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Burnout isn't real I just got off the Phone with an eight figure plus CEO that Was contemplating shutting down his Entire business because he felt burnt Out I'm going to release my side of the Conversation with him so that I can show You the unlocks that we went through Never done this before it's an Incredibly powerful call you can unlock The unlimited motivation that I think he Was able to tap into by the end of it You do not have mental illness you are Not mentally unhealthy you do not have Anything wrong with you If anything you have a lot of stuff Right with you I think that you were Really hard on yourself you're not only Doing great you're doing extraordinary Like you're doing very well and so Whatever voices you have in your life Internal or external that are telling You otherwise You need to stop listening to them I Tweeted this morning and I was thinking About you do not listen to people whose Dreams for your life are smaller than Yours like parents friends Only person who can know who knows how Big you dream is you and if someone does Have bigger dreams for you than you do Then you should absolutely listen to Them you know what I mean but if you Don't then their advice is not valid That you don't share a common future and

Most advice should come from a shared Common goal but most people give advice That serves them through your behavior Which is another way it's called Manipulation like the difference between Help and manipulation is intention all We do when we communicate with anyone in General is to manipulate their behavior Or change their behavior your goal is to Change your behavior from this call I Hope that this decreases your stress Level because it reframes how you act in The company and in so doing Allows you to go further because right Now what feels unsustainable to you is Unsustainable because you've defined it As unsustainable what happens is people Start defining normal as good and that Is the problem Normal is normal normal is average And so we have to be different than Average or different than normal or Extraordinary in order to achieve an Extraordinary outcome I want to say Andy Grove who said only the paranoid survive Arguably one of the goat operators of The century who basically turned Intel Around saying that only the paranoid Survived and you hear like Steve Jobs Like he was obsessive and he was he was Difficult to deal with and so if we try And use standard is this guy normal the Obvious answer is no and I hope not and So a lot of these character traits that

I feel like I've heard you say about Yourself that are set in a negative Light Said differently it's just they are not The same as other people Well we can't hope to be have a Different outcome from other people and Then also hope to have the same Behaviors viewpoints beliefs and skill Sets right So like you gotta let your lungs adjust The altitude like you just went up like Three rungs of success you know I mean From when you and I started talking Whatever you're almost I think not even Far it's been like six seven months and The business is triple what's Interesting though is that you were in Pain then and I would say that you're in Equal pain now changing the Circumstances or our conditions is not Going to change how you feel we changed Your conditions we actually massively Improved them your feelings didn't Change which means that the feelings are Not valid Doesn't mean they don't exist It just doesn't mean that we have to Listen to them managing stress is a Learned skill it doesn't come from Changing conditions anything external Does not influence how stressed you are The Judgment you have about the Externals what influences how stressed

You I don't like the term mindset you know I Mean I hate it overall but In terms of like reframing and Perspective shifts I think those are Powerful to think through which is at The end of your life you will probably Be equally satisfied and dissatisfied There will be things that you will wish You have you would have accomplished and There will be things that you will be Proud that you had done The same as right now and so I think It's much more about Figuring out how to separate your Internal dialogue and feelings or at Least respond to your feelings from the External you don't have to go through The fire the fire gives you evidence That you have the trait you can be Impatient person but never been tested But the moment you've tested you have Evidence that you're a patient so all it Does is it gives us reinforcement that What we thought about ourselves all Along was true What is the practice of doing this it's Being able to separate and identify when You feel stressed Step one I feel stressed I feel it and Whatever your your triggers are for me I Feel tight in my chest that's how I know That I start feeling stressed so when I Feel that I think okay what is causing

This what is the trigger that I have Chosen to judge is good or bad what is The label that I'm ascribing to a Situation if to peel back the liar and Say what is it and then usually if you Take it all the way down it means that You think you're going to die Sales reload today which means sales are Going to be low forever which means I'm Going to have to fire everyone which Means everyone's going to hate me I'm Going to be isolated and alone and I'm Going to die right just because you Think it doesn't mean it's true thoughts Are not true not all thoughts are true They're just thoughts famous feelings They're just they're literally just Chemicals in your brain that are meant To keep you alive Not to help you succeed When you feel stressed stop and be like Ah I'm feeling emotion here I wonder what is causing this what am I Labeling is bad do I need to change Anything about this external condition Probably not So do I think that law of large numbers Is that if I have 365 days And I did the exact same thing there's Going to be days that are in the bottom 10 and days that are in the top 10 with The exact same conditions like in terms Of behaviors answer is yes And so I just described this as like oh

This just might be one of those bottom 10 days And bottom 10 days happen every 10 days Independent it's three a month it's Almost every other you know every week Ish and even of those 36 days you might Even be in a bottom 10 day of those Which is about a one percent day 3.6 Days a year [ __ ] horrible days but Doesn't mean we need to change our Behavior probably not because our Behavior over a long trend line has Tripled this business I feel for how much you beat yourself up Because I too beat myself up and I do Know what it's like to be miserable And I prefer not being miserable if I Have approvals Victor Frankel's man Search for meeting the man's in a [ __ ] Hall like in the Holocaust right He's like happyish so if he can be happy There then me making a [ __ ] out of money Being young and healthy and married in The most developed country in the world Do I really have any reason when covet Hit the first three weeks a shitload of Gyms closed my judgment of that was that They were people who wanted to have a Reason that was socially acceptable for Losing They were just waiting And then finally they had an out that They could be like covet and everybody Like ah shucks

Not to say that external conditions Don't affect things they do but The wave of gyms that I saw that really Wanted to keep going but couldn't happen At like month nine when the second Shutdown happened they ran out of cash They literally couldn't keep the doors Open but the ones that happened in the Beginning had lost the will to fight And so my goal for this call was to Renew your will to fight because if we Can separate your internal feelings from The external conditions that are around You you can be unbelievably successful Now if it is uncomfortable of course it Is it's expected to be that's why it's Growing pains because if they were doing The same thing you were doing before Then you would already have adapted to It which is why like I said you got to Let your lungs adjust to the air it's Thinner fewer people can stand it There's more but it does normalize Just like when you look back at which You were running a million dollar Business and you were stressed out of Your mind then you're equally stressed Out now but you would wish to have the Problems you had with a million dollar Business because you have adjusted your Lungs are stronger now the things that You're doing are not even impossible They've been well documented and done For for decades by other companies so

It's purely between your ears Which is good news because it means all We have to do is reframe reality when You feel stress You do not need to behave stressfully Because the plan Is solid We just need our commitment to the plan To be just as solid I think you just Have to be able to like create space if You think about one of those like Yeti Mugs you know what I'm talking about you Can have something hot on the inside and Does it's not hard to hold it and it Stays hot for a while the difference is That there's separation there's air Between the outside and the inside it Could be cold outside it'd be hot Outside it's not going to change the Temperature on the inside of the bottle It's like you need to be more like a Yeti right now if it gets colder your Inside gets colder if it gets hotter the Inside gets hotter but the more you can Stay constant independent of the External conditions I feel stressed air That's because I have labeled something Externally as hot But is it I have an external stressor do I need to feel stress space What If This Were good what if this is normal what if This is to be expected what if this is Just the bottom 10 day it's just Statistics of course I'm gonna have a

Bottom 10 today one out of ten days is About 10 percent and on the flip side Something internally is off space it Doesn't mean that I need to act that way So it's bi-directional if you delay the Space between when you feel something And when you behave I promise you the Behaviors that you will do after you had Some space will be more aligned with Your long-term goals To have the expectation that building a Business that's going to set you up for The rest of your life is going to be Easy is ridiculous the reason it is Difficult for people is because you have To change how you view reality and you Have that power you're super Introspective you're very caring you Have all the character traits of an Excellent Studio the only thing that you Suffer from is insecurity and second Guessing less emotionally reactive more Confident being able to continue to do Without seeing the result of your doing If you embody those traits this company Will grow beyond what I think you expect

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