovely community is here And hanging out with me so that’s what We’re doing okay so here’s the name of The funnel [Music] 32 And we’re going to duplicate that Um so let me delete this Clone this Jasper are you Literally copying everything i’m doing And building it out That’d be funny no you have your own Images i get it you’re building your own Portfolio But that’s actually smart like doing it With me Because you can see what i’m doing Either like you can either do it live or On the replay So i’ll just call this One for now i’m trying to structure it So you can see Like we have this with a blue

This one can have less Spacing to it yeah that’s good No but thanks for the tip Okay we need some funnels here yeah Here’s what i’ll do Smart mock-ups I’m gonna go in and go to screen And then I want to find some funnels that i’ve Recently built Oh you know we could do We could go with this there’s like a Power image of five funnels So let me find I don’t know if this works The url imagine if that works so let me Grab a funnel Capture does does it work Let’s see if it Works because usually i just grab And and download the image and upload it Here Hey works Okay Uh we are going to Use that on this one So let me show you how you can edit These as well you can Click fit Fill What i’ll do on this one is i’ll even Zoom in a little bit more Actually i was joking did you Did you fall for that we’re gonna use

This one instead You might be like why are you switching That around it’s because the bit the Picture of the nft is still going to be Changed and so that’s why I am using it like that Okay uh let me grab a couple more Funnels then so we have Uh five of them and then i’m also gonna Redesign or add some spice to this in Fact let’s find some 3d icons icons Um I would love to add that funnel but i Don’t know if I can it’s a funnel that i built for Click funnels but it’s not done um it’s Not approved yet i just sent it in a Couple of days ago we’ll grab this one Instead any questions What computer are you using imac imac 27 I’m i’m probably gonna buy The macbook 16 because the new chip the M1 chip because it’s faster Like that one is a A beast I mean this one isn’t slow but it’s not Perfect Okay now we have two What should we put in the middle like That’s the That’s the power play actually let’s use Expert at scale i like their Site Expert at scale this is a site that i

Built Expert at scale [Music] So let’s use that one as the main one I’ve been wasting so much time Uploading like downloading the images And then uploading them here when i can Just grab the url So not only are you guys well hopefully Learning something i am also learning Something okay this turned out great now We have a couple different Styles to this Uh jimmy says Actually let me Close my Screen share and respond some questions Jimmy says i have a bigger picture Question i know you’re very design Focused when working with your clients Do you start with first with design or Do you make sure they have an offer and Or copy before starting their design so Here’s how it goes Uh they reach out to me We agree on the terms they pay me then i Send them the onboarding form they fill Out the onboarding form And from there If if they have a great offer i’m like Okay now i can create the copy around That i know who you’re selling to what Problem you’re solving what limiting Beliefs people have i know our big

Idea the one thing that we’re trying to Sell the one message that we have in the Sub pillars In that sales message So then i can start Depends what funnel it is like if it’s a Webinar then i start with the sales like The copy obviously if it’s a funnel like This like a home page i like creating The feel of it first because i know this Is the foundation of their branding Um so for me it might look you know it Might seem like i’m not thinking about The copy but i already know it because I’ve been thinking about it a lot i’ve Been doing this for a lot like for years And so that’s why you know it feels like Maybe That i’m skipping copy But uh hopefully that makes sense This is why i say like in full-time Funnel designer for example in funnel Agency lab we teach you to become a Funnel consultant not just a funnel Designer because Just a couple of days ago the client Asked me what about the offer what Should we do ask the the upsell what Should we you know sell them in they Also ask me what type of funnel like This structure they ask me these things So that you know they don’t Have to be The person i guess not not responsible

But they don’t they don’t know so they Don’t want to make that decision because They don’t know they want you to make That decision for them So Michael says gustan can you show us how You build norm how you would normally do The pr section please I would normally uh upload Well sometimes i upload separate images Like separate separate uh logos In like three column four five six but This one i just have In sketch or figma you Upload the images there you make sure They’re similar size then you export it As one image and you upload it one image Like that and then on on mobile in fact Let me show you uh on mobile what you Can do is Make these Like this so Um crop this and crop this and then Move it under each other so it’s For logos like this on mobile that’s Going to be more visible because right Now it’s pretty small like if you take a Look it’s it’s pretty small That might also be okay you know let’s Not spend too much focus on it so what Would you guys give this so far is it a 7 out of ten Six out of ten [Music]

Uh what i’m gonna do with these is i’m Trying to get them To overflow at the top so Like 70 You know and get like a nice If we can it would also be nice to have Two two funnels per Yeah well so we’ll go with this for now Uh we still have two more add two more To add in here so let me find the Feminine theme I’m gonna find a feminine theme to add In there Should we add this one Yeah i think we should add this one i’m Gonna add it here And then we have one more And for this like you can see we have Home pages we have uh case study funnels We have opt-in and course funnels We’re just trying to show different Examples of like here’s what um here’s What i can build here’s what i can do For you Okay perfect Now i think i know The last one to add in there Education for kids how awesome is that Look Developing kids brains children’s brain At an at an early age that is That is beautiful let’s add that in There See when you’re building funnels you’re

Working with people who are making a Difference entrepreneurs Make a difference Now here’s what i’m gonna do i’m gonna Download this and then we’re gonna Spice it up a little bit i’ll show you I mean it’s not It’s not beautiful when you can’t see Any image yeah let me find another one That has an image there Capture What i’m going to do is i’m going to use A tool to Basically start erasing parts down here And let it fade into the background And then i’ll probably add some graphics Here like 3d icons So Okay Perfect We’re going to download that High quality yes You can also see a couple more examples Here Should we download this as well Doesn’t hurt So if you do this and you download a Bunch of examples like i do the same With uh mockups for like Courses so laptop You know if you upload an image to Something like this Once you add the image it’s gonna Populate here as well so you can see

What it would look like on this other End so i just download like three four Five of them and then you know you can Choose which one you want to use so This one i’m going to open this with Pixelmator Okay i’m going to use this Opacity 100 brush Something like this and then just Oops Opacity to 50. Okay Now I’ll click v Actually [Music] Looks like this Drag it down there and see what that Looks like that looks great So you can see why i did that yeah i Think that’s that’s that’s all we need So what i’ll do Is I will [Music] Add for export Png Awesome Now Let me upload this and show you what is What it looks like And then i’ll Spice it up a little bit

I’ll try to be faster here in a second Gonna make it smaller as well in size It’s one megabyte 200 not ideal but way better than In fact you know how we make it smaller Is you add it to sketch or figma or Canva and you just drag the image Smaller the size the dimensions before You upload it Boom Looks great I mean actually i don’t know if i want To touch that i think it looks clean to Just have four five like that But here We could add We could add icons i want to add some Icons to this Probably to these So for these i’m going to Go back to screen [Music] I’ll just use these Another smartphone In fact i can just use this So what we’ll do is click a Create another Format something like This That’s going to be the size for our Funnel so if i type in Funnels This is one way to do it Let me show you in a second

These are the posts that i usually use On social media So we could do that we could upload Those on the home page as well but i Want to make it custom so i’m going to Use this instead And just drag it out And we could use something like that in Fact On this one i would probably move this Up And boom there we go so that’s an Example Uh i wonder what it looks like if i’m Using These Okay That’s a lot of funnels A lot of images 10 okay Jaden says hey gustam could you drop the Link for the real estate funnel you made That was in the coaching course Full-time funnel design really love the Look of it Uh which one of them because i know There’s multiple real estate funnels Like the credit the the seller the the Buyer leads Uh jesper says how do you make those Picks on your portfolio so clear and not Blurry I make them the right size Uh actually here’s probably why they’re

Blurry because if you compress the image Before you upload it you know which you Should And you and they’re still a blur here’s What you can do so let me just first Add this one for example it’s probably Click funnels auto lazy loading speed Nice image Let me see what this would look like I make them in sketch yeah Nah that doesn’t doesn’t look great i’ll Just Keep in uh keep it here within the Frames so yeah look at these images if They’re blurry i can go here to lazy Loading and just Boom now they’re better Because what they’re doing is reducing The quality of the image so it’s going To load faster Which is understandable I just don’t want it On this one It’s more like if you’re running ads you Get tons of traffic and you want to Split test like what’s gonna work the Best That’s when you should do that what’s The Image sizing on these Man my brain I still got work to do today it’s 11 00 P.m almost Okay so

I’ll call this Case 31 Sas funnel Case study two Course funnel Case study Three course final two And then i would clone this and then i Would add three more and maybe even nine To have nine different funnels now we’re Already starting to get a A look That we like uh I’ll actually also Duplicate this move it down What people are saying about us Next time we do this i’ll probably Prepare a little bit more so we have Like so we can move faster we still got To find some nice illustrations Icons 3d icons so let’s do that now I’m sure there are some people who want To see How i find those so Okay After this we want to sell them on To hire us on hiring hiring us again and Then We want to show them the process as well So here’s where we’re going to put the Illustrations okay so this is going to Be like Here’s how this works here’s like the Three

[Music] Basically like here’s the three steps to Work with us Like the process of how to work with us Step one book a call step two rebuild Your funnel step three Grow your business And Get them to to book that call Ready to start scaling your Business Okay so for this one [Music] Work a free article We need a lorem ipsum And then we’re going to find images for All of these Ui eight Dan has a question a couple of questions If you’re just starting you don’t have a Portfolio yet suggestion of what to put In place at that section When you get a client you agree on the Terms do you build them for the full Amount up front or like a 50 50 bill 50 Up front 50 when funnel is completed Yeah so these are all the things that we Talk about in full-time funnel designer But to answer your questions uh if You’re just starting out you don’t have A portfolio You can go like even here look at this Site ui8 So

You go to Uh Wireframe or like let me put web or Landing page Landing page There’s tons of places you can do it for Example pinterest And you look at some of these And you get inspired you get inspiration From these And then you say okay i want to build I want to build a concept funnel similar To this And so Uh what do you need text background Image just literally everything that I’ve been doing here and then you need The illustrations so let’s find some Some illustrations Uh business Illustrations Okay We want to have three illustrations that Show them the process of working with us For the sake of this video and saving Time i want to find Some that has the right colors already So blue Business concept Yeah these look great Let’s see if we have png It has sketch compatibility so I’ll just download this I pay like a hundred dollars for

Unlimited access to this to these but There’s a bunch of stuff for free out There as well People in full-time final design you Know the spreadsheet with a hundred Different Resources You can find free ones there Oh wow these look great All right Regroup that export it Illustration ghost and one save for web Upload an image I don’t think i answered your second Question then um 50 Up front uh 50 after or 100 up front so It depends where you’re charging them Some people when you’re charging them More than 5 000 they just want to pay Half up front but my fees are usually From like 3.5 to 5 000. the like Majority of them some are higher yes but Majority of them And so i charge everything up front and Because i work with seven and eight Figure Business owners like they can afford it So if they don’t want to pay i know the Issue is something else People are starting out like for example What i tell a lot of people in The coaching that we have with the Funnel agency lab Or in full-time funnel designer is is

Charge less in the beginning And even if you have to Split the payment 50 Upfront and 50 after Like you can do that in the beginning Because you’re still learning if you get A thousand up front And you get a thousand when it’s done You have two thousand plus In fact what i’ll do on this one on the Height Is i will [Music] I’ll use height instead so i get These on the same line the headlines I’ll show you [Music] Yeah so because like in worst case Scenario they don’t pay And so if they don’t pay You only get Paid uh the first one so You know that’s why If you’re experienced you don’t have to Go through that But if you’re if you’re just getting Started So so what if you just get paid like 1k It’s better than when you you know Before you start your business Let me also update this um Why is the sales funnel so now they want A A funnel

Let’s get started partner With us to launch Your next funnel in just Seven in just seven days you saw the Uh font because it’s a personal use only If i use numbers look at that So that’s why you gotta pay for some Fonts Um right you can start partner with us To launch our next funnel in just seven Days Um Super simple And stream aligned Super streamlined Process Where We take care of everything for you Okay Uh step one book a call step two Launch funnel Now these are a little bit big uh launch Funnel Scale Your business 32 [Music] So when you have two lines like this You want to make sure that all of them Are two line like it’s easier to read I also gotta update full-time funnel Designer because The black friday deal ends today It’s going back up to

[Music] To 1k and then Uh 1500 to 2022. I’m adding 10 of these funnels so like This is just the home page for me But i’m adding 10 different live funnel Builds In december so It’s going to be course funnels lead Funnels webinar funnels Book funnels everything You know me billing them out and then Giving you the template On top of all the templates already in There okay now we have the copy Now let’s do the same for The other ones Obviously this is not you know booking a Call so Let’s see what works best for that as Well if we don’t have anything we can Upload so we can download new ones but I’m just trying to save time Here and see Here maybe this is like book book the Call with us Did i really delete everything out of One of these or So what we’ll say that this means like Filling out a form Oh you can see look at that Actually let me show you so look at this 1500 pixels we just need 200 to 400 So what i can do is i can download this

In like at least half the size So now Illustration goes 10 2 I can obviously i could just do this as Well Make it smaller Looks like we have some empty space here We’ll download in like 500. Illustration goes down to Yes replace And that will be booking the call Your phone your live funnel business is Going to be a game changer in fulltank Fun design yeah And you just joined right A couple days ago great timing Yes bro What’s up sarmad anna Jdeep i see a lot of people are watching On facebook as well Uh if you have any questions let me know Okay scale your business let’s see if we Find Uh scaling your business Okay you can see we have these here as Well Still too big 500 ish is good Uh illustration ghost and three Jaden says black friday deal was too Good Yep Okay i am going to delete that and [Music]

We could add the logo in there later In fact let’s see if i have my footer Here Now i don’t want to use the regular Footer i like how clean this is okay now Let’s just for You know the sake of looking at the Entire funnel I’m going to save this Obviously i would have to Change the pop-up the background image Actually let’s still create a background Image as well So What i’ll do Look if i’m really creative what if i Grab that and then i create A background section Boom Then i add that back in there Yeah i like that Easy Actually let me find some graphics as Well Or we still we still don’t have Uh 3d icons So we’re gonna add that as well it’s Almost done Be patient Okay look at these These are things that we can add this One And then this one Okay so

[Music] These are again some of the templates in Full-time funnel designer like there’s a Hundred different graphics and all you Do is just add your own colors to it So i am going to Go with this Grab that code Go in here [Music] Fill that out Um I don’t like how Visible they are 15 Okay That will do Make exportable Without the background Ghost then Background too Again i would compress these before to Make sure that they’re [Music] Um well this one is 170 so not bad but You want to get them under i would say Under 100 if possible or at least under 120. You also don’t want to sacrifice all of That quality See if this is set to 100 with Yes perfect Um I think what we’re gonna do

Well this is all one section so if it Was two sections we could use it you Know further down as well like in fact That’s what we’re gonna do About 2022 is almost 2010 too Move it down Move it down Okay so it looks like the background is Set to a light blue we’re gonna change That to white There we go And so i’m gonna add the background Image to this as well All right we’re almost done so we can Scrap a screenshot of this and post it To social media And that’s you know Imagine if i first built this out And Post it and then the next live stream I show you when i’m closing someone from The leads that come From me posting it Actually let me do one more thing Also notice i don’t finish my Sentence Sentences I’m just saying something and then i Stop in the middle of my Sentence because i’m deciding Book For my funnel book Funnel agency book Custom

Okay we’re gonna put this Actually we could do Maybe monster rat Because we just want this like super Nah [Music] Month Let’s see We’re going to [Music] Boom border [Music] And Smaller Again i’m gonna grab this right here At this point i’m just talking with Myself So Don’t judge Okay Maybe a little bit bigger And now we move it backwards And now we Actually let me keep it like that And then make this smaller And make this Right here Yes something like something like that Okay uh Logo Um that’s too much if we see if you use The text down there We’re going to put that to 10 percent And then here we’re going to have ghost

10. what if we added this Kind of like this But i want to try with this Being blue see what that looks like Actually I want to make this White And I’m going to try this So we have similar to social media There we go Actually let’s make it Transparent Flip the two And now definitely want to reduce it on This one I don’t i don’t even think we want it There actually let me see We could do freedom funnels instead of My name so we’ll Do and i’m sure some of you are like Like are you serious Listen you probably have ocd To that i would say No Middle okay i’m almost done Don’t leave me Yes i like this Move that up there And funnels Down Here what’s the size 112 113 it needs to be the same and then I’ll duplicate freedom

And move it down there so we can see the Text a little bit And then the same thing with funnels Okay Here we see Okay so perfect um Now We’ll save that as an image and see how Big it is Yeah that’s that’s cool Actually you can see that it goes Outside of this so if the text is Something else you can see that it goes Outside of there so what i’ll do okay Here’s what we’ll do This and that is an image Okay It was then hero Giro Hero image 1 And then Remove this And this is all Make exportable Okay so now we have this image right Here And we’re going to Mask it And we want this to have the same we Want it to be Like that See i’m sorry guys i’m i’m super slow And that’s because you know it’s been Two hours

Okay there we go Now I’m gonna move this in front of the Other one Place uh place this where it needs to be And now We’ll just export this we’ll see 600 times 690 That’s okay listen hero image final save For web Okay almost done Now we’re gonna upload this here By the way if someone is still watching Two and a half hours in congrats Dan says one more question was to screen Grabbing software it’s either fireshot Right here Or it’s This goful page jasper from finland he’s Still here Even 11 p.m When friends Are out partying Learning new skills Building his portfolio All right What do we think about this Yay nay Beautiful sales funnels that convert Then we have this like this Now we could add some Some spacing there Okay let’s uh turn this into a social Media post then right it’s ready for

For a post i mean You guys saw there’s some text that Still needs to be updated but Let’s go go full page do your thing [Music] I notice we have one more thing to add In there That’s the well that’s on the next page The schedule where they book a call That will do Download I promised i would do it from scratch so Let’s do it Let’s do it like i would do it if i post This on social media Behind Then I’m gonna use this to create the Background color Oh yes Uh Shadow we’re gonna add a woof blue Shadow to this 50 blur And then Maybe 50 of that More blur 100 Do 60 Boom [Music] Text Click to

What text do we want Fill Gradient You can see where i’m taking this from The button why We want it to be the same throughout Who wants this Share funnel link This exact one Without me even changing I was going to say something Without me even changing Because i’m not gonna use it And that’s not even like saying that It’s bad or anything But like I i can’t I don’t know if i can give out the Template with my images on it because Some of you guys ah Some of you guys you don’t even change Out my funnels and you use them in your In your portfolio Then i gotta go in and say hey what are You doing man [Music] So i don’t know if i can give you this In fact i’ll give you the original one You just saw how i How i recreated this it was easy Right Why are we using mont We should use the same what’s it called Jumper

Whoopsie daisy Zero Whoopsie Fi what’s wrong with the font here What is happening with the font Anyways I’m gonna go with something that i know Works [Music] [Music] We will go with month We’re also gonna ungroup this That will go here Homepage funnel built in click funnels By gloucester Um okay let’s see if we have the Clickfunnels glow logo cf logo We do have this one Um It’s not perfect In fact what i’ll do is i’ll just test Two different ones What if we make this white Yeah like that more [Music] All right that will be the post i think Which one should i post number two or One This one I mean if it’s more visible than maybe Or this one number two number one Number two i’m also checking facebook by The way Honestly i think i’d go with this one

And also Make it even Simpler Something like This Because now we have enough spacing That’ll do okay I Am going to pause this In fact i’ll make it Twice the size so we’ll go to facebook And then Gustan social post All right and so we’re gonna open Facebook And now you can see me Promote my funnels lead gen so Now we’re gonna try to get clients Oh we just had someone join full-time Funnel designer So That’s awesome yeah the the black friday Cyber monday price is going Going away tonight so oh i can’t post When i’m live streaming that’s funny I can’t upload anything when i’m live Streaming Okay so I guess I guess that’s it That’s the That’s the funnel build out so Final Reveal

I’m gonna take a look at the page one More time And then i’ll be here for a couple more Minutes for any questions you have okay So This is the page we build beautiful Sales funnels that convert done for you Funnels for seven and eight figure Personal brands category kings we take Care of everything start to finish Including all design copy tech emails Mobile optimization book your free audit Call today Of this image of me we have the Background going into Uh one color here so we highlight the Um text why is the sales funnel We also saw this machine they generate Leads and revenue without you the Traditional old way versus the new way To sell online question for you is your Current site generat converting at the Rate you wanted to if not let’s talk On a free audit of your current site We have the portfolio again you can add Your own funnels here you can add Your Uh concept funnels like client funnels Or concept doesn’t matter let’s get Started partner with us to launch our Next one in just seven days step one two Three ready to start scaling your Business One thing that i wanted to add uh that i

Didn’t have time to go through is 3d Assets So like this again not something that we Talked more about in funnel a full-time Funnel designer In the funnel agency lab which is like Adding 3d Icons to your designs like they look so Cool And not overdoing it but like where you See fit Like this one for example that we added To To me and it’s just not icons for Design there’s icons for all types of Industries So yeah um that is it and then we turn That into [Music] Uh a social post That we can use to generate leads on Social media And it looks like this So let me just close everything else you Can see it what it looks like Boom Simple Building click funnels What type of funnel it was And you would then You’d post that saying something like Just finished another funnel i had an uh A really fun time building this one Um the end goal was to generate leads

For the business and so we started with The offer then we went to the sales copy And then the design and we played around With the colors to find something that Looks bold modern and we wanted to have 3d and we wanted to have illustrations We wanted to have A gradient like a modern professional Look to it and this is what we came up With and then you plug if you want to Promote you say If you want me to build your funnel just Comment info below and i’ll send you all The details Guys we just built a funnel in what two Hours That’s what While i’m also recording that’s when i’m Also thinking about okay like someone is Hanging out you know all these amazing People Like you’re hanging out here with me And so i don’t want to waste anyone’s Time Um but you could build 100 per day doing This And i know you know some of you say Ghost then but you built so many funnels Yeah But now you have like i didn’t have me Back then and that sounds crazy that Sounds you know [Music] Uh like i’m bragging but like i didn’t

Have someone who built all funnels and Showed me Right like i didn’t have anyone to ask Questions from I literally don’t i built 400 funnels Almost 400 funnels now So anyways get started you’ll get better Better you’ll start getting faster you Know to build all these funnels with i Said any questions you have um i will Answer them Um i’ll i’ll jump in here and check in a Couple of minutes hours and tomorrow To see oh are we gonna get the template Yeah i’ll give you the template for Not the one i built but the similar Similar one the one that i started with Because otherwise i know some of you You’re going to use my images and then You’re going to go out to clients and Say see what i built So I’m gonna give you the template Oh i got the original one already yep So [Music] I’ll still drop it for people in the Facebook group and on zoom if you want To get the The template do you guys want the Template for the agency That i started with just persist love it Do more of these in the future as we Stop procrastinating too yep

By the way it’s easy to stop Procrastination This is how you do it i’ve been Procrastinating i will no longer Procrastinate and i stop procrastinating Now You make a decision The reason why people procrastinate is Because they haven’t made the decision Yet they don’t have a strong enough Reason When me and my wife barely could eat and Buy food i made the switch I was like i’m done living this way And i made the decision once i made the Decision it was easy okay i’ll drop it Here in the Comments jaden i’ll give you because You’re in full-time funnels i’ll give You the template that i just built out All right guys Thank you for being here thank you for Being awesome thank you for being in my Community in my life I genuinely appreciate it and i Genuinely love you guys like it may Sound weird or whatever but this is my Community you guys are my people i don’t Have tons of you guys um here around me Locally and so appreciate all of you uh We’re the crazy ones we’re the Entrepreneurs who see things differently And When we come together and we do stuff

Together we’re like oh i’m not that Crazy after all like we’re we’re we’re Same you know we’re all same So that’s it i hope you enjoyed this if You want me to build up more funnels Like this Comment here on facebook What you want to see more of and with us Said I’m signing off For today it’s almost midnight so Appreciate you guys thanks for being Here and i’ll talk to you soon

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